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Park Solomon: Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Career, Family, Ethnicity, Girlfriend & Net Worth



Park Solomon

Park Solomon was a charming little boy who quickly attracted a lot of attention across the country. People in Korea often call him “Park Solomon” and celebrate his birthday with a slice of cake on November 11. The information on his Facebook page places his birth year as 1999 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. As a child, he and his family visited Seoul, South Korea. He is 22 years old.

After completing his middle school studies, he entered Apgujeong high school and graduated. His online profiles do not elaborate on his background or credentials in any way. I’m sorry, but he does make a concerted effort in his spare time to learn Chinese.


Early life and education

Park’s parents, a local theater actor and a waitress brought him up in Seoul, South Korea. His father was a great role model for him, and he started acting lessons when he was seven years old. Park was active in his elementary school years, playing soccer for the school team and basketball.

After completing his elementary education, Park enrolled in Apgujeong High School, Seoul, where he concentrated on acting and sports. After appearing in many school plays, a scout discovered him by inviting him to join the romantic fantasy series “Bride of the Century.”

The 16-episode series was broadcast on 16 episodes. It is about the Taeyang family, which runs the largest South Korean conglomerate, The Taeyang Corporation.

Park Solomon Family

Park Solomon takes great care in protecting the identities of his family members from the prying eyes and media. Although we did extensive research and searched the internet for information about his parents, we were still looking for them. His mother is a chef, and his father works in the private sector.

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Park also hasn’t shared any photos on social media featuring his family members. Park has a strong relationship with his uncle. He even posts photos of them together on various social media platforms. He also has a younger brother, seen in many of the photos he shared online.

Park Solomon’s Net Worth

Solomon and his family live a comfortable life. Solomon is the sole occupant and takes excellent care of his home. His bedroom was decorated with taste, and he even hung photos of himself from his collection.

He also owns a few cars and many other electrical gadgets. His financial success is mainly due to acting, modeling, commercial appearances, and paid marketing. Between two and three million dollars is the ballpark figure for his wealth.

Park Solomon Career & Profession

Park was active in producing and directing comedic skits throughout his school years. He began his acting career in 2014 in the television drama “Bride of the Century,” where he played the role of Choi Kang Jo. He also starred in “Legendary Witch,” a drama that aired the following year.

Solomon’s page states that he was involved in the production of Horror Stories III in 2016. He also played a supporting part in the film. Park also appeared in Doctors, Shopping King Louie, and The Guardians, among many other television dramas.

She had a significant part as Yoon Si Wan in the 2017 season of the TV show ‘Lookout,’ in which she appeared. He appeared in multiple TV miniseries “Sweet Revenge” episodes in 2017 and 2018. Park played the role of Lee Su Hyuk in the 2022 episode of “All of Us Are Dead.”

What Is Ethnicity, Nationality

Park Solomon is of Asian ethnicity. Park Solomon was born in South Korea and currently holds dual citizenship in that country.


Solomon is a young man who is talented and savvy. His attractive features and cute face attracted millions of women. His admirers did extensive research on his girlfriend through his social media accounts. We did extensive research and discovered that he had exchanged many photos with his co-actors and worked with various models throughout his entertainment career.

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He never spoke of anyone other than his employees. It is single at the moment. He is fully committed to his acting career and hopes to become a well-respected actor. As soon as information becomes available, any updates regarding his personal life will be posted.

Park Solomon Height & Weight

He is Park Solomon and stands 6’0″ tall. Weight Park Solomon is approximately 63 kilograms. His eyes are a beautiful shade of black, and his locks are dark.

Park Solomon Age and Birthday Info 2023

Park Solomon is how old? This section will discuss Park Solomon’s birthday and his age. Park Solomon is 24 years old, and his birthday fell on December 11, 1999. Park Solomon is 24 years old. When will Park Solomon be turning 24? It will be turning 11 on December 20, 2023.

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Park Solomon Ideal Type

Park Solomon’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. He believes that a person who is trustworthy, sincere, and deeply capable of understanding someone would make a great romantic partner. Those born under the sign of the Scorpion are noted for their devotion, intensity, and loyalty. They can be compatible with various zodiac signs, including Cancer, Pisces and Virgo.

According to Korean beliefs, each blood type corresponds with a unique personality trait. Park Solomon is of blood type A. People of blood type A are known for being diplomatic, kind, patient and fragile. They are not known for being very outspoken. The O blood type is most compatible with the As blood type, followed by the A blood type.

Interests and hobbies

Park is passionate about photography and purchased his first camera when he earned money from his first TV series role. If you’re interested in seeing some of the photographs he shot, check out his Instagram. He loves spending time outside and enjoys running.

Park is currently attending college to pursue his degree. Because of this, he hasn’t been in any films or TV shows in quite some time. Park enjoys traveling and has visited several Asian countries while still filming for the series. However, he has been focusing on staying home since 2017.

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Park enjoys watching Hollywood movies in his spare time. Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, and Edward Scissorhands are some of his all-time favorite performers. Favorite films of his include “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Edward Scissorhands,” and “Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.”

Park Solomon News & Social Media Fans

Park Solomon is a famous Korean actor and a celebrity on social media platforms. His Instagram account has many followers from South Korea and internationally. He created an account on Instagram with the name “@lomon991111”, where he shared photos, videos and promotional content with followers who follow him on Instagram.

Thousands upon thousands of people follow Park Solomon on Instagram. Park Solomon has around 5.6 million fans and just 62 posts. The details of his followers are list according to August 2022.

Park Solomon joined Facebook as well and created the Facebook page. We cannot give the correct information if we ask about other social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and facebook. Our team is updating this article.

Park Solomon Actor

Solomon is an internationally recognized TV actor and model. His portrayal of the role of Sweet Revenge’s lead character is well-known. He is currently working for Sidus HQ. His movies include Doctors and Shopaholic Louis.

Park played the role of Ma Do-Hyun’s young version on NBC’s series The Legendary Witch. He also appeared in Horror Stories III, the 2016 feature film. He also gained widespread recognition for his performance in the 2017 film Lookout.

Solomon made his first appearance in a major role on Bride of the Century. In addition, he played Soo Hyuk in the TV series All of Us Are Dead. He is also well-known for his roles in MBC Shopping King Louie, Horror Stories 3: A Girl From Mars and Horror Stories 4.


What is the Net Worth of Park Solomon?

A grand sum of $1.5 million dollars is in Park Solomon’s control.

What is the Height of Park Solomon?

Park Solomon stands at an impressive 1.83m tall.

Where is the birthplace of Park Solomon?

South Korea is where Park Solomon first made his appearance in our world.

What is the Date of Birth of Park Solomon?

December 11, 1999, is the day when Park Solomon was born.

Is Park Solomon Married?

The information regarding Park Solomon’s marital status still needs to be updated.


We don’t have any more information about Park Solomon’s siblings, parents, or other family members, nor more details about his net worth, bio, wiki, biography, height, or weight. We hope that the Park Solomon information is helpful to you. If you have any thoughts or feedback, please share them here.

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