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8 Reasons to Send a Holiday Photo Card



Holiday Photo Card

Even though snail mail has become less and less popular over the years, people still enjoy sending and receiving Christmas and other holiday cards the old-fashioned way. 

In particular, holiday photo cards are a meaningful way to stay in touch with friends and family and can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Perhaps more importantly, though, millennials are embracing the importance of hand-written correspondence and, in the process, are inspiring a greeting card industry revival.

While mailing holiday cards may be more time-consuming than emailing a digital card, here are eight reasons why the practice is worthwhile.


1. Spread Joy to Family and Friends

Mailing holiday greetings is a timeless tradition and a simple way to spread some cheer and merriment, as well as stay in touch with people you don’t see or talk to often. And since most people don’t receive a lot of snail mail anymore, a holiday card featuring a photo or two of family and friends can make just about any recipient feel special.

2. Share Some Exciting News

Suppose you bought a house, got engaged, or welcomed a new addition to your family. Well, congrats to you! To share in the joy and excitement, mailing a greeting card to loved ones is a great way to send warm, holiday wishes and share your big news at the same time.

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3. Show Appreciation for the People in Your Life

If certain people helped you through a tough time within the past year, show your appreciation with some season’s greetings. Thank them for the support they’ve given you by including a handwritten note with your card.

4. Include a Gift with Your Greetings

When sending presents to family members who live across the country, consider including a holiday photo card in your gift package. More than anything, it helps add a personal touch to your gifts when you can’t be there in person to see the recipient open them. Plus, it saves some time on your end by mailing them together.

5. Make People Feel Less Lonely

Sure, you can share photos of your family on Facebook and Instagram. However, relatives who live alone can still feel lonely behind their smartphones and computer screens. As such, be a little proactive this holiday season by sending them something in the mail; after all, they’re more likely to look at a printed photo than something digital. Plus, doing so will make them feel loved and less alone.

6. Help Keep Special Memories for Years to Comes

Even though most people take and store photos on their smartphones, a greeting card is a tangible keepsake from each holiday season. Indeed, it’s fun to look back at cards from previous years to see how your family has grown.

7. Allow Recipients to Enjoy Displaying Your Well-Wishes

People who enjoy DIY projects love creating unique ways to show off holiday photo cards. Plus, tying them in with the rest of their holiday décor can help add more festive cheer to their home. Some people even keep their holiday cards up all year to fill their homes with warmth.

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8. Network with Clients and Vendors

Sending holiday photo cards to the people you do business with is a nice gesture that shows you value your day-to-day relationship. Plus, they allow the recipient to put faces behind your company name — and it will stand out amongst the traditional corporate cards. Just make sure your photo is appropriate.

Bring Warm, Holiday Wishes to Your Loved Ones

Even though digital communication has become the norm, mailing greeting cards is still a popular holiday tradition. Indeed, they allow you to connect with friends and family during a busy season, and it’s easy to include a photo card with personalized notes or gifts. No matter your family’s style or personality, there are countless options available to help bring warm, holiday wishes to your loved ones.

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