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Launch a Competent On-Demand Doctor App Using the Practo Clone



Practo clone

Out of all the apps you downloaded in the pandemic, which gave you a sigh of relief. 

Let me guess it would’ve been a doctor’s app. If not, I assume you are a doctor yourself! 

The on-demand doctor app market value is expected to reach $185.56 billion by 2026. With troublesome and uncertain pandemic situations prevailing globally, On-demand doctor apps like Practo and Teladoc are a savior in these times. 

Between the month of march and may of 2020, the Practo app has recorded a 500% increase in usage.  

Practo is the top most used medical apps in India and Singapore, and has provided revolutionary services and altered the way in which medical services are provided to a significant extent. 

In 2013, Practo took over the on-demand medical service industry singlehandedly with 7.5 million patient registration and 10,000+ doctors into services. 

In India, Practo was used in 6 major cities in 2013, and now in 2020, it operates in 50+ cities diligently. 

How Practo upgraded the medical service in India?

It isn’t very easy to grab people’s attention and convince them to use something new in a developing country. But Practo did learn to mark its place in India, and in fact, has altered the medical services and created a betterment of societal health. 

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Practo states that the most availed medical services in the app are 

Gynecologist Dermatologist   Pediatrician  General  physician  Orthopoedician 

Practo catered quality on-demand medical services for the above and attracted a broader audience.

Also, 65% of India’s population is below 35, and the median age being 29 years, there are active smartphone users, and the reach of the app was also much higher than other places where the young adult’s ratio was less. 

Practo addressed Sexual health and mental health. 

So given the statement that India had more young adults. What is the young adult’s primary concern; It can quickly be narrowed down to the stress of excelling in career and finding a mate. This can give us an idea of the significant medical concerns being the need for a sex health practitioner and a psychologist/ psychiatrist.

With the people still struggling to achieve a broader perspective, it is only seldom that people visit sexual and mental health clinics in India. But does that mean that there is no need for it?

There is a profound need, and Practo did address it. 

Sexual health concern seems to be the topmost concern of the telehealth consult user in India and contributes to 31% of the total inline consult in 2018. Out of which, 43% came from women, and 57% came from men. 

With the profound increase in everyday stress and the deterioration of mental stability, it is estimated that 200 million people in India suffer from depression. More than 70% is left untreated and unaddressed. With the Practo app, 82% increase in appointments with psychologists and psychiatrists was witnessed, which is a massive progression. 

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200m people have used practo at the end of 2019 with 200k+ registered doctors. 

If you want to contribute to improving the medical service sector, then start with your on-demand doctor app development process.So, what do you have to do to launch a practo clone app?

Understand the local users as Practo did

Like the Practo app, your practo clone needs to understand the needs of the local users. Narrow down on a few locations and try what you can contribute to their medical service sector. Given the situation, almost all have one common need where minor illnesses and prolonged ailments are prevailing but reaching the doctor’s clinic is in hesitance. You can get general health practitioners and specialists for prolonged illness to register with your app. 

Make it global 

The main limitation of the medical sector that the on-demand doctor app addresses are the limitation of time and distance. Your Practo clone app needs to be accessible to anyone at any time across the globe. So provide multi-language and multi-currency support in your app, making it accessible. 

Easy to use application 

Your practo clone app should provide an easier usage to everyone enabling them to avail of doctor consultation and other medical services quickly. The practo clone app needs to have the following solutions in it.

Doctor search

Users can log in to the app and search for the doctors based on their specialization and the service they want to avail. From the extensive list of the doctors  in the app, the filter search will provide the list of doctors that are relatable to user’s search.

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Doctor’s availability toggle

Doctors can update their availability using a toggle available in the app, which gives the users an idea of when they can consult with the doctor. 

View doctor profile 

Users need to have access to the doctor’s profile in order to access the doctor’s experience, specializations, consultation fees, and availability.

Schedule appointments

Appointments can be scheduled with the doctors based on their availability. This will be notified to the doctor.

Video conferencing

Doctors and the patients can connect with each other through video conferencing, and it is as effective as visiting the doctor in the clinic. 

Medical records and prescriptions

The patients’ medical records can be updated in the app, and the doctor can also provide a digital prescription to the patients. 

Robust app functionality

Ensure that your doctor appointment app development company provides you with high functionalities being set up in the app. Robust backend support is needed to access and store the massive user and physician data. The admin panel should also provide a consistent functionality to monitor the services taking place via the app. 

The practo clone app should be meticulously tested before launch and should be made life after all the bugs and eros are cleared. 

Summing up 

There used to be times when the doctors used to drop in by remote towns and set up small medical camps. People would avail of medical services from them. But, at present, with a single tap, we can connect with highly experienced doctors from any part of the world. To think about how much the medical sector has evolved is breathtaking, and competent medical services apps like Practo clones boost them significantly.

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