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Role of Mobile Industrial Robots in Singapore in Business



Mobile Industrial Robots

In recent years more and more people have warmed up to the idea of robots replacing humans in some areas of work, not only in Singapore but in the world. People, especially Singaporeans have come to appreciate the contribution of robotics to the betterment of mankind. The demand for mobile industrial robots in Singapore has gone up significantly.

In this article, we will look into a few types of robots, their benefits, and other aspects of working these machines. Robots are mainly used in factories to perform tasks considered dangerous or difficult for employees. In some instances, robots are assigned duties that can be easily performed by humans as companies try to improve the quality of products. Robots once programmed can perform a task repeatedly for a long time while maintaining the exact outcome each time, this is why factories prefer them over workers for some roles.

One such machine is the autonomous mobile robot AMR. Its capabilities offer solutions to some manufacturing processes in Singapore. It can perform tasks like lifting heavy items without needing to be controlled like other machines. When well automated it can easily perform repetitive tasks so that employees focus their energies elsewhere.

The advantages of using robots in industries are endless but here are a few.

  • Quality of the product is always high and consistent.

  • Maximum productivity is achieved since robots never have breaks like employees.

  • Fewer tasks for employees especially in risky environments means reduced chances of injury.

  • For business owners the overall cost of labor is reduced since robots don’t receive pay.

  • The production of robots is higher than that of humans due to reasons like experience and health of the employee.

These machines don’t need a specific working environment like humans. Employees cannot work in very hot or poorly ventilated areas. The benefits above are reasons there has been an increase in mobile industrial robots in Singapore.

robots being a good investment

With the benefits said, we cannot ignore the fact that these machines also have some unpleasant qualities as well. The most obvious one being that they take up humans’ jobs. Below are a few more.

  • The initial costs of acquiring the robots and installation is quite an investment and not many business owners can afford.

  • Even with robots being a good investment for industrialists in terms of labor costs, the expertise to set up and run these machines is very scarce and thereby expensive.

  • Some of these machines might regularly break down. Being the main worker in a factory, breakdowns could mean heavy losses.

If you would wish to get a robot for yourself then there are some factors to consider.

  • Cost .Can your company afford to buy,run and maintain the robot. If you cannot buy then consider leasing..

  • The load it can carry to make sure it serves your needs.

  • The availability of space compared to the size of the machine.

Mobile industrial robots in Singapore have become quite common all over the country .We now hope you have grasped a thing or two about robots and the pros and cons that come with owning or operating one.

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