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How To Be A Better Essay Writer: A Guide For College Students



Better Essay Writer

Writing is the most prominent part and skill of a college student. Therefore, in their college life, they need to focus on the particular aspects of their subjects and their assignment completion skills.

Well, completing assignments on time is probably a scary phase for students. This is not just because of their poor subject knowledge but also of their poor execution of assignments while they depict things on paper.

Adding to this tension, professors are always pushing the student to the extent where they get frustrated. Well, there is a reason for such pressure. If you are not able to deal with the difficult tasks here, you will not be able to cope with the competitive job market.

Through the advancement of technology and education, more students are engaging in competitive movements, and that has created both opportunities and threats for the students.

However, in this article, we are going to discuss the essay writing process, an area where college students are not very comfortable.

This discomfort comes with the lack of writing skills and also the execution of a particular topic.


Guide To Become A Good Essay Writer

Becoming a good essay writer depends on many things, but above all, you have to avoid the initial challenges on your own.

  • Lack of sleep.
  • Lack of interest.
  • Lack of time.
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These three are the initial obstacles for any college student to complete a good essay. When they get their essay assignment, they start to procrastinate on it due to a lack of interest. Student life is mostly messy as not everyone follows a proper lifestyle or routine, and that creates a lack of sleep.

On the other hand, completing a whole essay paper is a bit time-consuming, but college students always lack time. They are all in a hurry with all the subjects and tuition. In between the tight schedule, they do not find proper ways to deal with their essay writing process.

Well, adequate essay writing is a common nature of a good essay writer. They are able to do it because they follow certain steps.

Research Matters The Most.

There is no better option than research available for the students regarding their essay writing. The process of essay writing is mostly related to its extensive research process. The more you research, the more you know and get to depict things on paper easily.

For instance, when you get the topic, if you start researching the subject matter, you will be able to understand the related things on the particular topic. This particular approach will help you collect more research elements and material to easily complete your essay.

Focus On Your Essay Outline

When you are completed with your essay research process, it’s time for you to focus directly on outlining your essay. A good writer knows the importance of outlining the essay.

But most college students do not care about the outlining process, and many of them are unaware of the fact and its importance. As a result, they end up with an unstructured and scattered note.

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What is outlining an essay?

Well, every essay has its introduction, discussion, and conclusion. The outlining will be done when you dig into the matter and complete the whole structure.

  • Introduction.
  • Thesis Statement.
  • Main body (with subheadings of your choice depending on the topic).
  • Conclusion.

Understand The Importance Of Citation And Referencing

Understanding the importance of citation and referencing will lead you to a particular position where no one can call your essay a poor one. Most of the students analyze the discussion part well, but they forget to cite those important statements with references.

Citation is crucial in any essay because it indicates that you have understood and depicted the information from legitimate sources. After citing your information, follow the particular referencing process at the end of your essay paper to make your essay appropriate with structure and legitimacy.

Draft Your Essay First

The draft process is super easy, but the work goes prolonged as you have to complete the formation of the essay twice: one during the draft and another after the completion of the whole essay.

This particular approach is not liked by many students, but if you can follow it, your essay assignments will never return to you after the final submission. Working on a resit assignment is the most annoying and also a difficult task that creates procrastination in your study process.

The only solution here is to draft your essay and submit it to the instructor to understand if your essay writing process is going on as expected. This particular confirmation will help you to dig into the subject matter better and complete the essay with ease.

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Edit Your Essay

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are important aspects of the writing process. If you are a good writer, you don’t need to think about it much, but if you are not, then this step is crucial for you.

However, in a long writing process, it’s always better to shift your notions in the editing process. If you are able to complete the essay with proper grammatical instances with no writing mistakes, then you are always in a prior position to complete a good essay.

Proofreading And Revising

Proofreading and revising your essay is no exception but a common feature of a good essay writer. If you submit your essay without considering this step, you might face a resit assignment for some silly mistakes.

A long writing process may occur with some silly mistakes, and if you proofread your whole paper, you will be able to avoid such terrible errors. There is always room for improvement for the students, and essay writing is no different.

Submit Your Paper With Satisfaction

If you are not satisfied with your paper, it will be difficult to claim to be a good essay writer. The more you dig into the process, the more you will understand the importance of these steps.

In addition, you can also consider a good essay writing service that can provide you with a quality essay paper. By reviewing their paper, you will be able to enhance your writing skills on your essay paper.

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