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The Benefits of Merging PDFs



Merging PDFs

PDFs are one of the most common file formats in use today. If you’ve ever used a computer in a professional or recreational setting odds are you’ve encountered PDFs in some form. PDFs are highly versatile files being able to contain documents, pictures, diagrams, and more. They are also highly accessible and can be opened on nearly every type of computer with an assortment of programs ranging from stand-alone readers to pre-installed software such as web browsers.

However, when using PDFs it’s easy to overlook that they can be edited. Many users think PDFs are finished products and don’t take advantage of the many options involving editing a PDF file.


Advantages of Combing PDF Files

There are several reasons you’d want to combine multiple PDF files into a single larger file.

  • Easier Sharing:

If you have several PDFs you need to send, there can be several files for your recipients to open and read. By combining them into one file this single PDF is all they need to open. This makes reading and consuming information far easier. There are also advantages you gain as the sender. One, it’s far easier to attach one file to an email than it is three or four. Two, this greatly reduces the odds of you missing sending an important file or only sending part of the information you intended to.

  • Searching and Research:

If you’ve ever had to search for specific information in a document, you know it can be frustrating to do so across multiple files. This slows down your workflow and uses up time that could be better spent on mission-critical tasks. With a single large document, it’s much easier to search for what you need and isolate valuable information.

  • Better Workflow:

As PDFs are very common, you may encounter them several times a day at work or in your private life. When you have to read, send, or print several documents, all that time does add up. With a single large document, it’s far easier to send it to others, print it, or read it. This improved efficiency makes your workday more efficient and can free up vital time. This is especially useful for PDFs that you have to send out regularly. For example, if you have to regularly send out forms that a client has to return being able to include directions and other supporting information can speed up the entire process on both ends.

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Final Thoughts and Considerations

PDFs have become a standard in many industries, both in the public and private sectors due to accessibility and ease of use. When sending documents, you want to know that the party receiving them can open the file without difficulty. PDFs allow you to bypass issues that can occur when using various proprietary word processor formats which your recipients may not be able to open or make use of software they may not use. When using PDFs it is also important to take advantage of customized options such as combing PDFs to make them easier and more efficient for daily tasks. Look for free PDF converter tools online.

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