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Know the Importance of Time Tracking Tool for Your Remote Team



Time Tracking Tool

Have you noticed that you don’t even have time for thinking? Do you also think that it is a problem? Do not worry, if you track your time accurately, you will have more time in your lives. People have been using time tracking to monitor the time spent on their tasks and to estimate their performances. By adding a time-tracking tool to your lives, your work will be stable. First, you have to look at the big picture. Get a handle on why tracking your time effectively is important, and what you anticipate gaining from it.


What Is Time Tracking?

Time Tracking is the process of monitoring time based on assigned tasks and planned work. You can normally track your time by using time-tracking software that offers you more detailed and organized information about your performance.

With Time Tracking You Can:

  • Monitor your team’s attendance
  • Track the app & website usage of your employees
  • Monitor the work of remote employees
  • Prevent procrastination

Why Is Time Tracking Tool Important?

You can benefit from time tracking working both on-site and remotely. Time Tracking boosts productivity and leads to having a clear understanding of the amount of time spent on tasks. That way you can be more organized and motivated. With a time-tracking tool, you can attain professional growth based on the analysis of your performance.

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Why Is Time Tracking Tool Important for Remote Teams?

Working from home helps you feel less stressed and it is easy to get distracted; however, you still need to control your time for the successful completion of your tasks and projects.

Why Should You Track the Work of Your Remote Teams?

  • To establish punctuality among employees
  • To estimate their performance by generated data
  • To organize the work structure to provide high-level efficiency

Time Tracking with WebWork

Time Tracking with WebWork

Now that you have a better insight into the time-tracking tool and its benefits, let me introduce you to a time tracking software: WebWork Time Tracker. It is a time tracking, task management system, and employee monitoring software for companies and remote teams with the following features:

How Do Screenshots Help Your Remote Teams?

  • Help You See the Work Process of Your Team

The feature of screenshots allows you to be aware of your employees’ amount of time spent on each app and website. Screenshots prove that your employees work on their tasks and enter relevant websites and use appropriate apps for them.

  • See the Productivity Level of Your Employees

Your employees often get distracted and tend to draw their attention to things that are not so much related to work or are not that relevant. Due to time tracking software, you can track the productivity level of your employees and see whether they dedicate enough time and effort to essential tasks or not.

How Does Attendance Monitoring Help Your Remote Teams?

The attendance monitoring feature is useful as you can track the amount of time your remote team spent on work. This way, you make sure that your employees adhere to the working schedule. Moreover, you manage who arrives on time, who arrives late, and who works fewer hours than required.

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With the help of these features of the time tracking tool, your remote team will be able to have an accurate, organized, and productive working schedule. In addition, it will help you to monitor the work process of your employees and see whether your employees work productively or not. Finally, by using the features of the time tracking tool, you can make sure that your employees spend enough time and effort doing their tasks.

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