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Unique Wedding Venue Ideas in Columbus Ohio



Wedding Venue Ideas

Columbus, Ohio, offers a rich tapestry of wedding venues for couples looking to tie the knot in a space that reflects their unique style and vision. The city’s diverse range of locations goes beyond the traditional to provide memorable backdrops that cater to various themes and preferences. From refurbished warehouses brimming with urban chic to lush gardens that transport guests into a fairy tale setting, Columbus is home to some of the most distinctive venues for saying “I do.”

Potential wedding venues in Columbus also include historical buildings that offer a glimpse into the city’s past, modern spaces that provide a sleek, contemporary feel, and even unconventional spots that can make a wedding truly stand out. As couples search for the perfect location to celebrate the start of their marital journey, they’ll find that the city’s venues can accommodate a wide array of wedding sizes and styles, ensuring that every wedding is as unique as the couple themselves.

Historic Venues

Columbus, Ohio, is rich with historic venues that combine charm with a sense of history, offering a unique backdrop for weddings. From grandiose mansions to cultural landmarks, these venues promise a memorable event.

Mansions and Estates

  • The Bryn Du Mansion: Constructed in 1905, this grand estate delivers a blend of Georgian architecture and modern amenities. With its expansive grounds and elegant interior, the mansion can host both intimate and larger weddings.
  • Kelton House Museum & Garden: A Victorian-era mansion showcasing 19th-century splendor. Couples can exchange vows in the lush gardens or within the intricately decorated parlor rooms.

Iconic Museums

  • Columbus Museum of Art: Not only a space for art aficionados but also a sophisticated venue for nuptials. Couples can say ‘I do’ among the masterpieces, with options to book various spaces within the museum.
  • COSI (Center of Science and Industry): This is a uniquely engaging venue, offering interactive exhibits and striking views of the Scioto River. Its modern interior contrasts with the historical setting, adding a contemporary twist.
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Preserved Churches

  • Trinity Episcopal Church: Established in the 19th century, this church reflects Gothic Revival architecture and provides a divine ambiance for traditional wedding ceremonies.
  • The Bluestone: Formerly known as a church, The Bluestone is now a full-service wedding venue that retains its original stained glass and stonework, allowing couples to enjoy historical beauty with modern services.

Outdoor Elegance

In Columbus, Ohio, couples seeking a sophisticated open-air setting for their nuptials have a variety of elegant outdoor venues to choose from. The city offers meticulously tended botanical gardens, exclusive country clubs with pristine lawns, and rustic yet chic barns, each setting providing its unique charm and ambiance.

Outdoor Elegance

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Botanical Gardens

The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens offer an enchanting backdrop with diverse biomes and floral displays that ensure stunning photographs. Couples can exchange vows within a kaleidoscope of flowers and greenery that’s meticulously cared for year-round.

Country Clubs

Country club venues such as the Scioto Reserve Country Club promise exclusivity and elegance with their well-manicured golf courses and banquet facilities.


The White Willow Meadows provides couples with a rustic but refined setting. Its original wooden structure radiates a warm, pastoral charm complemented by surrounding organic fields and gardens. You can search online for “barn wedding venues near me” to find more information about this unique and popular venue.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens in Columbus provide a blossoming backdrop with meticulously maintained flora. Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens offers a diverse array of plant life, alongside artistic installations, setting a magical scene for nuptials.

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Country Clubs

Country Clubs around Columbus exude a sense of exclusivity and elegance, perfect for an upscale outdoor ceremony. The Scioto Country Club boasts a pristine golf course view and a classic ambiance.

Picturesque Vineyards

The vineyards surrounding Columbus offer a rustic yet chic venue option. Wyandotte Winery provides an intimate setting amidst the vines, with superb wine selections for toasting to new beginnings.

Urban Chic

In Columbus, Ohio, couples seeking a wedding with a modern edge have fantastic options. Urban chic venues range from rooftops with city skyline views to art galleries showcasing contemporary masterpieces, and raw industrial lofts that can be transformed into elegant spaces.

Rooftop Spaces

Rooftop venues in Columbus offer breathtaking views and a sleek, modern backdrop for nuptials. Juniper is a popular choice, boasting a 360-degree view of the downtown skyline, while The View at Grant combines urban vistas with elegant amenities.

  • Juniper: Exclusive rooftop with a 360-degree skyline panorama.
  • The View at Grant: Stylish venue paired with panoramic urban scenery.
Rooftop Spaces

Image Source: Getty Images

Contemporary Art Galleries

Columbus’ contemporary art galleries provide a sophisticated and artistic atmosphere for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The Wexner Center for the Arts presents a strikingly modern façade, while the Columbus Museum of Art offers both dynamic indoor spaces and a serene outdoor sculpture garden.

  • Wexner Center for the Arts: Modern architecture and interior exhibition spaces.
  • Columbus Museum of Art: Combines indoor galleries with an outdoor sculpture garden.

Industrial Lofts

The trend of converting industrial spaces into elegant wedding venues is alive in Columbus. Venues like Vue in the Brewery District encapsulate a chic, industrial aesthetic, while Strongwater Food and Spirits merges historical architecture with modern amenities.

  • Vue: Spacious and versatile loft in the historic Brewery District.
  • Strongwater Food and Spirits: Features a blend of historical charm and contemporary facilities.
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Unconventional Spaces

Choosing an unconventional venue in Columbus, Ohio, can add an element of surprise and delight to any wedding. Below are some specific and unique locations for couples looking to step outside the traditional wedding space.


Columbus offers a fascinating wedding venue option at the city’s renowned aquarium. Couples can exchange vows surrounded by the serene beauty of marine life. For example, The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium provide an immersive experience, with its lush scenery and underwater worlds offering a backdrop like no other.


Image Source: Getty Images

Science Centers

Science centers are excellent for couples who celebrate a love for learning and discovery. The COSI (Center of Science and Industry) not only stimulates the mind with exhibits on technology, science, and industry but also transforms into a sophisticated and grand setting for weddings.

Themed Theaters

For the cinephiles and performance lovers, Columbus’ themed theaters offer a dramatic venue choice with historical significance. The Southern Theatre, dating back to 1896, combines classic architecture with state-of-the-art facilities, making it not just a theater but a storytelling haven for a unique wedding day.

Themed Theaters

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Cultural and Educational Venues

For couples seeking a touch of sophistication and intellectual flair, Columbus offers unique wedding venues located at its universities, libraries, and cultural centers. These venues not only provide distinctive settings but also immerse guests in the city’s rich educational and cultural backdrop.


The Ohio State University boasts several event spaces, such as the Ohio Union. With its grand ballrooms and modern amenities, it serves as an ideal location for larger wedding receptions. Also, the Blackwell Inn offers an upscale atmosphere perfect for intimate ceremonies and receptions.

Universities wedding venue

Image Source: Getty Images


The Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Main Library features a stunning atrium and a historic 1907 building façade, blending timeless architecture with modern design. For a charming and erudite environment, the Thurber House provides a literary backdrop and a gazebo that is perfect for small, outdoor ceremonies.

Cultural Centers

Columbus’s cultural centers, such as the Columbus Museum of Art, offer elegant spaces surrounded by world-class art, making them spectacular options for weddings. Additionally, the COSI Columbus, short for the Center of Science and Industry, provides an interactive and unique venue for couples looking for a non-traditional celebration.

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