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Essential Keys of a Job-Winning Resume



Job-Winning Resume

Traditional HR specialists and fashionable HR specialists speak in one voice how soon you find a job largely depends on a well-written resume. How does it look in practice? Let’s try to find out. Here are 10 tips for writing an effective resume and how they work. 

Secrets of a Resume Writing: How to Create One and What is Better not to Write

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Use special forms to create a short resume

Similar forms can be found on job search sites and recruitment agency portals. Typically, a form of such a service has several sections: personal data, work experience, education, additional skills and benefits.

If you need a professional resume writing service, go online and find company. Each writer working for it is a guarantee of your resume to be successful because it will be completed properly.

Of course, such a short resume is not the final version that you will send to employers, but it will help you in some way. All information will appear structured. You will not forget about important points that would otherwise be lost in kilometers of text.

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Pay special attention to professional experience

Write not just “salesman-cashier” or “PC operator”, but clearly indicate the tasks with which you worked in the process. It might look like this:

Position: specialist in catalog content.

Job description: creating and filling product cards, searching and processing graphic information, creating unique descriptions, writing SEO articles for key queries.

A more complete description of your duties is an obvious advantage over other candidates who have limited themselves to one or two phrases. Be sure that the potential employer will appreciate not only your being professionals, but also the thorough approach to filling out the information.

Pay more attention to key skills. Make them stand out

If the resume form allows, just write your skills in a line separated by commas: ability to work in graphic programs, writing unique texts.

Note that skills do not need to be written as “purposefulness, resilience to conflicts, sociability” and so on. Firstly, such words are found in every second resume, and secondly, they say little about you as a specialist. Even if you have no experience, write about what you can, and do not list all the words from someone else’s resume in row. It won’t be the best idea.

Use simple words and broadly accepted notions

Try not to overdo it in trying to please a potential employer. And for this, it is better to avoid complex phrases such as “innovative experience in the field of digital marketing” or “creative specialist in the field of neuro-copywriting” or “the writer of all times.”It’s good if you understand what you are dealing with, but try to expand the phrase differently and tell about yourself without fashionable neologisms.

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However, in some areas, difficult concepts will play into your hands, but still save them for a personal interview in the companyoffice, where you will get after the stage of familiarization with the resume.

Support your resume with certificates, diplomas

Everything is clear here: increase your chances of finding a job with courses, training and certificates of completion of educational programs. This list can also include diplomas of higher education, language courses and all kinds of services.

Beware of overwhelming your employer with unnecessary information about your cooking classes or your athletic performance. It is better to talk about your interests in the “Hobbies” section.

Don’t forget the recommendations

It’s good if you left your last place of work not only peacefully, but also with recommendations from the employer. In a free-form letter, ask your former director or department head for your key responsibilities, accomplishments, and personal qualities.

And be sure to include the contact details of the previous employer – this will increase the level of confidence in your letter of recommendation.

Not just a resume. Four more tips

You have on hand a ready-made resume with all the key skills, professional achievements and other important information. Half of the way to the dream job is passed – there is still a little more.

Complete your resume with a cover letter

Often such a letter (especially online) looks something like this: “Hire me for a job.” Be smarter and write to the potential employer why he should invite you. Ideally, it will be some kind of motivational message listing the main points – where you worked in the last year, what you have achieved, why you should be accepted for the desired position.

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Is humor appropriate in a cover letter? Yes, but only if you are confident in your ability to joke, and your future field of activity is related to creativity.

Prepare for the fact that the resume will have to be retold

Not everything and not by heart, but the main points are worth remembering: what is the name of your previous position, what tasks did you work with, what functions you performed. More often than not, resume questions are good, they are a sign of interest in you.

Unfortunately, the opposite also happens: the future employer simply did not read your resume and therefore asks to retell it literally point by point. And this is already a reason to think about whether you need a job where your time is not appreciated.

Be honest with yourself and your employer

No comment is needed – to lie is bad. But you can embellish it: tell about yourself as a person with potential who is ready to work hard and efficiently. Your attitude sometimes matters a lot, especially in professions that involve constant communication.

Give your resume a go

After reading all the tips and drawing up your competent resume – send it to everyone who may be interested in it for a review. Just make a plan for yourself: send 10-15 resumes a day, each completing with a cover letter. You will see results soon, and they will delight you!

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