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5 Unique Rug Washing Services: What To Expect From Professionals



Rug Washing Services

When it comes to choosing a carpet cleaning company, you get plenty of options out there. What you don’t know is that different rug washing companies use different rug washing methods as not every method works for all kinds of carpets. So, let’s take a look at what unique techniques and methods you can expect from a professional rug washing service.


5 Unique Rug Washing Services To Expect in 2022

1. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Popularly called steam carpet cleaning, the hot water extraction cleaning method flusters the carpet fibre by using high-pressure hot water. This ultimately helps to dissolve the dirt in the carpet.

This method commonly involves the use of cleansing agents on dirty and stained surfaces, followed by the agitation and beating of carpet with a brush. Then, the rug undergoes rinsing.

Once the cleansing agent gets settled in the rug within a short period, rug cleaning equipment will be used to rinse the cleansing agent and “wash” the rug. Finally, the rug will be left for air drying at an air-conditioned room temperature.

2. Carpet Shampooing

Until the advent of encapsulation technology in the 1970s, the carpet shampooing technique was considered the most popular cleaning method.

Although carpet shampooing can effectively clean a heavily dirty rug, its downside is that it leaves many wet foam residues in the rug. This residue takes a lot of time to dry out.

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Moreover, it becomes sticky after drying out as the rug remains without rinsing after shampooing. The introduction of more latest technologically advanced cleaning options has led to a fall in its popularity.

3. Foam Encapsulation Method

If you’re planning for an annual cleanout of your home, then the encapsulation cleaning method can be very effective and helpful. The foam encapsulation method involves the use of synthetic detergents, which crystallises and turns into powder form after getting dried out.

The powder will encapsulate the loosened dirt particles in the rug fibre. However, this happens only when the cleaning foam applied on the rug dries out. Finally, the professionals will brush or vacuum after cleaning.

This foam encapsulation cleaning method has gained more popularity and preference than the carpet shampooing method. The encapsulation technique utilises minimal water during cleaning and takes less time to dry out.

Also, this technique is mainly preferred by people who opt for eco-friendly products to clean their rugs.

4. Bonnet Cleaning Technique

This unique rug cleaning method ensures excellent surface cleaning results. That’s because the technique primarily involves cleaning the rug fibre’s topmost part with the help of a heavy-duty machine along with a spinning pad. This pad is usually dipped into the cleaning solution to ensure dirt absorption from the rug surface.

This cleaning technique is top-rated and demanding in hotels as it enables a quick, permanent solution to clean the rugs in a heavy-traffic area. It ensures cleaning the rug without too much moisture and allow fast drying to avoid any inconvenience to the guests.

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However, as the technique fails to clean the rug deeply, the dirt accumulated deep beneath the rug layers would come back to the upper surface shortly.

5. Dry Rug Cleaning Method

Dry rug cleaning, also known as compound cleaning, is one of the most advanced cleaning technology available in the market right now. This method has gained significant popularity due to its optimal convenience and effective cleaning performance without any need for drying time.

Ever since this technology got introduced to the market in the 1980s, various types of cleaning powders or compounds have been launched. This technology is kindly new compared to the traditional wet rug cleaning techniques.

The best part that you’ll like about this cleaning method is implementing the cleaning powder or compound into the rug’s bottom part with the help of a motorised brush machine. It ensures opening up the carpet fibre and enables the compound to liquidate inside. Finally, it results in a precise and in-depth cleaning outcome.

Final Thoughts

With a wide range of unique rug washing services and techniques available in the market, you can surely expect your professional to offer one or another for your home cleaning purpose.

So, find a cleaning professional who ensures such services at a reasonable cost. Also, pick the service that fits your cleaning needs and budget and can meet your expectations.

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