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The Good Thing About One-room Condos in Singapore



One-room Condos

The trend of living in one-room condos is on the rise. We’ve all heard about it, some have even experienced it personally, and for some who are still new to Singapore, they may never have heard of it at all. Nevertheless, this idea of living in a single room is gaining popularity with possible benefits ranging from reduced cost to ease of upgrading later.

Being raised in an HDB flat myself, I can safely say that one-room condos share similar amenities and facilities as those found in traditional public housing. This post essentially outlines what you can expect when owning/staying in a unit like this. Following that, we’ll also connect on the costs involved and how much these units typically go for – so that you know if it’s worthwhile for you to switch over.

First off, what exactly is a one-room condo?

This type of unit typically covers an area between 35 and 45 square meters (excluding balcony space), and features the main bedroom, living area, and sometimes includes a small kitchenette – but there definitely won’t be any cooking range or oven. A single room condo can range from anything starting from under $40k, but generally speaking, expect to pay at least $60k upwards for these types of units. Keep in mind that they are typically located in non-mature estates – this means that you’re probably going to face another block with no privacy whatsoever!

Many people enjoy this kind of living arrangement; there are separate rooms for everything, and you’re not tripping over each other all the time (like what’s experienced in studio apartments). I want to think that it feels more like a ‘home’ than an apartment because this way, even if your parents come visiting, they can still have their privacy – sleeping at night in the bedroom while you enjoy the lounging area.

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For single people or couples, these types of units are great! You get to stay within your means and retain the option of inviting friends over without worrying about them lodging with you unannounced.

Typically one room condo in Singapore is located on the second story of any block – save for those few that may be found at Level 1. Due to their compact size, you can probably guess that living in a one-room condo is not for the claustrophobic because there will be no escape from the small space! I’d say it’s almost similar to being in a prison cell – but with a slightly larger floor area.

larger floor area

Their location also restricts your privacy because they are just next to the common corridors. As such, whenever you have guests over, it’s advisable that you lower your voice or use headphones (if watching TV), or else everyone within the vicinity will know what’s going on! The only way of gaining extra privacy is through curtains/blinds; however, some people may not like this idea because of aesthetic reasons.

Regardless, you can’t deny the fact that they are very affordable.

Everywhere else in Singapore is so expensive! For example, you practically need to sell an organ (or two) to afford a studio apartment. Still, this one-room condo provides you with the same amenities at only a fraction of what it costs elsewhere. If you’re considering getting married anytime soon and don’t know how you’re going to get on financially, I’d say go for something like this instead – it’s cheaper than renting out half of an HDB flat! You can also always upgrade later once there are more savings in your account; the market currently has lots of choices when buying second-hand units.

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