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Popular Home Improvement Projects in the UK



Home Improvement Projects

The pandemic has brought a big shift in many aspects of our lifestyle. Home improvement is one area that has seen the biggest shift thanks to the remote working trend.  Demand for home improvement was up by 50% in 2021.

People are taking to DIY and home improvement projects with zeal. Bathroom and kitchen renovations are the most popular trends in the industry now. Let us look into the projects that UK residents favour the most.


Redecorating the bathroom

As per recent data, the bathroom is the favourite part of the house that people want to redecorate.  The use of unique bathroom fixtures in rose gold or matt black colours is quite popular. Luxury products are more preferred as the time people spend at home has increased. Marble for instance is a popular choice for bathrooms. It is a versatile material and durable.

Brass elements, wood features, and eco-friendly additions are the top choices. The varied preferences can make shopping for the products a big hassle. Fortunately, there are sites like Letta London that make your work easier. It is a new bathroom store in London where citizens can find anything they might need for their dream bathroom.

Accessories, furniture, baths, toilets, mirrors, and more are available in various designs, materials, and sizes. The site has the best online whirlpool baths collection allowing residents to choose as per their budget, style, and space needs.

Kitchen additions

Kitchen renovations include painting the kitchen cabinets, replacing the worktop, and more.  Instead of renovating the entire kitchen, you can replace the drawers and cupboard doors. This way your budget will not be too high and the changes will give the kitchen a new look.

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A kitchen island is a great addition that serves multiple purposes. You can store ingredients and utensils, prepare food, and use it as a dining table. The most important reason to add it to your kitchen is its visual appeal. Marble kitchen islands are great to look at.

Home offices

Due to the pandemic-triggered remote working trend, the concept of a home office has gained importance. Homeowners are now thinking of adding dedicated office space. It increases your productivity, but space constraints can prevent you from creating a home office.

If there is no space available for a separate room, the use of multi-purpose furniture can help. Space-saving furniture that folds up when not in use is a good idea for such purposes.  Spaces such as the loft, basement, garage, and even under the stairs can serve as a workspace.

Loft conversion

Loft conversions add extra space for a master suite, home office, or playroom. When done well, the conversion increases the value of a home. Compared to a home extension or including a basement, the cost is less for the conversion.

The head height and roof structure are some key factors to consider for the conversion. Chimney stacks or water tanks are other obstacles to consider. If the space has a sound structure, wall insulation, floor reinforcement, and the addition of windows are enough to make an effective conversion. Loft conversions add value to the house, ranging from £30,000 to £50,000.

Sustainable renovation

Using eco-friendly methods to renovate a house can help in reducing pollution and contribute to sustainability. Some of the ways to achieve sustainability are:

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Flooring: Reclaimed wood is a good choice as it does not warp. Cork is a renewable material with good thermal and acoustic features. It is also waterproof and easy to clean. Bamboo is another material that is durable and moisture resistant.

Paint: The use of VOC-free paints is a good way to ensure a safe environment for the family members and the surrounding.

Construction chemicals: Chemicals are used for many purposes in construction like washing brushes, removing spills, and more. Switching over to natural and less harmful alternatives will help safeguard the health and the environment.

Green energy: The installation of wind turbines and solar panels help to generate green energy.  Investing in green energy can help the environment and save money that homeowners pay for electricity bills. Solar panels are available at price ranges starting from £200.

Water-saving devices: Toilets take up nearly 27% of household water. A single flush requires 13 litres of water. Using low-flow plumbing systems in the shower, sink faucets, and toilet can help in saving water.

Final words

The home improvement trend is not showing any signs of a lull in 2022. Homeowners in the UK are investing more towards increasing space and improving functionality. With the rising costs of construction material, labor, and other aspects, homeowners need to plan the renovations with care.

When it comes to home renovation, luxury and increasing the value of the house take priority. But it is high time that residents think of sustainable and green energy measures. Using sustainable methods will help save money, health, and the environment in the long term.

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