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How To Pull Off High Low Prom Dresses [6 Best Style Tips & Tricks]



High Low Prom Dresses

Oh, what a pain! You want to embrace your fashionable side at the gala prom, but you cannot reveal your sexy legs because of the formal dress code. Fortunately, you don’t have to yearn anymore, because we’ve brought you the perfect idea: high low dresses. That’s spot-on; how low or asymmetrical prom dresses are longer in the back and shorter in the front, best to create an apt balance of style and formality. Plus, they are all in rage in 2022.

If you are a little hesitant about pulling off high-low dresses to prom, fret not; we’ve got you covered. Here are our essential tips and tricks to make your asymmetrical hem the reason for you to shine at the prom:


#1. Try Out Different High Low Dresses

At present, high-low dresses are a chartbuster, so you can easily find them in the abundance of styles at the best online fashion house. You can choose among beads, ruffles, floral prints, feather fringes, lace applique, embroidery, pearl embellishment, or play with necklines to create your dream prom look.


#2. Opt For A Relaxed Fit

When in doubt about which high-low or asymmetrical dress is most flattering to your body shape, you can go for a relaxed fit. After all, this unique trend looks much better in a flowy shape.

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You can stick to asymmetrical unique prom dresses in a-line or ball gown silhouette to dress perfect for your prom night. Besides, the ‘ONE’ with ruffles or frills will give you a bonus style point, especially if you wish to stand out from the crowd.


#3. Rock A Pair Of Heels

The high-low trend is best to go with statement heels. Just pick stilettos or pumps that match the color of your dress, and you are good to go glamorous. You can also seize a pair of classic black or beige heels, as they are the most versatile shoe options to complement every short and long dress in your wardrobe.

However, if you are not comfortable carrying high heels, don’t worry! Ballerinas, kitten heels, or shoes with a slight wedge are wonderful options.


#4. Choose Neutral Shades To Look Sleek

Do you wish to create an illusion of a perfect body shape while looking all glitzy and glamorous? If yes, the key is to dress up in a high-low outfit in a neutral shade.

Whether it’s black, white, or gray, sticking to a single neutral color helps you appear sleek like never before. Another plus: it’s always easy to coordinate a neutral-colored dress with jewelry and shoes or add a pop of color to switch the look.


#5. Wear A Belt To Draw Attention To Your Waist

Unlike form-fitting silhouettes, a-line or flowy high-low prom dresses don’t create a natural waistline. But that’s not a problem; you can use a belt to highlight your waist instantly. Of course, you can play with the color and style of the belt, depending on your outfit.

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We suggest you go for a wide metallic belt, especially if you are up for adding a hint of sparkle to your look.


#6. Put On Statement Jewelry

Prom is the biggest night of the year, plus your chance to sparkle. Therefore, it is good to give your asymmetrical unique prom dress a finishing touch with statement jewelry.

The best part about high-low dresses is that you can wholeheartedly pull off long necklaces that fall below your bust and daring earrings that complement the entire ensemble.

Nevertheless, you should maintain a perfect balance by trying not to go overboard with jewelry. The trick is: pick one statement piece and keep the rest of the accessories simple.


Ready To Shine Bright At Prom?

The high-low or asymmetrical dress trend is edgy, unique, and a lot of fun. Besides, it is a perfect way to shine bright at a prom.

So, wait no more and get yourself the trendiest high-low prom dresses from the best online fashion house in 2022. Who knows, this unique trend may make you the prom queen of this year!

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