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5 Rules to Improve your Academic Work-Life Balance



Academic Work-Life Balance

A student’s life is not as easy as it seems to be. There are always challenges at every step of life, s never compare your life with the life of others. This is human nature that people never focus on their own lives and be grateful for how they are surviving; instead, they keep judging others; this is entirely wrong. Especially if it’s the life of a student, so only the person who has gone through it or the one going through it; might realize the objective complexity a student might be facing.

The major problem caused by the majority of the student is their work-life balance.(Yusuf, J. E., Saitgalina, M., & Chapman, D. W. (2020). The challenges of studies and other reasons are becoming so common these days that the students find it very difficult to fetch out some time for their socializing, friends outings, family meetups, etc. In addition, it is understood that the majority of time is consumed by lengthy writing projects like the mental health nursing dissertation. It is one lengthy project that needs a lot of research approvals and revisions. So a sum up of the similar issues makes it near to impossible for the majority of the students to enjoy their life with their friends and family.

Since maintaining the Work-life balance is very important, here are a few rules that you need to follow to maintain such balance in life.


Rule No 1: Allot time.

The basic rule of managing things well and being organized is to allot the time to each daily task. Every day in a student’s life comes with multiple new tasks. Still, something remains constant: the everyday academic assignment and the family or friends waiting for your time. You are supposed to set a time that you think will be enough to reach your academic goal. For instance, 2-4 hours daily would be enough for a person to spend on their studies apart from the days near to exams. You can increase the timings by 1 to 2 hours on the days near the final examinations. Other than that, when you are allotting the time for your studies, you wish to spend the 4 hours collectively on your studies or divide it into 2 to 3 parts; that is actually more effective.

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However, once you are done deciding the time, you need to ensure that the time you have allotted for your studies shouldn’t be interrupted by the socializing events in between. Also, keep track of not exceeding the decided limit for the studies; going beyond the set limit, you will be interrupting your social life, disturbing the entire plan of balancing the work-life.

Rule no 2: Shut down the telecommunication

Once you have allotted the time for each part of your life, only one thing is likely to interrupt and disturb the entire schedule. That one thing is the usage of telecommunication. It is widespread to know that when you sit to study, a single notification on your phone, tablet, or laptop can take a significant amount of time surfing the internet. This is because the telecommunicating device acts as a magnet when you hold it for once; it won’t let you go away quickly.

The time spent on telecommunication will take a significant amount of time. Also, it will make you lose track and momentum in working. Moreover, using your gadgets will not even let you relax and spend quality time socializing; instead, it will make you frustrated by the end of the day. So to balance your work-life professionally, you need to keep aside the gadgets that will keep you busy, or the best option is to switch them off. Once the gadget is turned off, they won’t let you get distracted by the popping up of notifications that will make delay your studies. You will then extend your studying hour, which will later disturb the balance.

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Rule No 3: Make the allotted time productive.

It is true that when we sit to study, we end up spending 1 good hour and not doing anything productive. This is quite obvious when things are not suitable for being productive. For instance, if you are working on your dissertation writing, then as a writer, you need to have a perfect ambience to be productive with your task. Similarly, other factors become obstacles in being productive. Such as; when a friend comes to meet you during your studying hours, or you are getting disturbed with the drilling going over or something that is torturing your mind and diverting your attention.

When studying, you need to be mindful of the perfect place for you to study. The space is usually suggested to be empty or does not have excessive things around. Such a place will reduce distractions. You can quickly become productive with your time and can then spend the rest of your time socializing and relaxing.

Rule no 4: Set your Priorities

Though typically, things go out of the way, and you get excessive work from your educational institution, that is not normal. In such a situation, never give up on sacrificing your socializing and relaxing time; it is equally important as the work is. However, the easiest way of dealing with excessive work or long projects is to make a list of high priority things. Then, complete the high priority things first and look for how long you can procrastinate other things or get some other solution for them.

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For instance, if you have a lot of essay writing tasks, you can easily lend a cheap essay writing service UK-based to shift the burden on the shoulder of the writer. In contrast, you complete the other high priority things that cannot be done with the help of others.

Rule no 5: Start from the small and important things.

Before jumping on the mountain, try to jump over the small hurdles. You need to start working from the small things first, as when you take a view of the problematic and huge tasks at first, your energy is drained over there only. So it is recommended that you start from the small tasks on achieving which your energy will be fueled up. Then, you can easily proceed on to the other tasks very quickly. This is the smart way of completing all the tasks at your hand in the allotted time, and in this way, it will be easy for you to maintain balance.

These are some fantastic rules that will surely bring a change in your life. Apply these rules to manage your academic and social life at the earliest. Because as time passes by, things will start to get worst.

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