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Ultimate College Dorm Party Guide



College Dorm Party Guide

There is no college life without parties. Isn’t that the whole purpose of going to your college? Kidding, College dorm parties have long-lasting memories. College lifetime remains in everybody’s mind with its beautiful memories. College students arrange dorm parties for refreshment and no doubt there is a lot of joy in it. It also depends upon the organizing of a dorm party. Well-organized parties make you feel awesome and you enjoy them a lot. So here in this article, we will guide you that how to arrange a well-organized dorm party.


How To Organize a Dorm Party?

Dorm parties are arranged in different ways and students enjoy them a lot. These parties cherish them and help them feel fresh while there are certain things one must keep in mind before arranging any dorm party. These things include:

  • Get Permission From Your RA

It is important to let your RA (Resident Assistant) know before throwing any dorm party. Because some RA’s are very kind and they don’t even care what you do at your party but some RA’s are very strict and they don’t even tolerate any misconduct or usage of any illegal material in the party. So it’s important to ask your RA before throwing any room party. Make sure to check the policies first and ask your RA and get it in written form.

  • Let Your Neighbors Know

To avoid stitching on the sides of your neighbors, straightaway invite them to your party. But in case if they are not interested in partying with you then be respectful to them. Aware them of the times of your party whether when it will start and end. Also, ask them whether they would like some music or not because most of the time you are organizing a party in the middle of a week, your neighbors may also be ok with you having a party next door. Although it’s college but don’t make it too loud to blast the walls of it and it causes disturbance for others.

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Take care Of Your Valuable Things

Before inviting others to your party, keep your valuable belongings aside. There are chances that after the party you may lose your valuable things. Maybe somebody likes it take it away. There are many cases when people lost their valuable belongings after parties. If there are no security cameras around then, it will be difficult to trace the one stolen your thing so in advance keep all your important belonging in a safe place in your dorm.

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College Dorm Party: Themes

College dorm room parties are usually pretty laid back and everybody puts on dresses as per their wish but it has a lot of fun to put on a theme at your party. So here we have some themes you can follow;

  • Hip hop night.
  • Jazz night.
  • Decades party.
  • Devils party.
  • Devils and Angles
  • Sexy nerd.
  • Denim-themed party.
  • Rave rager.
  • Ugly sweaters are worn at parties.
  • Wearing pajamas at the party.

You can also take fun pictures especially if we talk about disposal pictures. Pictures in these nights turn out so candid and the vibes are so good.

Dorm Parties Food and Drinks

Your guests at the party would love it if you provide them with a munch of food. You need not look for any fancy food item even snacks can be applied here. You can also tell your guests to bring snacks along as an entry fee. In this way, you don’t need to spend extra money on food. Some popular food ideas include; Chocolate dipped strawberries, Salsa and Chips, Donuts, Marconi and cheese bite, party mix, Grilled cheese, Hot dogs, Tortilla wrap-ups, at the end burger and chips fries.

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A lot of dorms have zero tolerance for using alcoholic drinks. So here are we recommend you some non-alcoholic drinks that can use in your college dorm parties. These include watermelon juice, Strawberry Lemonade, Virgin Pina Colada, Frozen peach Bellini Mocktail,  Mango and Orange crush, Blueberry Ginger Cooler.

College Party Games and Activities

Sometimes the guests at a party are not known each other, so it will be a good idea to arrange gaming activities at the party. It will help them get comfortable with each other easily. So there are some recommended games that you must try at a college party. These include:

  • Never have I had a drinking game.
  • The classic beer Pong.
  • Flipping Cup.
  • Bottle Spin.

So you can include these games in your party which will surely help your guests get to know each other more easily.


College parties are a great source of providing mental relief to the students especially those who live in hostels. When they are tired of their boring routine and frustrated due to assignments then these parties take them away from that busy routine for some instant. Parties help them get mental relief and improve their workability. So in this article, we tried to guide you to arrange well-organized parties to enjoy. Hopefully, it will help you arrange an awesome party.

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