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Best Methods to Hone Your Skills for PTE Exam



PTE Exam

So, you are thinking to go for the PTE exam. Well, congratulations as you have made the right choice. The offerings of this exam are highly diverse and help you to shape your career and life impressively.

But, all of this doesn’t come an easy way. You need to hone your skills at multiple fronts to ace the PTE exam as the exam has been designed to testify speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills at once. The questions are highly diverse and grill you in a way like no other.

To earn a “Passed” status, you need to perform in each section and get 79+ in pte overall score which is not as easy as it seems. Along with determination and commitment, you need some expert advice to be ready for the PTE exam. In this post, we are going to talk about some reliable and doable ways to hone your skills. Scroll down to know more about them.

Improve Your Speaking & Writing Skills

This is one section that is troublesome for many as it involves grammar and core of English more than any other section. Here, knowing the language basics is important than anything else. Here are some of the tips that will help you hone your English speaking & writing skills:

  • Watch English movies with subtitles to have a better hold of native English language. This is one of the easiest and entertaining ways to become an exam ready and score well in the speaking & writing section. You will be able to enhance your vocabulary and build a native-like accent. Along with this, you can read an English newspaper daily.
  • Work on grammar as much as you can as it’s the core of this section. You need to build a hefty vocabulary to remain creative during your response. For that, you should learn a new word daily. An online dictionary is a reliable and free way to hone your skills on this front.
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Improve Your Listening Skills

PTE Listening is an imperative part of the PTE exam. To hone your skills in this section, you have to listen to the recordings and choose the right option:

  • The accent of the recordings will be native. Hence, non-native speakers will have a tough time understanding the context of the recording. Taking the help of an online tone generator tool can help you slow down the speed of the recording. In case you need to talk with a native speaker you can reach Preply English tutors online.
  • Some of the reliable podcasts that can help you in your learning journey are BBC’s The English We Speak (UK), Luke’s English Podcast (UK), VOA Learning English (US), English Class 101 (US), and Better at English (US). All these podcasts will help you have a better understanding of the native speaker.

Improve Your Reading Skills

To perform better in this section, you need to pay attention to how you read English. You need to work on increasing your text reading speed and comprehension ability. Consider following these suggestions:

  • Try to read a minimum of 220 per minute during your practice session. Along with this, reading time-bound short articles of 300 words daily will also help you improve your reading speed.
  • Read aloud in your room to build confidence. You must have done its primary education level and it is going to help you now as well. It helps you maintain your reading speed as well. You can take the help of BBC Learning English News Reports to access good quality English content.
  • Make yourself aware of multiple reading methods like intensive reading, critical reading, skim reading, and so on with the help of example texts.
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Universal Ways to Be Exam Ready

Apart from the above-mentioned section-wise skill improvement tips, some universal ways will help you get an exam ready in no time. Here, we are sharing some tried and tested ones with you:

  • Know the exam pattern before the actual exam day. The more acquainted with the exam pattern, the better you would be exam-ready. Go through the official website of Pearson PTE and gather relevant information.
  • Understand the value of time and learn ways to manage. Each section is timed and you need to learn the time management skills to be exam-ready.
  • Take the help of free PTE mock test that gives you a feel of real exam experience. The practice test is an ideal way to hone your skills and have a better hold over the exam format and performance. It gives you a chance to testify your skills in a simulated environment and find your grey areas. Its viability is unquestionable. By all means, it makes your exam ready.
  • PTE Practice materials are the best ally to help you target a higher score in the PTE exam. The scores for the PTE mock test will help you gauge your performance and make you prepare for the final PTE test. The analytics which is crucial during preparation will highlight your mistakes and suggest the areas of improvement in the mock test. The scored PTE mock test is always beneficial when you are looking to target a 79+ score in the real exam. The question which needs more attention requires more practice is available at the PTE practice platform.
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