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First-Time Parents: Here Are the Must Have Baby Bath Essentials



Baby Bath Essentials

Giving your newborn the first bath can be both an exciting and intimidating experience for first-time parents. If your baby is just a few days old, you will have to exercise extra caution while handling the baby. And owing to the current COVID-19 situation, you would want to pay special attention to your baby’s cleanliness. Before you take your baby for a bath, be sure to grab some of these baby bath must-haves, as you cannot use your shampoo or soap to clean your kid’s delicate skin.

Here is an ultimate baby bath essentials list that you require for a safe, fun, and complete bath.

Baby Shampoo & Baby Soap

Baby shampoos are mostly fragrance-free, tear-free, and are made using materials that aren’t harmful to a little kid. So grab a baby shampoo of a brand you trust. A gentle, chemical-free shampoo is enough to keep your baby’s hair and scalp clean without any side effects. You can also purchase mild baby soap along the same lines.

As a baby’s skin is soft, gentle, and delicate, don’t use too much soap on the body; else, it may make the skin dry. You can create a bathing routine wherein you use baby soap, or baby body wash one day and a sponge bath with plain water the next day.

Baby Bathtub

You must have a bathtub that is neither too big nor too small for your baby. The size has to be just perfect; else, there are chances of the kid slipping from your hands while wet. Get a baby bathtub with a strong sling placed inside. If even the smallest tub available online appears a little big for the kid, you can place a top-rated bath insert inside it for a comfortable bathing experience.

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Soft Hooded Towel

Once you’ve cleaned the kid thoroughly, you can use the soft hooded towel to lift the baby carefully and gently pat dry. Get a good quality towel that has fast water-absorbent properties and is soft to touch. The market is full of comfortable and designer hooded towels for newborn babies, so you can get the one that perfectly fulfills your need with ease.

Tear-free Waterfall Rinser & Small Pail Bucket

A waterfall rinser allows you to pick up more water than usual and use it to easily spread water from top to bottom. You can pick a rinser that comes with soft edges and is easy to handle. You can also purchase a small pail bucket to keep the lukewarm water ideal for your kid’s bath.

Mild Moisturizing Lotion

Once your kid is pat dry, you will need to apply baby lotion all over his body. You can easily find various baby lotions in the market, so be sure to pick the one you deem best. Use your fingers to gently massage and spread the moisturizing lotion, so it gets perfectly absorbed by the skin. For the summer season, you may want to get a baby-friendly talcum powder to keep the little one away from rashes due to sweating.

So gather all the baby bath essentials mentioned above to give your baby an amazing pampering session during bath time that they’re sure to love and look forward to every day!

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