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Maggie Elizabeth McGraw: Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height & Wiki



Maggie Elizabeth McGraw

Maggie Tim McGraw’s daughter Elizabeth is a well-known and accomplished American artist. As the father of her child, Gracie also has a beautiful voice. She hasn’t, however, declared her desire to pursue a career in singing. Maggie is a well-known family member with remarkable talents and skills in singing and guitar.


Early Life

The 12th of August 1998 saw the birth of Maggie Elizabeth McGraw. This makes her 25 this year. Born in Nashville, Tennessee. Maggie is frequently referred to by the moniker “Maggie-May” that her family gave her. Maggie is a kid in her mid-teens.

Gracie is the name of her elder sibling. Additionally, she has a younger sibling named Audrey. Based on their families, all three of them are extremely close. Although they have different preferences and interests, they all have a strong bond with one another and are supportive of one another.

The family is very close-knit. Oceans are beloved by all. Maggie’s younger sister Gracie frequently goes out spearfishing with her father. Maggie Elizabeth McGraw, on the other hand, is a huge lover of diving. This particular passion of the family also affected Maggie’s academic interests.

Unfortunately, the McGraw family doesn’t get to spend much time together. Now that they are grown, planning family time with three children isn’t easy. But this doesn’t hinder them from getting the most out of all the moments they spend with each other. They seem to love dressing up with each other. The entire family dressed as their favorite Harry Potter characters together. They also dressed to dress as Game Of Thrones characters.

Personal Life

Maggie Elizabeth McGraw has a diverse range of passions. As she said, she enjoys free diving. It’s a breath-holding sport that lets people dive into deep water without scuba equipment. Free divers can keep their breath longer than 6 minutes in the water.

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Alongside these sports, Maggie was also a cheerleader at college. Maggie Elizabeth McGraw also loves to sing as do her parents. McGraw and her friends formed an all-girl rock group during college.

They were known as Sister Supply. She was the singer of the band. Like her parents, she has an incredible singing voice. Maggie also is passionate about helping others. During the pandemic, she worked for a non-profit organization. This group worked hard to assist frontline workers in Nashville.

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Regarding her professional career, she has not yet declared that she would like to pursue an acting career. However, in 2015 she performed live alongside her father at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. In addition, she has played various live musical performances with her father.


Maggie Elizabeth McGraw has a similar passion for learning. For her college studies, she attended Stanford University. In 2020, Maggie was able to earn a degree in climate management. To complete her master’s in Environmental Science, she went back to Stanford. Maggie also got to know her current companion at Stanford during her time in college. John Whiting is the man’s identity.

Maggie Elizabeth McGraw has led an intriguing life to date. From free-diving to cheerleading to fronting a band and being a rock star, she’s active. She is also evidently a caring person. Maggie has been involved in many charity works and has studied sustainability science for years. If Maggie Elizabeth McGraw becomes a musician like her parents and a biologist for the marine world, she will surely enjoy a life of distinction.




Maggie Two relatives exist for Elizabeth McGraw. Gracie Katherine McGraw, her elder sibling, was born on May 5, 1997, and is currently 26 years old. Audrey Caroline McGraw, who was born on December 6, 2001, and who is now 22 years old, is the older sibling of Maggie McGraw. Audrey Caroline McGraw just finished her junior year of secondary school. Frank Edwin McGraw, Jr. and Mable McKenna are my great-grandparents.

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Maggie was given the names Ted Perry and Edna Perry by her grandparents, Faith Hill’s mother, and father. Her paternal ancestors are Tim McGraw’s parents, Tug McGraw and Elizabeth Ann D’Agostino. Five of Maggie Elizabeth McGraw’s relatives are named Mark McGraw, Matthew McGraw, Wesley Perry, Steven Perry, and Zachary White, while Cari Velardo is the only aunt she has.


She’s 25 at the time of 2022. In 1998, on August 12, McGraw was born. She is a native of the USA. McGraw celebrates her birthday on August 12 each year.

Height, Weight, Hair Color

Maggie Elizabeth McGraw is a beautiful young lady. She stands 5 7′ 7″ (170.18 millimeters) high and weighs 55kg (121.25 pounds). Maggie has blonde hair and blue eyes and is discussing her physical features.

Maggie’s Passion

Maggie's Passion


Maggie has always been a fan of the ocean and other aquatic bodies. This love of hers led her to dive as a form of sport. His father, Tim McGraw, also stated that she was fascinated with marine biology. In addition to all this, like her parents, Maggie has also displayed a passion for music. She sings with great talent despite not pursuing a full-time music career. She is incredibly talented in the music industry. Maggie has a voice and looks that are remarkably similar to those of her mother.

Maggie is also involved in activities that involve giving back to the community. A few years ago, she assisted her father in the Invictus Games in Orlando. These games honor wounded warriors and promote sport as a way of healing for wounded warriors who play the sport. At this time, Maggie was able to meet Prince Harry.

Last year, during the pandemic’s peak, she joined a non-profit group in Nashville called ‘Feed the frontline. Through this organization, she assisted health professionals. She also has been a volunteer in a variety of social service activities. Maggie adores animals in addition to all the other things she enjoys.

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Maggie Elizabeth McGraw Relationship

Maggie Elizabeth McGraw Relationship


Regarding her private lifestyle, Maggie prefers to keep her romantic and personal life a secret. This is why the details of her relationship status are available. The woman is not involved with any controversy or gossip. She is single and not married.

Maggie Elizabeth McGraw is Drawn to Politics

As mentioned earlier, her father, Tim McGraw, preferred to pursue an alternative career path in addition to music. She decided to take on this because she has always been interested in politics. The student of Climate Control, as of the beginning of 2021, started working as an associate and legislative correspondent for Rep. Jim Cooper.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are social media sites that Elizabeth McGraw does not use. She’s not active on Instagram; however, her dad, Tim McGraw, has 3 million followers and is known as @thetimmcgraw. In addition, he has 3 million followers on Twitter, using the name @TheTimMcGraw.

Awards and Achievements

No accolades or awards have yet been bestowed upon Maggie. However, in addition to Best Country Music, her father has also received Grammy Awards for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals (2001), Best Male Country Vocal Performance (2005, 2006), and Best Country Collaboration with Vocals (2007, 2008). (2006). (2017). He received the 2014 Favorite Country Music Legend designation.

Net Worth

Maggie’s net worth hasn’t yet been disclosed because she has not declared her earnings net worth or earnings. Her father, however, has earned a lot of money as a country music artist. Its net worth has been believed at $165 million.


Who is Maggie?

Maggie McGraw is an American family member. She is the daughter of musician Faith Hill, her mother, and Tim McGraw, her father.

How old is Maggie?

McGraw was born the 12th of August 1998 within the United States. Her birthday is celebrate on August 12 every year.

How tall is Maggie?

McGraw is 5-foot-7 inches tall. She weighs 55 kg (110 pounds).

Is Maggie married?

Maggie hasn’t made a public statement about her relationship. It’s unclear whether she’s engaged or in a relationship.

How much does Maggie make?

Information on her earnings per year is not currently available. The information is currently in the process of being reviewed.

Where does Maggie live?

For security reasons, Maggie has not shared the precise address of her home. The information will be revised when we find the address and pictures of her home.

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