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Five Steps to Writing an Excellent Opinion Essay



Excellent Opinion Essay

The opinion essay is undoubtedly one of the most difficult types of essays to write. Many students fail to complete this task. Someone makes serious grammatical errors, others do not know how to clearly and understandably express their thoughts, and others have problems with spelling. The result is equally unsatisfactory.

In this article, we will tell you how to write an excellent opinion essay without any problems.

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Features of the opinion essay

An opinion essay, in fact, is one of the most difficult tests for the student, in which they must express their opinion on the proposed judgment or statement, keeping within the specified number of words. Students must choose one of the topics and write an essay that expresses their opinion on the topic. The main task facing students is to correctly and clearly tell whether they agree with the proposed statement and to explain their opinion with arguments.

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Opinion essay evaluation criteria

When checking an opinion essay, experts evaluate the content and structure of the text, the correctness of the selected lexical units and grammatical structures, and spelling and punctuation literacy. You need to write correctly, with proper structure, and strictly on the topic. For compliance with each of the listed conditions, you can get a high grade.

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Let’s take a closer look at the important aspects:

  • Solution of a communicative task. To get the maximum score for this item, try to keep within the specified word limit and keep a neutral style of presentation.
  • Correctly divide the essay into paragraphs and use logical connection elements (introductory constructions and linking words). Remember that one paragraph should correspond to one key idea.

Steps for writing an opinion essay

1. Make a plan

So that you can write an essay on the chosen topic as logically and concisely as possible, we offer a short work plan:

  • Identify the key issue.
  • Your position. Tell what you think about the issue, and support your point of view with 2-3 arguments.
  • The opposite position. Write about other points of view on the designated topic and provide a couple of pieces of evidence in favor of these opinions.
  • Reasons for your disagreement with opposing positions. Explain why you do not support other points of view.
  • Summarize all the opinions noted in the essay and your reasoning.

2. Write an introduction

The beginning of the text should literally consist of 2-3 sentences that clarify and expand the chosen problem. Don’t try to rewrite the title with synonyms; better describe your vision of the situation without too many details. Briefly and succinctly note the fact that there are different opinions on this topic – this will be enough.

3. Present your position

In this part of the text, according to the rules for writing an opinion essay, you must express your opinion on the problem and give 2-3 arguments in defense of the designated position. At the same time, your explanations should be logical and detailed. It is impossible to write “I think so” – such justifications simply will not be counted when checking the essay.

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4. Present the opposite position

Here it is necessary to note those opinions that you will subsequently challenge. Therefore, write only what you can argue with reason so as not to complicate your own work.

5. Present your counterarguments and write a conclusion

The fourth paragraph is a logical continuation of the third. Having described the opposite point of view, you must explain why you think it is wrong. If in the third paragraph you mentioned two different opinions, then you need to refute each of them. At the same time, you should speak as neutrally as possible, without expressing negative emotions towards people with whom you allegedly disagree.

Many mistakenly write in the conclusion the same thing that was noted in the introduction. It is not right. In the last paragraph, you should summarize all the key points of the text, eventually coming to your position on the designated issue. On the one hand, the conclusion should not contain any new information, only a “squeeze” from what has already been said. On the other hand, you cannot rewrite entire sentences from previous paragraphs – use synonyms, words with similar meanings, and new grammatical structures and phrases.

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