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Net Worth of MoneybaggYo (2022)





Who is MoneybaggYo?

MoneybaggYo is an American singer and rapper. MoneybaggYo’s net worth is around $6 million. MoneybaggYo has been around for several years. From 2010 to 2011 he was part of Nef the Pharaoh, Future Hendrix, and Boogiemen. MoneybaggYo is also part of Thirstin Howl III, Tha Bar Mitzvah, Noreaga, YBS Skola, Green Star Project, and Dolla Boy. He is best known for his 2015 hit, “Stay Thirsty,” which peaked at number 24 on the Billboard Hot 100 and spent 37 weeks on the chart. He is now recorded as one of the most popular and well-known American singers.

Real Name

His real name is DeMario DeWayne White, Jr. He decided to change his name from DeMario DeWayne White, Jr. to MoneybaggYo in 2015. His rap name came from his rap alias, and “BaggYo” is his nickname, or his nickname. “MoneybaggYo” came from something one of his friends said when he was younger, calling him Moneybagg.


“MoneybaggYo’s net worth 2021” update states that his net worth increased due to his rise to fame in recent years. He released his first mixtape, Bigga Than Life, in 2015. He was part of the CTE World album titled CTE World: Rise of the ROC. The album went #1 on the iTunes hip-hop chart. Since then, he has released two more mixtapes: Soulja Bank (2016), and Come Back to NY (2017). He also features on the 2017 Rae Sremmurd mixtape Swaay (the song “Black Beatles” was the first song he recorded with the group). He also released “Overnight Celebrity”, a record produced by Mack Maine and Ty Dolla, in 2017.

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MoneybaggYo’s music career was hit when Rae Sremmurd released a video of their song Black Beatles. It was an international chartbuster, featuring MoneybaggYo. He featured in other mixtape songs from the trio, “Black Beatles” (No. 2), “I’m Bad” (No. 4), and “No Type” (No. 7). He also performed with SremmLife2 when the duo performed their song Slim Trap in a large arena. In February 2018, MoneybaggYo released his first full-length album “Real Ones”. His “Real Ones” tour featured artists such as Charlie Sheen, Rapsody, and Waka Flocka Flame. In 2022, after many successful albums, he is now a millionaire.


MoneybaggYo is also in a relationship with an influencer known as Ari Fletcher. The two dated for three years and were engaged at the end of the relationship. It is said that MoneybaggYo has also gifted him acres of land. However, he also shared that he has seven children and the mothers of his children are happy with him.


Apart from this that he is a singer and a rapper, MoneybaggYo has a clothing line called Payday Clothing, selling athleisure apparel, hats and phone cases. In 2018, he launched his own non-profit called The Dr. CunninLynguists Foundation, which was created to help homeless youth.

Net Worth

MoneybaggYo’s net worth 2022 is $6 millions as of updates of February, 2022. Like with all the rappers and musicians, his exact salary is not known publicly. It is just an estimate. However, MoneybaggYo has a modest salary and an annual income of $38,000. MoneybaggYo made $1.5 million from a hit song alone. He also raked in millions from his various songs. In total, we can finally say that he has been making about $6 million yearly, although it is likely that he will earn much more in future. It is said that MoneybaggYo’s net worth will increase double in future due to its present pace.

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He has released four mixtapes, one album and a clothing line. He has been featured on multiple mixtapes, such as “No Format 4:33″, by The Internet and “Hypnotized”, by Waka Flocka Flame. Then in 2018, he also became the face of the brand Street by Seven, a small streetwear brand. The brand’s CEO said that he selected MoneybaggYo due to his popularity with young people.

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Arts and Entertainment

In 2017, he featured on “Overnight Celebrity”. He also made a cameo in the 2018 movie “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”. He also performed in his own music video for “I’m a N***a”, released on the CTE World album titled “CMT’s Next Superstars”.


MoneybaggYo is popular among the youth in the United States and especially in Texas, where he was born. He was considered as a rising rapper, who was signed to the Rick Ross record label Maybach Music Group, along with Rae Sremmurd. In 2014, he also recorded a track with Baby Bash, known as “Can’t Touch This” which was part of the singer’s album that was released the same year, titled “Right Now”. In 2016, he went on tour with his sister Tarsha “T-Love” Descriptor, known as Tay-Tay. They performed together at various events such as the Best Year Ever Music Festival and the Hangover Fest.


He was nominated by MTV’s 2016 Warped Tour. In 2017, he was nominated by ICP’s Th3 Saga in their “Th3 Final Destination” competition. He eventually won the contest and received a check for $50,000. He also started his own foundation that he named The Dr. CunninLynguists Foundation. He later went on tour with Tyler, The Creator in 2018. He also supports the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the American Cancer Society. Thus, MonybaggYo net worth is not just in millions but he is also doing great in terms of charity and good deeds to help others.


MoneybaggYo is not just another rapper. He has been active in the entertainment industry for a long time and he is consistently improving his talent. With the success of his songs, he continues to make a very good income for himself. If you like his music, then you are sure to enjoy MoneybaggYo and his songs in the future. He is only 30 years old, which makes his wealth rather impressive. He has performed in many concerts. Most importantly, he is charitable and he even supports several causes.

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