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Janet Von Schmeling – Who is she?



Janet Von Schmeling

Janet Von Schmeling was born on June 1, 1994, in Orlando, Florida, United States. She is an American actress, Entrepreneur, Model, Producer, Manager, and television personality. She appears as an actress in famous TV series like How to Survive High School, Suspense, Painting Autumn, and BuzzFeed Murder Mystery Stories.

This article intends to tell you about Janet Von Schmeling’s age, net worth, weight, height, biography, family, husband, social life, and social media accounts like Instagram.


Who is Janet VON Schmeling?

Janet Von Schmeling daughter of Chief Master Von Schmeling born on June 1, 1994. She is 27 years old now. Her Father, Von Schmeling, was a martial artist. Janet’s real mother is unknown, but her father has married twice. Janet’s stepmother’s name is Barbara. Janet has one brother and one sister. Her brother’s name is Hermann Von Schmeling, and her sister’s name is Victoria Von Schmeling. Her father is a real estate agent, and her stepmother is a hairstylist. She marries Drake Bell, a famous American actor, producer, director, and television personality.

Janet Von Schmeling’s Physical Appearance

An actress is known for her efficient and excellent work and her beauty. Janet Von, a famous TV personality and American actress, is an attractive and fascinating woman. She has charming black hair and pretty dark brown eyes, and Janet’s height is 5 feet 6 inches. She has a lean body weighing 55 Kg or 121 lbs. Janet’s face is stunning, with a slim nose, lips, and white skin tone.

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Janet Von Schmeling Career and Education

Janet started in commercials for Disney World and Sea World at the age of 4. She was a born actress. She acted in more than 15 commercials for real estate, insurance companies, and Television Cable networks. Janet completed his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University. And completed her master’s in Criminal Justice Administration from the same university. Janet’s career as an actress started very early, but she became famous when she married Drake Bell.

She worked for brands like Vans shoes and Converse Shoes. In 2015, she played a child role in “The Greys.” Janet’s movie “Just Jenna” received positive reviews from people like “this one will blow your mind.” She appeared as an actress in different TV series and mini-TV series. Janet also worked as a production manager with Decibel Media Group. She earned a lot of fame in a short time as an actress, producer, and with many more roles.

Drake Bell Janet Von Schmeling

A famous American actor, singer, and well know by shows Drake and Josh. Drake and Janet have been dating for a long time. Reports from “The Sun” tells that both have seen on their 35th birthday of Drake. Later the couple married in 2019. Drake Bell announced his marriage on his Twitter in Spanish.

They have a son, also. Drake shared a story on Instagram with their son. Currently, the couple is living happily in the US. In 2021, Drake was involved in a controversy. He was charged with child abuse, and a victim alleged that Drake had sexually assaulted her. But the issue has been resolved as Drake apologized for his misconduct.

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Janet Von Schmeling Family

Janet belongs to Paraguayan American origin. She is Christian by religion. Her father was a martial artist, but now he is a real estate businessman. Janet has been very close to her father. On her 21st birthday, her father shared a photo with Janet. He said, “Today we are celebrating 21 years of my beautiful smart independent, Janet Von Schmeling, my daughter, and one of the biggest privileges of being a parent. Happy Birthday.” She lived in a joint family.

Her father divorced her biological mother and married another name, Barbara Von Schmeling. Janet has two siblings. Her brother’s name is Hermann Von Schmeling, and her sister’s name is Victoria Von Schmeling. She has one step-sister too. Her social media and daily life show that she loves to spend time with her family.

Janet Von Schmeling Net Worth

Janet is a celebrity in the American movie industry. She earned a lot from acting, TV shows, and as a producer. Janet’s net worth is about 3 to 4 Million USD. A big share of her net worth comes from modeling.

Janet Von Schmeling Salary

According to Janet’s net worth, she is a highly paid actress. She charges approximately 17 to 28 dollars per hour and 35,000 to 60,000 dollars annually. Janet’s yearly earnings are about 1 Million Dollars.

Janet Von Schmeling Instagram

Janet Von Insta Instagram is”planetjanettv“. She has more than 7K followers. She used tags of mom, which show that she is careful about her child. Another title on her Instagram is choosing kindness. Probably a sign of good heart women.

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Exciting Facts about Janet Von Schmeling

  • Janet has worked with many famous actors throughout his acting career.
  • She acted in many TV commercials.
  • On Feb 21, 2021, Janet and Drake appeared on the 10th anniversary of EcoLuxe Lounge.
  • She holds a net worth of 3 to 4 Million USD Dollars in 2021 statistics.
  • Drake and Janet also have a strong relationship as they are caring for their son well.
  • Janet is also known as a hard-working and stunning actress in the industry due to her roles in many hit TV series.

Janet Von Schmeling’s Biography

Full Name Janet Von Schmeling
Date of Birth June 1, 1994
Age (as of 22) 28 years old
Profession Entrepreneur, Model, Actress, Manager, Producer
Nationality Paraguayan American
Ethnicity Christian
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Height 5 feet 6 inches
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