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Debunking Top 10 Myths And Rumours Around CBD Use In 2022




There is no doubt that CBD is a controversial subject!

While some are trying to test and experiment on its medicinal properties, others are still wondering whether it is legal to use. If you fall under either of this crowd, there are some CBD myths that we need to debunk for you.

First and foremost, CBD is legal!

It is even legal in other countries without the THC infusion, which is the main psychoactive element in the Sativa plant. But, this is just one, and in the excerpt below, you will find ten such rumors and myths that everyone believes about CBD.


Debunking Common Myths About CBD

If you are a firm believer of any of the following myths, then you are in for a surprise. Once you finally decide to buy some of the amazing CBD products after we debunk these myths, visit

1. Its Properties Aren’t Scientifically Proven

This is a very common myth that people believe. According to some, all the CBD products sold online or offline are not backed by any testing.

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CBD products are FDA approved, and you cannot possibly imagine the FDA approving something for patients without proper research. CBD is a common treatment method for people suffering from serious conditions like anxiety and depression. Definitely, they have scientific tests backing it up.

2. They Can Get You High

Another common myth about CBD is that they get you high. Again, it depends on the CBD product that you are using.

If it is THC infused, you might face some mild psychological effects. However, other CBD products are not, and they will not get you high.

3. No Doctor Will Ever Prescribe CBD

This couldn’t be anything but wrong. CBD is a common medicine prescribed by many therapists to cure anxiety and PTSD.

Additionally, it is also known for preventing heart disease and decreasing the side effects of cancer treatment. So, definitely, they are prescribed!

4. They Are All Same

There are different kinds of CBD, and they are made from different parts of the Sativa plant. For example, some CBD will extract the resin to get THC.

While there are other products that are completely made of cannabidiol and nothing else.

5. You Will Get Addicted

You will never get addicted to CBD because they affect the body mildly. Plus, their CBD oils, THC, are mostly prescribed by doctors in moderation.

They are not known for creating any hallucinating effects, which other synthetic drugs do. Instead, they simply keep your nerves calm.

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6. They Do Not Have Any Credibility

They are backed by scientific testing and approved by the FDA. I don’t think we need to give other evidence of its credibility.

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Plus, many have voluntarily tested them, and the feedback has been positive and impressive.

7. It Is Illegal To Research On CBD

Since CBD is a schedule1 narcotic, researchers are banned against them. It is a schedule 1 narcotic, but some universities have the liberty to test them.

Without these testings, none of the scientific tests wouldn’t have been possible. Some testings have been done on humans volunteering, and they have been legalized by the narcotic.

8. They Affect Your Body Fast

If you are using a CBD product and expecting a result within the first few days, then you are up for disappointment.

CBD products have received many critical acclimations for users, and you will also get the desired results, but not in one week.

9. The Industry Is Not Trustworthy

This is one of the ridiculous rumors that you will ever hear, especially after it has been legalized and used by many.

You have credible online platforms which sell CBD products, and they are doing no illegal job!

10. If It Hasn’t Worked Once, It Will Never Work

If you have used a CBD product once and it didn’t work for you, that doesn’t mean it will never work.

There are different types of CBD products. You can try and consult a professional to understand which one would work best for your issue.

Test It Today!

It has been legalized and approved by the FDA! Therefore, it is high time that you stop believing in these primitive rumors and start using the products.

Some of the known truths about CBD.

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They help in curing Depression

They regulate the heart

They can reduce panic attacks… and many more!

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