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What Happened to Mangastream? MangaStream Best Alternatives




We all are well-versed with the worldwide popular Manga Japanese Comics featuring heartwarming content based on powerful plot, eye-catching characters, attention-grabbing visuals, and impressive tracks jotted down in a reader-friendly tone. Be it finance, romance, fun, horror, action, fiction, history, fantasy, drama, or knowledge – Manga has always got it covered with its top-notch content. Each Manga series consists of up to 35 pages that are periodically published online on MangaStream.

What is MangaStream?

Mangastream is an entertainment website that allows Manga lovers to get easy and free access to the enormous stock of Manga comics. The users can stream their favorite Manga comics online without any hassle and cost. Mangastream has a massive collection of comics famous around the globe. These include One Piece Manga, Black Clover, My Hero Academia, Dr. Slump, Fairy Tail Manga, Boku, Naruto, Shokugeki No Soma, Promised Neverland, and No Hero Academia winning the hearts of comic lovers throughout the world. The fans would read them or stream them online. The addition of eye-catching graphics would enhance the luxury experience.

All About MangaStream

Manga stream comics used to have a colossal database and significant fan following. The number of Manga fans is in millions as it is equally popular among individuals belonging to different age groups. Regardless of their age and profession, kids, children, and adults have always loved to spend careless hours of entertainment watching and enjoying MangaStream.

There were other resources to access Manga comics, but Manga Stream was considered the most user-friendly option. Another reason behind its charm was that it targeted audiences worldwide irrespective of their cultures, languages, and hobbies. As a matter of fact, any human being would love to enjoy an effortless comic experience after a hard, tiring day at work. He could be a student, lady boss, office boy, or a teacher – comics is an art appreciated by everyone, and it never fails among the public. Moreover, there were no language barriers because Mangastream would translate these comics into several major local languages like Hebrew, Italian, French, English, etc.

How MangaStream managed to provide free access to Manga Comics?

MangaStream was an illegal website that hired Manga fans, providing them an opportunity to scan the Manga Comics and give them to the website. These fans would edit those Manga comics and translate them into languages like French, Hebrew, English, Italian, etc. This process continued for ten years, and Mangastream kept providing free content of high quality to its followers.

What Happened to Mangastream?

Mangastream appears to be dead, mentioned on Reddit. A while ago, the Mangastream website was put down, and today, it is not available for anyone anymore. MangaStream Down Reddit became the hot topic of the town as no one was willing to accept the fact that those heavenly comics would not be available on the internet anymore. It’s been a decade or more that Mangastream has been completely shut down. The website, the social media accounts, and handles of Mangastream, such as Twitter, have also been disabled. This is, indeed, a significant shock for Manga comic lovers and dedicated followers of Mangastream.

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Mangastream is Gone; why?

Mangastream has not chosen to disclose the primary reason behind its shut down. The majority knows that the authorities had to announce a complete closure of the Mangastream business because of security and privacy issues. As a result of cloning, decisive action was taken against this website, and its services were terminated after almost a decade of its business startup.

Several websites on the internet are always on the verge of being terminated because they leak pirated content causing a massive loss for original content producers and owners. These websites do not operate legally because it is considered highly unethical to reveal the original content produced by investing great hard work, skills, capital, time, and energy. Similarly, the producers of Manga Comics chose not to let Mangastream provide free access to their high-quality premium content.

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Top Best Alternatives of Mangastream

No doubt, Manga fans are highly discouraged and disappointed with the fact that MangaStream was not available on their go-to list on the internet anymore. Surprisingly, there are several options available on the list to enjoy Manga comics on the go. We have sorted out the ten best MangaStream alternatives for you to choose from.


Those who have dedicated a significant portion of their daily routine to Manga comics need to enjoy the services of MangaReader. Not only does it offer a variety of comics on the go, but the quality is also up to standard. It is 100% free to read your favorite comics like you used to do while using manga stream. Whether you are an admirer of action, romance, suspense, thriller, horror, or drama – all the relevant genres are featured on MangaReader.

If you find it a hassle to use a laptop or PC all the time while reading comics, MangaReader provides an effortless solution in this regard. It has launched a mobile app to read comics on your phone anytime, anywhere, whether you’re traveling, sitting, or eating. Its simple layout makes it easier for everyone to use MangaReader. However, this website does not contain all the series of Manga comics stored in its database.

Website Link:


If you are chasing perfection in what you have, MangaPark is the gateway. It offers bundles of Manga comics updated on the website regularly, so you never go out of stock and continue to enjoy your favorite content on the go. Its number of followers is more as compared to the other Manga streaming platforms. The quality of comics is great, and the interface is user-friendly. Its incredibly simple, easy-to-use, and easy-to-understand system attracts Manga lovers. However, it does not offer multiple versions.

Website Link:


Mangareborn is an alternative to Mangastream that provides free access to a brilliant yet rare series of Manga that has not been able to gain more significant insights. Its up-to-date library has an exclusive collection of comics regarding Manga. Its interface is user-friendly and supports a chatbox for free and effortless communication. There is one drawback; this website performs best for users who understand English and does not translate comics in other languages.

