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How China reopened schools with almost 200 million students



China reopened schools

The reopening of schools by China is not less than a surprise for all the world after the massive pandemic as it was the epicenter of the virus. It has only proved the efficiency of China’s management and developmental system, how it handled all the crises, and excavate the difficulties in the path of education return as well as ordinary life revival. The world has to admit the superiority of the China control system after witnessing the swift comeback to normality battling against the worst conditions of the decade.

The first school opened after the virus crisis in Wuhan.

Although Wuhan was considered the hub and initial spot of the emergence of coronavirus, yet its most popular school Hanyang reopened for more than 2000 students in September for a gathering.

Ongoing concerns were controlled by implementing strict precautionary measures and testing set up at the gate of the school. The temperature guns were utilized by the staff to detect the fever of coming students, and then students were asked to show their travel records by the management staff at the schools. There was also a stringent check on how teachers were participating in the overall corona prevention measures. This is the procedure followed by different other companies outside China like law assignment help in United Kingdom. The procedure is for safety and to prevent the spread of disease.

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The teachers were also interviewed about ongoing situations as their responses encouraged further reopening of schools at Wuhan.

On the contrary, other states around the globe are facing strict fears of the emergence of the virus if they allow their students to enter classes again. But China is putting the efficacy of its external and internal administration to impart new hopes of education in its children as more than 200 million students are expected to re-enter their schools after a long span and lockdowns.

What role has the Communist Party played in the reopening of schools?

The communist party is said to lend a big hand in return of students to schools as it has employed the precautionary measures and safety risks with new approaches to deal with all dangers of virus contamination to ensure the education in the institutions. There has been a compelling force launched by the party comprising of potent staff, managers, and technological apps to help people fight the virus with the help of modern technology and strategies introduced by it. There will be special teams to inspect the schools, their cleanliness, and measures employed as per the plans of the party.

The president of China, Xi Jinping, has clearly loud the effective role and lead of the communist party in the prevention of the coronavirus and return of education in schools. He said that the ongoing revival of education in the country depicts the strong leadership values and strength of our social systems against the battle. He addressed the whole nation on the auspicious event of the reopening of the school in Wuhan. He further added that the great success owes to the democratic leadership of our party, which has to lead our mission against the coronavirus without trembling in the path and has set a unique example in front of all the countries of the world which are not able to do like us.

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The situation in other countries is now dealing with a surge of virus cases.

Taking the example of the United States, it is now tackling new cases of coronavirus, and the official has been not able to plan the reopening of all institutions due to day by day increase.

But experts have blamed the authorities in the states for not ensuring the proper strategic handling of reopening and shaping the quick approaches for current conditions of the states. Moreover, there have been so many strikes threats given by the instructors for mishandling of these reopening matters by the officials. Shockingly, some universities reopened for only a short duration and closed down due to the appearance of new cases of coronavirus among staff and students, as it has fuelled the uncertainty of reopening of universities and colleges across the several states.

On the other hand, Europe has delayed it plan of reopening the schools due to current situations of coronavirus though a few have planned to reopen in the upcoming month. Still , other countries are in confusion over deciding the revival plans.

What might be strategic management placed in by China for the revival of education?

Although the strategic handling of students by China is similar to the approach utilized by the European countries while reopening of the schools, alternatively, China has been more cautious as being the source of the virus as predicted by the scientists and the whole world.

The approach utilized by China was more challenging as there was robust checking of travel histories of teachers and students besides their corona tests before allowing them to enter the classes. Furthermore, the students were advised by the authorities to stay away from the gatherings and unimportant attending functions and events because the fears of coronavirus were still there. The authorities could not have risked the lives of teachers as well as students following the rearranging system of education. Moreover, the social distancing, sanitization, and temperature checking rules were the same as implemented by the government of European counties.

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Undoubtedly, China has faced an enormous amount of criticism from some conservative agents of world politics as it was alleged to spread the virus, but China was clear in its strong response to those allegations by promptly taking control of the situation. China had instructed harshly for complete lockdowns after the arousal of the virus, and it also had brought in place the tracking technology to probe the current patients of coronavirus in its struggle to stop further prevention of the virus to other areas of the countries even though people reacted strongly to this technological measure.

Critics have expressed the grief over the breakdown of the privacy of people due to the strict tracing technology used by the government. However, it had helped the official restrict the speedy contamination of the virus to healthy people.

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