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Different Sizes Of Pop Up Tent – Choosing The Right One For Your Use



Sizes Of Pop Up Tent

If you think about it, there are two types of pop up tents available nowadays. One is the canopy tent and another one is the instant camping tents. Getting the right pop up tent is that too small for your upcoming trip can always result in some level of frustration.

A tent is quite possibly the most fundamental pieces of your exploring set up, and it will assume a choosing part in what the remainder of your framework resembles. There are different components to think about while picking a sanctuary, and the more you think about what’s accessible, the simpler it is to track down the best fit for you. Here’s a fast manual for the kinds of hiking tents, alongside ideas for the best models relying upon how you intend to invest your energy in the outside.

Fortunately for you, there are some of the bigger versions of pop up tent available for you to choose from. So, you don’t have to end up selecting the wrong size of the camp for your use now.


The usual size:

Most of the time, the standard pop up tents can easily accommodate four people. But, some of them are much bigger to hold around 10 people at the same time. The instant canopy tents are available with pop up legs, which will measure in three different sizes. Those are 10 x 10 feet, 12 x 12 feet and 10 x 15 feet. So, don’t forget to check the height of the tent first before you can address the right size for your use.

It becomes difficult to choose the right tent size for you, especially if you are a novice in this field. Most of the time people fail to make the right choice on the first go and end up buying either too big or too small sized tent. Well, to avoid mistakes in this regard, it is better to get along with the professionals and get help from their sides. They can be your guiding star in selecting the right sized tent for your use.

The man tent size:

On an average, the 2-man tent size will vary quite a bit. Some of them are pretty spacious and can fit two people of the above average height.

  • Then you will find some other 2-man tents, which can go up to 230cm x 160cm and with a height of at least 100cm.
  • Make sure to consider the frame and height for determining the best 2-person tent to watch out for, and the one to match your needs.
  • On the other hand, you have to consider the campground, where you are planning to set up the best tent for your use.
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With the help of a standard 2-person tent, you should not have to worry about the time needed for setup. These tents come in handy with quick setup rules and easy transportation. Not only that but these tents are also selected to be quite affordable when compared to the bigger tents. Even though not all, but some of them might also have extra room for holding added backpacks, lamps, gears and more.

Types of tents

Exploring tents come in various sizes and arrangement styles, with advantages and disadvantages for every assortment. Beside limit (one-individual, two-man, three-man, and so on), you’ll need to pick between detached, semi-unattached, and covering tents. Here’s an essential breakdown of how these kinds of tents are coordinated.


Freestanding tents can be set up to their maximum capacity without being marked. They have a durable post framework and are typically vault molded. These sanctuaries are roomy and useful for setting up camp on the landscape where marking would be troublesome. The shaft framework makes sufficient pressure to hold the fly and tent body stable, and they are normally the most adaptable kind of tent.

Semi – Freestanding:

These have a different post framework and can bear upping all alone without being marked… however you’ll have to stake them for full security and reasonable space. These tents accompany a tent body, a rain fly, a shaft framework, and stakes—and they should be completely marked out to work appropriately. Semi-unsupported tents give an optimal blend of weight saving, space, and adaptability.

Covering tents:

Tarp tents can’t bear upping all alone—they require journeying posts and stakes for structure. They are typically single-divider, which can expand the development of buildup. Except if you’re going ultralight, covering tents is regularly not the best thought for new explorers, as they can be fussy to set up and require vital marking for most extreme bearable space and strength. These havens are best for quick and light backwoods travel once you have the remainder of your framework dialed in and are hoping to drop weight.

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Things to consider when buying a Tent

Past the nuts and bolts, here are a couple of more things to think about as you slender down the alternatives.


Weight-cognizant explorers will esteem a tent for ounces over decent space, and will probably be attempting to put on huge boondocks miles. The Solitaire AL is a decent choice for climbers searching for a lightweight, one-individual haven. The coordinated fly makes arrangement much simpler, and the restricted impression implies this can be set up in little spaces. For two individuals, the Suma 2 Person furnishes abundant space with a lightweight plan. This sanctuary just has one passageway and vestibule, so ensure you and your accomplice are OK with that.

Bearable Space:

The greater the tent, the more space you’ll need to sit up, move around, get changed, and get together toward the beginning of the day. A greater tent additionally implies conveying more weight, which is the lone clear tradeoff of picking a bigger safe house. As a rule, hiking tents are worked to fit 20-inch width per individual with a modest quantity of additional floor space. In the event that your resting cushion is bigger or you need more space, ponder evaluating. Search for a tent with a flat spreader bar as a component of the shaft framework, which will make significantly more headspace. The Midori 2 Person highlights two entryways, two vestibules, and a liberal spreader bar for a lot of shoulder room. Searching for a more roomy choice? The Summer Pass comes in two-man and three-man models, and it has in excess of 45 square feet of bearable space and 44 crawls of headroom.

Pros and Cons

Nothing in life is awesome, so despite the fact that moment tents are extraordinary to save time (and stress), there are likewise a few drawbacks to them. How about we go through the upsides and downsides and ensure you track down the best spring-up tent for you.


Fast set up

This is guaranteed, however the greatest expert of moment tents is .. who could have imagined – they are moment! Jokes separated, they’re undoubtedly the most effortless tents to set up. For some of them you can simply toss noticeable all around and it’s finished.

Extraordinary for fledglings

If you’d love to go set up camp, yet not certain you can (or need to) set up a tent, spring up tents are an incredible beginning. They require definitely no convoluted directions to get up. It very well may be precarious to return some of them to the sack, however, yet nothing a youtube video can’t fix.

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Child cordial

If you’re exploring nature with kids, they’re additionally an extraordinary decision. They are a lot less difficult to set up and don’t need additional stuff, similar to posts and strings. This way the little ones can assist with the interaction securely and you’ll keep away from any mishaps with staggering in the tent lines.

Ideal for solo campers

If you camp alone, it’s such a ton simpler with simple tents to set up that don’t need two individuals to complete it appropriately. Trust me when I say my spring-up tent has made my life such a ton simpler (Ayla is extraordinary to bring setting up camp, however, she helps more with gobbling all the food than setting up the tent!)


Size and weight

Instant tents are intended for being pragmatic and simple to set up. Then again, they’re not the most ideal choice in case you’re searching for something lightweight and conservative. Other than for vehicle setting up camp, they become too cumbersome to even think about hauling around.

Wind and water opposition

Even, however, a great deal of them promote as waterproof, truly, hardly any will really hold facing enormous breezes and rainstorms. The fact of the matter is the greater part of them is held up by adaptable fiberglass shafts. So for the most part, I wouldn’t suggest them for winter. For light summer downpour, then again, my experience is that they progress nicely.

Pack once more into the sack

All the satisfaction from having your fast set up tent raised in seconds can rapidly disappear when pressing it back into the sack. Try not to freeze, however! It’s simply an issue of seeing how to overlay them. My best guidance to fix this is simply to observe a few recordings and practice prior to disappearing on your setting up camp excursion. The majority of them have their own instructional exercise video on this. It’s really not hard once you see how to do it, yet can be amazingly disappointing whenever surprised. Trust me! I spent different setting up camp excursions before I figured out how to pack it myself!

On the other hand, the size is also noted to be perfect if you are planning to get pone second tent for your kids. They can even practice to set up the tent on their own because of the easy steps to follow. So, waste no time and get the right pop up tent size for an adventurous journey ahead.

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