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6 Reasons to Use Car Wreckers Over Car Dealers



Use Car Wreckers Over Car Dealers

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, there are many options to choose from. You can buy new, used, or even lease it. However, if you’re looking to Holden car wreckers near me and get rid of your old car, there’s a better option than trading it in at a car dealer. Car wreckers offer cash for cars in any condition, making them the better choice when it comes time to get rid of your old vehicle. If you have an old vehicle that’s just taking up space on your property or driveway, here are six reasons why you should use car wreckers instead of car dealers.


  1. Get Instant Cash

When you trade-in your old vehicle at a car dealership, they will give you money towards buying another car from them and then sell off your vehicle for parts and scrap metal. This means that if you don’t buy a new or used vehicle from the same car dealership, you won’t get anything for your old one. Car wreckers will give you instant cash for junk cars regardless of the make and model. Some may even offer free removal services to come to tow it away immediately.

  1. You’ll get more money for your car.

If you take your car to an auto wrecker, you’ll be able to get immediate cash for it—no waiting around for weeks as it sits on a lot waiting for an interested buyer. Not only that, but you’ll get more money from an auto wrecker than from a dealer because there are no middlemen involved. The wreckers will buy the vehicle from you directly and then sell the parts themselves. Dealers buy a car at wholesale and then have to mark up the price for resale—that means less money in your pocket.

  1. Car wreckers are cost effective than dealerships

As the industry is growing, so is the competition between car wreckers. With more competition comes better deals for consumers. While a dealership might offer you a good trade-in value for your old car, it’s likely that a good car wrecker could give you even more money for it—and then use that money to discount the price on one of their cars.

  1. You’ll help the environment

Car wreckers recycle old cars, metal, and other materials that can be reused in new auto production. This reduces waste and lowers pollution levels by eliminating the need for raw materials in the manufacturing process.

  1. Better Variety

Car dealers usually only carry one brand of cars and may only have a limited variety of models within that brand. For example, if you want the new Toyota Camry but your local dealer doesn’t have it in stock, he may not be able to order it right away or might not even be able to find one at another dealership. Wreckers carry all different types of vehicles and usually have several options for every make and model.

  1. It Will Be Taken Care of Right Away

With dealerships, you may have to wait for weeks or even months before they’ll come to pick up your car; with wreckers, the service is usually the same day (or the next day at the latest). This means less hassle for you, and less time spent waiting for someone to take care of your vehicle removal needs.

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