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5 Fireplaces in Mornington Peninsula: Installation Guide



Fireplaces in Mornington Peninsula

The fireplace is considered an underrated structure in the house designed to safely produce comfort and warmth during winter. It’s usually placed in the living room, making the place look aesthetically appealing.

If you don’t have a fireplace and know less about its types, it can be challenging to choose one for your home decor. Spending money on a fireplace is a significant investment, so it’s not a big deal to get confused to determining which one to pick. The functional and visual benefits of a fireplace still remain one of the most desired things for homeowners.

However, with the advent of so many choices on the market, people are considering picking one that is unique from others. Thanks to technological advancement, you have more options for fireplaces in Mornington Peninsula than before, including electric, flameless, and energy-efficient gas substitutes.


Types and Features of Unique Fireplaces

Below are the four unique types of fireplaces described, along with their features and benefits that you must consider before buying one for your home.

1. Wood-Burning Fireplaces

This type of fireplace is the classic and elegant one. They produce heat and create a warm environment around the room to ensure a sense of reminiscence when lit.

This fireplace type sets it apart from other options with the unique, smoke-filled aroma it effuses due to the burning wood. This fireplace can easily go with your natural home decor, especially if it has wooden flooring and a wooden frame door and windows.

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However, if you buy this fireplace, you may need to contact a professional chimney cleaning service for wiping and cleaning the creosote accumulation caused by it. This will help you avoid accidents like catching fire. This is a budget-friendly fireplace option and worth the value.

2. Gas Fireplaces

This energy-efficient gas alternative is one of the most popular and cost-effective fireplace options. Like wood-burning fireplaces, many gas fireplaces involve the installation of a firebox to burn natural gas and a chimney to ventilate it. This easy-to-install alternative can be purchased as a freestanding unit, or it may be typically placed inside an existing fireplace.

Unlike wood fireplaces, they are less damaging to the environment. They ensure heating the home more efficiently while enabling a mood and ambience of a real flame in the house or room. However, you may need a safety sensor in addition to this fireplace type while making the purchase.

3. Electric Fireplaces

This no-flame fireplace type is a cost-effective solution, which you can easily plug into the wall and use. To rejuvenate the aesthetic appeal of a classic fireplace, this electric type comes with a fan and coils to circulate heat.

Also, you’ll fall in love with its flickering false flame feature. A flip of a switch is all it takes to ignite the flame. This fireplace option is ventless, and some types are portable too. It makes them inexpensive for installation. However, they provide the least amount of heat compared to the wood-burning and gas fireplace option.

4. Ethanol-Sourced Fireplaces

The ethanol-sourced fireplaces are the most eco-friendly option ever. They produce a true flame after burning the ethanol inside a container.

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As ethanol consists of the non-smoke emitting property, you won’t require any ventilation. This fuel source is ideal for most new fireplaces with modern, unique designs, such as table-top fires.

Final Thoughts

Fireplaces have turned out to be a crucial aspect of your home for warmth, comfort, and aesthetics.

It’s the ideal thing to place in your living room where you can enjoy the heat while sipping red wine on a chilly winter night. Compared to the classic ones, these above-mentioned options are not so common in modern houses.

To determine the best option for your home, you can take time, weigh its pros and cons, and choose the one that explicitly caters to your household requirements. This way, you’ll get the most out of your investment to enjoy optimal comfort in cold seasons.

So, contact a professional fireplace installer online, look for the designs, see what fits your home decor naturally, and finally make an informed buying decision. Until then, good luck!

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