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11 Outdoor Patio Curtain Ideas you’ll Love



Outdoor Patio Curtain


Here are 11 Outdoor Patio Curtain Ideas you’ll Love:

1. Pinwheels and Pinecones:

This patio curtain is both functional and stylish. The pinwheel print lends itself perfectly to the summer months and the pinecone print could work for any season. (Via Ellen Luckett Baker)

2. Living Room Outdoor:

Bring the living room outside with patio curtains that look just like your favorite chunky knit sweater! These also happen to be waterproof which means no more rain or bugs getting in on your party. (Via Wit & Whistle)

3. Woodland Magic:

Add a touch of whimsy to your patio with this woodland-inspired patio set from CB2. If you’re feeling a bit creative, you could always stencil your own woodland patio curtain to match. (Via The Every Girl)

4. Lace and Linen:

This delicate lace patio curtain from One King’s Lane looks stunning paired with a painted wood table for a patio party outside. Add some fairy lights to add even more sparkle! (Via One Kings Lane)

5. Stripes and Solids:

These stripe patio curtains from Anthropologies are both pretty and practical—especially if you’re interested in privacy while still letting the sunshine through. And just imagine how cute they’d look with a little cafe table and chair set peeking out! (ViaAnthropologies)

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6. Spotted Beauty:

The spotted print on these patio curtains from West Elm lend a bit of elegance to your patio. With a little paint and some fairy lights, you can make them pop even more! (Via West Elm)

7. High-Low Hem:

This patio curtain from West Elm has a high-low hemline which makes it both casual enough for an afternoon BBQ as well as dressed up enough for date night dinner on the patio. It’s also outdoor friendly fabric makes it perfect for patio season! (Via West Elm)

8. Polka Dot Party:

The polka dots on this patio curtain from Anthropology would look so cheerful hanging over a patio table covered with snacks and drinks. Another bonus? This is water resistant so no need to worry about rain! (ViaAnthropology)

9. Lace and Linen:

These patio curtains from One Kings Lane would work perfectly for a patio separated into two sections, one with patio furniture and the other for dining. They’re water resistant so you don’t have to worry about ruining them if it rains! (Via One Kings Lane)

10. Folk Floral:

This floral patio curtain from West Elm is casual enough for weekends at home but pretty enough for company too—a win-win in our books! The neutral colors also mean this will go with most patio color schemes. (Via West Elm)

11. Aqua Glam:

If you want your patio to be all about glamour, then you’ll love this patio curtain from Anthropology. It’s made of water-resistant fabric which makes it perfect for patio parties. (ViaAnthropology)

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Q: What is patio decor?

A patio is an outdoor living space that connects your home to the outside. Patio decor is a term for patio furniture, patio accessories and patio designs that can be used to convert any dull space into a fabulous oasis! Here are some ideas on patio decorating.

Q: How do I pick out patio curtains?

The best patio curtains will not only look good in your outdoor space but also provide some light or privacy depending on what you want. You’ll want them to be stylish but also versatile so they’ll go with different styles. We recommend waterproof fabrics like polyester or PVC since these tend to last longer and resist water better than cotton or linen. Check out our guide for more advice.

Q: How do patio curtains keep bugs out?

Patio curtains are one of the easiest ways to make your patio bug free. If you have a patio that opens into your backyard or is accessible by entrances, patio screens will protect against any insects that may wander in. They’re easy to install and can be removed since they’re lightweight! Check out our quick guide for more info.


Patio Curtains are easy-to-install patio accessories that will brighten up any patio space. They provide light and shade so you can use your patio all day long. With so many different styles available, it’s easy to find one that matches your patio decor perfectly!

It’s important to remember that patio curtains should be made of durable materials especially if you plan on using them for patio parties, cookouts or just sun protection during the day. We recommend waterproof fabrics like polyester or PVC since these tend to last longer and resist water better than cotton or linen.

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