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Excellent School Haircuts For Boys



School Haircuts For Boys

Finding suitable back-to-school haircuts for boys should check off boxes for stylishly on-trend while remaining classroom-appropriate. The good news is that there are endless cool cuts for guys that straddle that line perfectly.

From short to long boys’ hairstyles, incorporated details like shaved lines, parts, fades, edges, height, volume, and flow. Check out the several options on haircuts for boys to get inspiration for your school boy.

  1. Curly Hair Fade

Let tight curly coils on top contrast super short taper faded sides cut to the scalp. This draws eyes upward while downplaying broader facial features. Ask for a temp fade.

  1. Buzz Cut

Ideal for boys who play physical sports, buzz cuts mean trimming hair less than half an inch all over for a cool-guy minimalist style that always looks freshly groomed, no longer on top.

  1. Side Part

Classic side parts are one of the haircuts for boys that instantly tidy boys’ hair while revealing handsome facial features, including eyes, cheekbones, and smiles. Part hair deeply over one eyebrow.

  1. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs work wonders, making round faces appear longer and slimmer. Cut wispy fringe evenly across eyebrows, curved down past cheekbones. Allow light layering underneath.

Curtain Bangs

  1. Bowl Cut

Perfectly round and full, bold bowl cuts allow hair to grow uniformly the same medium length all over. This cute classic suits boys with straight and wavy strands best.

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Bowl Cut

  1. Middle Part

Middle-aged guys keep their hair neat so as not to obscure handsome facial features during classes—part hair cleanly from front hairline to crown.

  1. Short Pompadour

Inject subtle height into short boy’s cuts via the pomp front section. Concentrate volume low toward foreheads without extreme height that appears too mature for young boys.

  1. Short Mohawk

Traditional mohawks with tall spiked sections running from front to napes remain edgy and nonconformist for high school guys. Customize sides and back shaving patterns.

  1. Hard Side Part

Structured side parts with severely separated sections appeal to boys who crave order and sleek sophistication. Use a strong hold pomade to set the parting. Taper faded sides.

  1. Short Waves

Embrace natural waves in shortcuts by applying sea salt spray after towel drying for a sexy, piecey texture. Boys will love running their fingers through repeatedly.

Short Waves

  1. Long Curly Hair

School doesn’t have to mean sacrificing beautiful, long, curly locks. Contain the coils by gathering them into a man bun or ponytail hairstyle to avoid classroom disruption.

Long Curly Hair

  1. Natural Curls

Encourage definition by drenching strands in curl cream post-shower when rocking short natural curls. Air dry or diffuse gently at roots for bouncy, tight ringlets.

Natural Curls

  1. Undercut Style

Edgy undercut hairstyles make a school guy style statement by showcasing deliberate contrast between shorter shaved sides and longer textured fringe sections left on top.

  1. Long Bangs

Swoopy long bangs let guys obscure part of their faces for a withdrawn edge. The key is tapering hair shorter near sideburns and behind ears to avoid mullet comparisons.

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Long Bangs

  1. Slicked Back

Slicking schoolboys’ hair back keeps lengthy locks tidy for classrooms and reveals handsome facial shapes, including jawlines, cheeks, and smiles.

  1. Spiky Hair

Defiant, messy spikes make thick, straight hair edgy for urban guys who embody punk attitude and nonconformist spirit. Manipulate strands upwards with intense grip waxes.

  1. Shaggy Layers

Unkempt medium-length layered cuts encourage raw texture, perfect for running hands through absentmindedly. Let curly and wavy hair types air dry naturally without heat tools.

  1. Faux Hawk

Faux hawks make guys appear edgier and older than classmates thanks to extra height concentrated through the middle portion. Custom taper temple fades.

  1. Cropped Curls

The shorter the cut, the more definition-tight rangy curls will display—Accentuate kinks and coils with curl cream.

  1. Comb Over Fade

Inject edge into bare short sides, long top cuts via a comb over fade parting. Concentrate on the more extended section near the front hairlines.

  1. Caesar Cut

A Caesar cut features short fringes cut bluntly across foreheads for school-age boys seeking an unassuming style that is easy to wash, wear, and style daily with zero fuss.

Caesar Cut

  1. Bald Fade

High bald fades that crisp neat hairlines before tapering hair to the skin provide a graduated edge for school guys. Ask barbers for temp or taper fades.

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