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Men’s Versus Women’s Bikes: Things You Need to Know



Men's Versus Women's Bikes

You’re about to go bike shopping and aren’t sure the difference between a woman’s bike and a men’s bike (or a unisex bike).

The fact is that all bicycles are unisex, and the distinction between “women’s bikes” and “men’s bikes” is solely a matter of size and fit.

Women are typically shorter than men, with shorter torsos and longer legs, smaller hands, and narrower shoulders. It implies that women’s bikes are specifically constructed to accommodate these variances in body form.

Additionally, when it comes to commuter and cruiser bikes, women’s-specific frames typically feature a relatively low-top tube making wearing a skirt possible.

The greatest bike for you, regardless of gender, will be the one that suits you the best.


The Best Bike for You Might Not Be a Women’s-Specific Bike

Making sweeping generalizations about an entire gender’s body shape does not work. Most women’s bikes are geared at shorter women with long legs, small torsos, and narrow shoulders. If that describes you, congratulations; you are precisely the type who might benefit from a women’s-specific bike.

The best bike is generally a standard unisex model if that is not the case. Even for petite girls, a unisex bike may be the best option. Indeed, many firms are discontinuing “women’s bikes” to sell unisex bikes in various sizes.

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The Best Women’s Bikes Aren’t Just a Shrink It and Pink It Affair

Within the bicycle business, the most common complaint leveled against women’s-specific gear is that it has been a case of “shrink it and pink it.” A women’s bike is identical to a men’s bike, except it is smaller and comes in beautiful colors. The entire situation was a marketing ruse.

While this is still true in many situations, other manufacturers are manufacturing bikes that are more suited to the needs of many (though not all) women. The greatest women’s bicycles will include one or more of the following features:

Smaller Frames

Women have shorter torsos, proportionally longer legs, and shorter inseams than men. As a result, the primary advantage of women’s-specific bikes is their smaller frames and shorter top tubes. Many exceedingly tiny ladies struggle to obtain a small enough frame from regular bike makers.

Shorter Crank Arms

This is perhaps the most underestimated yet most critical advantage of purchasing a women’s-specific bike for extremely short riders. The majority of bicycles, regardless of frame size, include standard-size cranks. Shorter riders, on the other hand, benefit from shorter crank arms. Cranks that are too lengthy might cause knee discomfort and other complications.

Shorter-Reach Brake Levers

For girls with smaller hands, shorter reach brake levers can make a significant difference.

Narrower Handlebars

Women, on average, have narrower shoulders than males. As a result, they are frequently better served by a somewhat narrower handlebar. Wider handlebars give more stability and handling, and it’s better to at least test them out before switching.

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Female-Specific Saddles

The one area where all women vary from males is below the belt. A seat designed specifically for female anatomy can significantly affect your riding experience. A decent women’s saddle will support broader sit bones and have a cut-out or lower pressure chamber to accommodate your soft parts.

Shorter Stem

Because women often have shorter arms and torsos, a shorter stem (the portion that links the frame to the handlebar) is frequently required.


Suspension tuning for lightweight riders is critical. Fortunately, this does not need the purchase of a women’s-specific bicycle. Women’s suspensions should be adjusted to their weight. It is a simple task that can be accomplished at home using a YouTube video and a shock pump.

Commuters and Casual Riders May Still Benefit From a Step-Thru Frame

Historically, the step-thru frame was distinctive for “women’s” bikes. This results in a steeply sloped top tube that makes stepping on and off the frame without lifting a leg simple.

This is a less common occurrence anymore. If you like to ride in a skirt or dress, get a women-specific bike.

Step-thru frames can also be beneficial for anybody, regardless of gender, who commutes with goods. If you’re riding a city bike with a rear rack or front basket, a step-through frame makes it simpler to get on and off the bike and carry the weight. The same is true for anyone riding a bike with a youngster in a bike seat.

You Can Always Swap Components to Create a Better Fit

When purchasing a bicycle, the configuration shown is only a starting point. There is always the option of adding a women’s saddle, a shorter stem, or slimmer handlebars. This is frequently an effective technique to tailor a unisex bike to your unique body shape and demands.

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Additionally, if your primary reason for purchasing a women’s bike is its appearance, keep in mind that you may modify it with various components. Add a basket to your commuter or cruiser bike.

Equip your mountain bike with matching grips and saddle. Add some vibrant handlebar tape to a road bike.

Additionally, we enjoy bike coverings, which may radically transform the appearance of a bike frame. The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your bike to fit your style and preferences.

Men Can Always Ride Women’s Bikes Too

A “women’s bike” contains nothing that should stop a guy from riding it. A women’s bike is sometimes the greatest fit for shorter, smaller males (and teen boys).

Certain companies are improving their ability to provide unisex bikes with a broader size range. Rather than offering only S, M, and L sizes, they’ve added XS and XL sizes.

We adore this strategy, which is equally applicable to men and women since it focuses on providing a diverse range of alternatives for various body shapes rather than making it a gender problem.

The best bike for you may or may not be a women’s-specific bike. The finest bike is the one that is a perfect fit for your physique.

Spend some time trying out different bikes, get familiar with bike sizing, and consider investing in a professional bike fitting if you’re serious about riding comfortably. Looking for bikes online? Bikeoutnow provides you with the best bike under your budget which is suitable for you.

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