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7 Ways a Virtual Cloud Phone can Amplify your Marketing Efforts



Virtual Cloud Phone

Essentially, marketing consists of the strategy and actions required to create, communicate, deliver, and exchange product and service offerings with customers, clients, and the public at large.

The process involves a variety of activities that organizations perform to sell their goods and services to customers. In communication, information is exchanged by one person to another through an effective communication method.

Analyzing both words clearly shows that they are closely related. Marketing is fundamentally a communication process. The only way marketing professionals can tell customers about their products is through communication.

By using a traditional phone system for your marketing campaigns, you will be able to determine if a call leads to a sale, but you may not know what captured that customer’s attention in the first place.

Likewise, you will not be able to measure the entire effect of your marketing – despite the fact that marketing campaigns ought to yield measurable returns on investment (ROI) to avoid wasting time, money, and effort.

However, when you use a virtual cloud phone or a cloud-based business phone system, you can eliminate the guesswork from your marketing efforts.

Through cloud telephony, it is possible to quickly and easily set up dedicated phone numbers. When you have a specific number for a specific campaign, you know exactly how your lead generation performed.

Essentially, you will be able to track the number of calls, develop metrics to measure the ROI of each campaign, as well as to measure the conversion ratio to actual sales.


7 Ways a Virtual Cloud Phone can amplify your marketing efforts

The advantages of the virtual cloud phone outweigh those of traditional phone systems – but how can you use your phone system to boost your marketing campaign?

Discover how you can use a virtual cloud phone to make your marketing efforts more effective.

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1. Enhance Communication

Communication is the key to success in business. Several business owners believe that reaching out to customers through the internet is the most efficient way to attract new clients today. A simple email to thousands of clients takes less time to send than speaking on the phone for 45 minutes with one client.

Unfortunately, statistics indicate otherwise. Salesforce’s study discovered that telephone outreach outperformed email marketing by a wide margin (8.21% versus 0.03%).

You can’t completely undermine this result if you are looking to increase the sales in your organization. So how does a virtual cloud phone help?

A virtual cloud phone is a telephone system that does not require any special on-site equipment and line installations. With this system, you can call your clients from anywhere at a low cost, no matter where they are.

Consequently, you will be able to engage actively with your target customers and maintain their interest in your brand at a fair telephone rate.

2. More reliable medium

Due to the proliferation of Wi-Fi and mobile data, landlines are quickly becoming obsolete. According to a study, 93% of the US adults use the internet and 77% of the adults have their home broadband connection.

5G will soon be available to the mass market, so it’s little wonder that this trend will continue. Business owners will be thrilled with 5G’s reliability.

A cloud phone is more reliable than a landline phone, provided there is a reliable internet connection. A more reliable phone system means better customer service.

3. Customers are more satisfied

Nowadays, people expect to receive information or services instantly, without being put on hold for hours to listen to monotonous music or being passed between agents. With the implementation of the virtual cloud phone, customer satisfaction has significantly increased.

The reason for this is that it provides excellent features like auto-attendance, queue management, greeting messages, out-of-hours call handling, and custom on-hold music.

This allows your clients to contact the right agent or obtain needed information without delay and boosts your brand.

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Any team needs to have a consistent, user-friendly cloud phone since it is often a crucial part of the first impression with your customers. Thus, it provides a permanent presence and a positive image at a fraction of the cost of a real secretary.

Furthermore, cloud-based technology will continue to advance, leading to more new, integrated virtual phone systems that will increase customer satisfaction.

4. Multi-Channel Unified Communications

You and your employees can communicate with customers in a number of ways using virtual cloud phones as part of a unified communications system, such as instant text messaging, voice & video calls, email, and more. In this way, greater customer satisfaction is likely as people have more flexibility to express themselves however suits them best.

Additionally, it will provide your business with an easier means to reach out across several platforms. A virtual phone can help your business adapt and make the most of the opportunities that come with global changes in modes and platforms of communication.

5. Bulk SMS marketing and predictive calling

The main objective of marketing and sales campaigns is to reach out to as many potential customers as possible in the shortest time.

This can be a very demanding job for both the marketing department and sales representatives. But virtual cloud phone features will help make the process much more efficient.

It is possible to send bulk SMS to large groups with a virtual phone number. When bulk messaging is used, employees lose less time and can improve outreach. With features such as predictive dialing and power dialing, teams are able to make calls quickly.

Sequencing your calls and using a power dialer will allow you to automatically reach the next person in the chain. Predictive dialer and power dialer reduce the risk of making a mistake while making a number of calls, saving your team a lot of time.

As a result of these VoIP features, the number of calls per agent and agent utilization rates increases during busy campaigns and ambitious outreach plans.

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6. Understand Which Marketing Strategies Are Working

It’s unlikely that you think about advertising when you think of virtual cloud phones. Nevertheless, it is the perfect way to track which marketing strategies and ads are working for your company.

The reason for this is that using a cloud phone system enables you to give out several different numbers; for example, you can give clients international numbers that are local to them. This allows you to reach a global audience.

Additionally, you can associate different numbers with different advertisements. It allows you to monitor how many calls come in from each campaign. As a result, you can adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

You can also use your business for different purposes with different numbers. For instance, you may decide to take part in virtual fundraising. This can be done with a separate number, which can be easily answered alongside any regular inbound calls.

When you know what works and what doesn’t, you can calculate your profit margin and determine how to allocate your marketing budget.

7. Increase Conversions With More Interaction

A sales campaign that involves interaction with a client yields a higher conversion rate than one that uses an email contact list. And it’s easy to understand why: people prefer face-to-face contact.

While sending an email to thousands of recipients may seem cost-effective, how many will open it, let alone respond? An increasingly crowded inbox calls for a more tailored approach if you hope to make better connections.

With a virtual cloud phone system, you can make low-cost calls to clients worldwide without having to invest in equipment on-site or lines. Considering how you can target specific markets worldwide with the help of local phone numbers, a cloud phone could be an essential weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Using this phone system, you can connect with existing and potential clients on a personal level without having to spend as much money as you might think. A more personal touch can help you increase sales conversions.


You can improve your marketing strategy in numerous ways with a virtual cloud phone setup.

Technology like this fuses tradition and innovation and makes traditional communication methods more effective while allowing a business to modernize.

You will increase your presence in your field, increase customer satisfaction through human interaction, and track which strategies are working.

Shabbir Ahmad is a highly accomplished and renowned professional blogger, writer, and SEO expert who has made a name for himself in the digital marketing industry. He has been offering clients from all over the world exceptional services as the founder of Dive in SEO for more than five years.

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