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Safety Tips to Swaddle a Newborn Baby: Beginner’s Guide



Swaddle a Newborn Baby

Swaddling allows you to wrap infants in a think cloth or blanket. It is an adorable and ancient technique to keep your child calm. Remember, a baby swaddle wrap helps your child feel secure and safe to adjust outside the womb. Undoubtedly, swaddling proves helpful to save your child from flailing his legs and arms.

This technique is essential to trigger the startle reflex of your child. It can keep your baby warm and cozy until his internal thermostat activates. Undoubtedly, it is an ancient practice; therefore, parents find it intimidating to practice. Here are some important tips for choosing the best swaddle wrap.

How to Select the Best Swaddle Cloth or Blanket?

Before choosing a cloth or blanket, here are some important points to understand. These will help you to select the right swaddle wrap.

  • Size of baby
  • Convenience of use
  • Consider the material, elasticity, and size of the cloth or blanket

Make sure to choose a square cloth or blanket. It must have some stretchiness to wrap your baby nicely. Moreover, you will need breathable and lightweight material. Indeed, consider the season and temperature of your house before selecting material. Remember, an open weave can intensify breathability and decrease the danger of overheating.

You can select 100% bamboo cotton muslin because it is eco-friendly and contribute to saving the environment. Feel free to choose designs with lovely and cheerful colors. Remember, your selected material should become soft with every wash.

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Remember, organic cotton is hypoallergenic; therefore, it is great for little ones with skin disorders.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Swaddle

  • If you know how to swaddle a baby with an arm, it can be easy for you to swaddle with a blanket. It can be daunting to swaddle your child, but things can be easy with the following few steps. Here are some easy steps to follow.
  • Choose a flat area and spread out a swaddle blanket on this area. You can make a diamond shape with a corner pointing up on the surface. Fold the upper corner downward almost 6 inches.
  • Now put your child on the cloth with face-up. Keep his head on the folded edge of the blanket and extend his body straight to the bottom.
  • Now take the left side of the blanket and carefully wrap it on his chest and left arm. Tuck your blanket below his back and right arm. Finally, the left arm of your baby will be covered while leaving the right arm free.
  • Now fold a bottom corner upon your child’s body and tuck it below the first fold, under the chin. Straighten the right arm of your child. Pull the same side of the blanket on the body of the baby. Twist the bottom loosely and tuck it below the baby.

Remember, the swaddle must be snug instead of too tight. It must have space for your three fingers between the blanket and chest of the baby. Keep the blanket loose around his hips to allow free leg movements. After some practice, you will become a swaddling expert for your child.

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