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Website Link:


A fantastic alternative to Mangastream, i.e., MangaNelo, a website with a huge fan following due to its broad database that stores tons of comics. This website is supported by various search engines and provides free access to fine-quality scans of Manga comics. It offers convenient navigation for users and features a separate section for new arrivals on its homepage. While reading the comics, you will notice that MangaNelo loads all images simultaneously. However, you can restrict data consumption if you do not prefer to support this feature. The vertical scrolling function for a more effortless reading experience makes it a worthwhile alternative to Mangastream.

Website Link:

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MangaStream fans who cannot forget the services of Mangastream are highly disappointed with its shutdown. They need to consider MangaPanda as their next gateway. The visual representation of MangaPanda is similar to that of Mangastream. Their database stored a variety of Manga comics for you to pick from. Furthermore, it supports access by multiple devices such as android phones, personal computers, laptops, etc.

The ‘Surprise Me’ option digitally presented to users is not less than some delight. After a long day at work, if you want to refresh yourself, you would not like to put yourself into a situation where a selection of the comic is troublesome. Here comes the exclusive service of MangaPanda, offering a random comic for you. This comic would be sorted out based on your reading history on the website, so you can rest assured that it is something that you would love and appreciate.

Facebook Link:


KissManga offers the most expansive collection of Manga comics so far, and the same makes it stand out from the crowd. In this way, you will never feel deficient in comics because you would have more than enough content to grab your attention. It contains comics in the form of scans. The users receive updates whenever a new chapter is uploaded to the website. KissManga users might contact their customer support service if they have trouble and receive valuable service right away. This website offers a full-fledged space for the user to store and share his favorite Manga content.

Website Link:


MangaOwl is one of the best alternatives to Mangastream in our list because it categorizes series and provides ratings based on user experience. In this way, a newbie would easily choose the best dish from the platter. Moreover, one can continue to read from where one left off, which is fantastic. This feature is absent in most of the Mangastream alternatives. Users can leave a comment to let everyone know how they felt about a particular chapter. However, Mangaowl does not support comprehensive discussion among users regarding their experience and concerns.

Website Link: Mangaowl


MangaDex provides a completely freely accessible platform to enjoy a luxurious ride to the Manga world. It offers enticing versions for users to spice up their journey by streaming their heartfelt chapters in multiple versions. The website supports groups for attention-grabbing discussions. A newcomer may choose to be a member of existing communities or build a new one. Manga fans associated with different languages are welcomed here because it translates content into more than 20 languages. The only disadvantage of MangaDex is that it is not very user-friendly in terms of its interface.

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Website Link:


All the alternative websites to Mangastream that we have covered so far have allowed users to download Manga comics. This is understandable because the cult of offline downloads is diminishing day by day. However, where many users prefer to read online, many would ask for a free download available offline. It makes sense because not everyone has both – free access to the internet and spare time – round the clock, so they prefer to schedule it to suit their requirements.

MangaFreak offers free access to Manga comics and allows you to download your free comics to spend a luxurious leisure time later. The quality of scans is luxury-grade, and the variety caters to everyone. It has a well-established history section to retain your reading history and help you continue reading from where you left off. The only backlash is that the visuals of MangaFreak are not very captivating.

Website Link:


Mangago is a Manga reading website. It’s so simple. The website specializes in sharing Mangas to all Manga readers online in one of the most organized forms you can see online.

Website link: Mangago


MangaFox is an excellent alternative to Mangastream, and it is digitally operated by the domain name The users need to be aware of other websites mimicking MangaFox to get an audience. It is a user-friendly option with a simple interface winning the hearts of Manga admirers. It offers a wide range of Manga comics on the go. It has adaptive zoom and a mobile app as well.

Out of all the mentioned options, the performance and user-friendly services of KissManga and MangaDex are top-notch. Moreover, they meet the expectations of those individuals who appreciated MangaStream enough. Their broad database accommodates piles of comics to keep you entertained.

Website Link:

Are there any Legal Alternatives for Reading Manga Comics?

Well! This is quite a genuine concern. Many Manga comic fans love to read Manga comics for free, but they do not want to engage themselves in something that might not be legal or, at times, might prove to be a risk causing them to lose their data stored on websites. In such a case, two perfect alternatives of such websites are Viz and Manga Plus. These resources are 100% legal and easily accessible websites supported by all devices and all search engines.


It is not unwise to say that Mangastream almost covered the entire Manga comic space in the digital world. However, it is also a reality that Manga comics are more than a stream of entertainment. They are so diversified in terms of scope and outreach that it is impossible to sum them up in a single platform like Mangastream.

Those who consider the shutdown of Mangastream the end of the world need not worry because various better options are still available on the plate. One can choose from 10 multiple options covered in this writeup to keep enjoying Manga comics without compromising the quality.

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