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Mobile Pixels DUEX Max Portable Monitor [2022 Review]



Mobile Pixels DUEX Max Portable Monitor

Nowadays, too many professionals like musicians or freelancers work remotely in working spaces or at home. This type of work needs lightweight monitors for work because they don’t want any difficulty at the time of moving. After all, comfortability is the first thing to work at home. Because of this, today, we will bring a complete review of the DUEX Max lightweight monitor.

First, let me explain the Mobile Pixels. It is a well-known brand that provides you with the best portable screens. However, the Mobile Pixels DUEX max Portable Monitor contains 4.5 ratings. I think that it is a high rating that defines this portable dual-screen laptop as just amazing. Let’s look at its features that insist you select this for your next work.


Physical Appearance:

Mobile Pixels DUEX Max Portable Monitor color

It has a big screen of 14.1 inches; we all know this size is more than enough to see the tiniest pixels. This helps you in many things, especially in audio workstations, because every pixel shows a music beat in the music. Next, the best thing that insists you buy the DUEX Max is its 1080P crystal clear display.

It provides you the opportunity to distinguish the spectrum of every color. This type of display is a great option for editing, designing, or if you are a Photoshop user. The physical appearance of any portable dual-screen laptop is the thing that impresses most people.

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The weight of this monitor is 1.8lbs, and because of this, you will feel that it is ultra-thin and very lightweight. It is the main benefit that allows you to take it on tours; if you are a person who has to work in different places, then the Mobile Pixels DUEX Max is the perfect option for you.

Mobile Pixels DUEX Max Compatibility

DUEX Max Use Mode

This laptop offers a wide range of compatibility. It is specially designed to work with both Mac and Windows operating systems. You can use it for tasks like web browsing, watching movies, or playing games. The best part is that it is also compatible with Android phones and Nintendo Switch. You can easily pair it with the help of a USB-C or USB-A connection. The wide range of compatibility allows you to use it for different purposes.


It is one of the most important features you must consider before buying any portable dual-screen laptop. The Mobile Pixels DUEX Max is the best option in this category because it is very easy to carry. It comes with a carrying case that allows you to take it wherever you go. You can use it for any purpose like for work, studying or if you want to watch any movie. The best part is that it is very easy to set up, and you can use it within minutes.

Plug and play system

DUEX Max portable dual-screen laptop comes with a plug-and-play system that allows you to use it without hassle. You can easily connect it to your laptop, PC, Android, or Nintendo with the help of a USB port. Very easy to this monitor and you can start it in a minute. You have to plug it into any USB port, and it will start working. I think that this feature will excite you to buy it for your next work.

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Auto-rotation (use it left or right)

I think we all love the auto-rotation feature of portable monitors. You can rotate it to the right or left side as you wish. It is a great added feature that few portable monitors offer in the market. It is the most impressive feature of the DUEX Max. Most of the time, I use it in the rotated mode to the left side.

Just like other portable monitors, you can use the DUEX Max as a second screen for your laptop. But the great thing about this monitor is that it comes with a built-in battery. So, you can use it as a standalone device without any power source.

Hybrid signals and Blue light filter

The DUEX Max comes with the latest hybrid-signal technology that allows you to use it with both analog and digital devices. You can increase your productivity by having dual monitors wherever you go, thanks to the Mobile Pixels DUEX Max Portable Monitor. The display has a blue light filter that protects your eyes from harmful blue light.

Portrait and Presentation mode

If you are looking for a portable monitor that you can use for presentations, then the DUEX Max is the best option for you. It comes with a portrait mode that allows you to give a presentation more professionally. It is the feature that blew my mind. I think it will impress your clients or customers. Portrait mode is also best for social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

Final thoughts

The Mobile Pixels DUEX Max is the best portable dual-screen laptop you can buy from the market. You can easily carry this portable monitor because it is lightweight. It has a wide range of features that will increase your productivity.

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