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4 Reasons to Choose a UPS for Your Corporate Data Center



UPS for Your Corporate Data Center

Because the computers that make up your corporate data center are the heart of your business operations, you want to ensure that your data center stays online through power outages and other disasters without fail. A rack mount UPS by Eaton is a great way to ensure that your data center stays up and running, even when the power goes out.

UPS server rooms are one of the most critical infrastructures in any data center. A loss of power to the UPS can result in unexpected downtime, costly repairs, and lost revenue. To ensure that your UPS server room is equipped with the right UPS model, you need to consider multiple factors including the IT equipment that will be housed within it, how many people will access it on a daily basis, and how much equipment will fit into each rack unit. This blog post discusses four reasons why UPS Server Rooms are best for your corporate data center.


  1. Preventative care

-Lowers risk of disruptive power outages: Fewer than 1% of all data centers have diesel generators. Diesel generators are expensive, and they can’t provide the level of reliability that UPS provides. This equipment is also very large, noisy, and not ideal for office space.

-Enhances the ability to recover from disaster: The amount of time it takes to completely restore critical operations such as IT with high-capacity power protection solutions significantly reduces the risk of disruption in response to natural disasters.

  1. Protect against power surges

Surge protection prevents damage to your company’s servers, as well as the information stored within them. When you need protection from storms or power spikes, or when you want reliable backup power for large buildings in the event of a blackout, a UPS will provide both surge and backup power. You can also protect against voltage sags that can cause data corruption if left unaddressed. With superior performance at an affordable price, you really have no excuse not to choose a UPS!

  1. Peace of mind with guaranteed uptime

Your business needs an uninterrupted power supply in order to keep operating. We know that when you’re focused on growing your company, worries about electrical issues are the last thing you want on your mind. Choosing a standby generator system will give you peace of mind with guaranteed uptime. And if the company can’t guarantee 100% power stability, they won’t do the installation.

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Another benefit of choosing a UPS from ETON is that your data will be protected from electrical surges and other damage that could compromise your operations. If you lose power unexpectedly, our backup generators automatically kick in within seconds of sensing an outage, keeping all mission-critical equipment up and running. With short run times on battery backup systems, there’s no risk of downtime due to lengthy recharge cycles after an outage. Our fully automatic battery systems automatically turn back on as soon as power is restored, keeping you up and running while minimizing energy loss during unexpected outages. This can save businesses hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year in lost productivity alone.

  1. Reliable temperature control

What’s the most important part of your corporate data center? The servers! After all, these machines are responsible for storing all your confidential information, not to mention operating each individual branch and store. These sensitive devices need constant monitoring and attention, so it only makes sense that you’d have a state-of-the-art server room with reliable temperature control solutions. A functioning HVAC system helps maintain the optimal levels of power supply equipment (including the UPS) and internal temperature in order to provide optimal equipment performance and prevent data loss.

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