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Medieval Battles as a Lifestyle



venom helmet

Who does not love the graphic design on your helmet? It makes it cultural and gives sapience into your particular style and aesthetics. Well if you’re someone who loves a little redundant, also this helmet will surely suit your personality. What could be better than a graphic-designed helmet with the rearmost technology? With HJC RPHA 11Pro Venom 2, you get stylish of everything. Yes, double is better, right? Then is a look at why HJC’s helmet is different.


Top Benefits of HJC RPHA 11 Pro Venom 2 Men’s Street Motorcycle Helmet

Then is a look at some of the features you will love.

Exigency helmet release

Adding an ultramodern touch to traditional head defensive gear, this muscle beauty has an exigency release system for redundant protection. This instant unlocking system is useful in extremities. Impertinence pads are designed consequently so that the stoner doesn’t have to worry about safety.  Still, Swift Unlock technology can be your rescuer, if you feel suffocated and want to feel refreshed. If you are interested to get the medieval battles as a lifestyle brand so just visit here venom helmet.

 Ant Fog Optically High 2D Flat Racing Shield

The helmet has a shielded glass cover that you can acclimate to suit your requirements and conditions. The HJC RPHA 11 Pro Shield is equipped with anti-fog insert lenses, which won’t block your vision indeed if snow blocks your road. The helmet has a wide eye harborage for better rotation vision so you can formerly get a wide view of the lane. Shield spectacles and sunglasses are also friendly so you can play with your spectacles with redundant complications. It also comes with a 2D flat racing guard.

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Dual Shield Lock System

Do you feel loose between conforming to your bill and riding a motorcycle? With the bane of HJC RPHA, you can concentrate all your attention on the lift while letting the binary guard cinch system work in its charm. The spring control switch medium lifts the guard up to 5 mm from the original guard position once you tap the centrally placed button. The center button is fluently accessible.

Rapid Fire Shield Relief System

The shield comes with an indispensable system that’s quick and easy to install and doesn’t bear the professionalism to remove or install the helmet. The Ratchet system allows easy and secure installation, so it makes the task easier indeed for newcomers.

Advanced channelizing ventilation system or ACV system

When you wear a helmet to cover your crown, well-voiced innards will add to its comfort. With the ACV system, the proper inflow of air is maintained inside the helmet, proper rotation is maintained ie constant exchange of hot and sticky air.


  • Brand HJC helmets
  • Model RPHA Venom 11 Pro
  • Weight About3.6 pounds, it’s no light at all. Still, we’ve also seen some heavyweights in our list.
  • Finish You will love the candescent, finishing traces with the graphic design.
  • Shield Offers utmost of the features you would anticipate from a good helmet moment.
  • Anti-fog and sunglass bill. In addition, it’s spring friendly and the binary cinch guard system provides redundant protection.
  • Instrument Meets all the instruments you need. It’s DOT and ECE approved and also meets FMVSS 218 standards.
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 Fresh features

So, what other effects would you like about this Venom helmet? Lots of cool innards, from the maximum tailwind top articulation to the exchangeable impertinence pads, there is a lot going on. Wearing chain Correspondence and body armor has been effective means of protection in combat and warfare for centuries. Its use dates back to the Greeks and the early Roman Empire, where soldiers and dogfaces bestowed essence plates and armor. The medieval knights are most remembered for their vast medieval armor and battle securities in brilliant colors. But a knight’s trainer was further than protection. It reflects his status and life. Inversely important was the quality of the trainer and the overall form and performance of the fight. In fact, it was a fashion statement.

Maximilian periods

The elaboration of China Mail and Armor during the Maximilian period was a direct response to the enhancement of the munitions of that time. As munitions came more sophisticated, so did the consistency of battle securities and the armor of the knight. Utmost had to be not only effective against attack but also flexible and nimble.

The plate armor spans

The Plate Armor spans from about the early 1300’s to themid-1500. During this medieval period, elaboration went from many pieces of plate to a whole suite of the large elaborate workshops of art in essence. Prior to that time, chain correspondence was the most popular and effective type of physical armament. Mail counted in like a full-body plate style. The average weight was about 45-55 pounds. Still, a well-made suit of plate armor was more comfortable for the wearer as it could be heritable.

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