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LARQ Self-cleaning Water Bottle Movement



LARQ Self-cleaning Water Bottle Movement

As someone who is conscious of the environment and what I put into my body, I was excited to try out LARQ Bottle. This company creates “smart” water bottles that purify your water as you drink it. After trying out this product for over a week, I wanted to share my thoughts on how well it worked and whether or not it is worth the price tag. So, read the entire article to know all the details.


LARQ Bottle Movement overview:

Despite their many similarities, the LARQ Bottle Movement is not the same as the original LARQ bottle. The Larq Bottle is considered the globe’s first self-cleaning bottle. It contains UV-C technology that is integrated into the bottle lid. This technology destroys viruses and bacteria up to 99.999%, leaving you with refreshingly clean water on hand at all times.

In addition to purifying your water and neutralizing bottle stink, the LARQ Bottle Movement also has a detachable silicone grip on the bottom half of the exterior, making it much lighter overall. The Grip is also very colorful. You can use a standard or sports top if you buy the extra LARQ Bottle Movement Cap.

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Working process of LARQ movement water bottle:

The Larq movement 32-ounce self-cleaning water bottle uses UV-C technology; the main reason to use this technology is to purify both the bottle and water. You can purify the water with the help of a button at the top of the bottle lid. This cycle will be completed in just 1 minute; after this, your water is completely clean. The bottle also has a self-purifying function which activates every 2 hours to cleanse both your water and the bottle’s surface. UV-C light destroys germs and bacteria by breaking down their DNA.

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Does the LARQ Bottle Movement make any noise during operation?

No, the LARQ Bottle Movement is entirely silent when in operation. However, you may hear a slight gurgling noise when water is first dispensed into the bottle after completing the UV-C cycle. So, you don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone while using this bottle.

Does the purification process alter the water’s flavor?

No, the water’s flavor is not altered by the purification process. Many say their water tastes better after being purified by the LARQ Bottle Movement. So, you can enjoy your favorite water without worrying about its taste being affected.

Does the Larq water bottle purifying method work?

Yes, the Larq water bottle purifying method works. The bottle uses a UV-C LED to purify the water inside. The UV-C light kills 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses, making the water inside of the bottle safe to drink. I have been using the LARQ Bottle for over a week and am really happy with it.

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The water tastes great, and I love knowing that it’s been purified. Although the bottle will not require frequent washing, it’s worth cleaning the lid from time to time as the UV-C light struggles to shine through this region of the bottle; it is because sometimes UV-C wavelength is also blocked by the neck of the glass.

What is UV-C technology?

LARQ’s UV-C LEDs are more minor chips that are more non-toxic, contain more energy, and are more efficient and less costly than mercury devices. However, you will get two modes for purifying, the first one is the normal mode, and the second mode is the Adventure mode. Adventure Mode on the LARQ Bottle gives you three times the amount of UV-C dosage and delivers the 3,000 uW-sec to your water. If we talk about the normal mode, it provides 1200 uW-sec to water.

Larq movement water bottle battery and charging:

After charging the bottle once, the battery will work for one to two months if you use the normal mode. Remember that this timing applies if you use it three to four times a day. Other than this, if we talk about the advanced mode, the battery will work for ten to twelve days. The LED lights on the battery will notify you when it’s time to recharge.

You will get one USB cable with the bottle, and you have to connect this cable with the lid to charge the battery. The light on the lid will pulse green when charging and turn to a solid green color when your bottle is fully charged. However, the charging socket of this bottle is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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Difference between the Larq Bottle and Larq Movement Bottle:

You will find some differences between the original Larq and Larq movement bottle; all are given below:

  • The LARQ Bottle Movement is considerably lighter owing to its single-wall construction.
  • Both bottles have different water capacities; the original bottle contains 17 oz to 25 oz, and the Larq movement bottle has 24 oz to 32 oz.
  • The Larq movement bottle is more affordable than the original.
  • The LARQ Bottle Movement is filled with silicone, which protects your bottle from collisions.
  • The movement bottle contains a rim with which you can quickly drink water.
  • The double-wall vacuum insulation in the movement bottle helps you keep the water cold for twenty hours and hot for twelve hours.

Features of Larq movement water bottle:

The Larq movement water bottle has some unique features, and all are given below:

  • It is made with the help of stainless steel, which is why it is durable.
  • The water bottle is safe because it is free from BPA and Phthalates.
  • It comes with the feature of self-cleaning, which is activated by the button.
  • The water bottle has double-walled vacuum insulation, which can keep the water cold and hot.
  • This water bottle is available in colors like rose gold, matte black, and steel.
  • The bottle is straightforward to carry because it is lightweight.


If you are looking for a water bottle that is durable and lightweight, then the Larq movement water bottle is perfect for you. You will get this bottle in different colors so you can choose according to your choice. So, you can consider this water bottle without any doubt.

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