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What is the Opening and Closing time of Walmart Pharmacy?



Walmart Pharmacy

Most people prefer Walmart for shopping and many other purposes in the US because of its considerable prices. Walmart comprises three distinct formats of retail stores across the US. These include Walmart Neighborhood markets, Walmart Supercenters, and Walmart discount stores.

In many regions, the retail store also offers pharmacy service as an additional addition to the gas station with fuels, grocery pickup, check cashing, bakery department, and deli. In this way, Walmart Pharmacy is also among its vast stores. It offers affordable and accessible prescription services at stores.

You can save money from Walmart Pharmacy and time buying it online.

You can get all the medication at Walmart Pharmacy, such as travel vaccinations, immunizations, diabetes management programs, and blood pressure screenings.

Besides, the Pharmacy provides helpful tools and methods, ensuring you are alerted about your refills, pickups, and drop-offs on time. Although, people need to be made aware of Walmart Pharmacy hours. The working hours of each Pharmacy in the Walmart chain are mostly similar over the week. But on weekends, the Pharmacy is open for some hours.

From Monday to Friday, Walmart Pharmacy’s opening time is 9 am, and closing time is 9 pm in many regions. Those pharmacies held inside Walmart have a different schedule on the weekend. They remain open for 2 hours on Saturday and Sunday, extending to 4 hours.


How to Discover Walmart Pharmacy Hours?

Walmart not only buys groceries and clothes but also offer medication in various region. For a better experience, you can get the help of some apps to find the Pharmacy near you. These include:

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Walmart Pharmacy Store Locator:

There is an official app for the Walmart pharmacy store locator. To use this app, you should follow these steps:

  • Download the app from the official site (
  • After installation, type Walmart Pharmacy hours near me in the search engine.
  • Also, select the city, state, and area zip code.
  • To reach the store, click on the filter button, which is present at the bottom of the screen on the right side, and tap on “Pharmacy.”
  • All the Pharmacies will appear that are held near to you along with all information.
  • You can get their contact number, opening and closing hours, and address.
  • With the help of a Pharmacy finder, enter the zip code and tap on the “Go” button.
  • Here is your close Walmart Pharmacy.
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Google Maps:

No one can deny the accuracy of Google maps. It helps you reach where you want to go within the exact time. You can find the Walmart Pharmacy near you by this helpful tool. To find a Pharmacy near you, follow these steps:

  • Head towards the Goole map or
  • Tap on the Google Map present at the top of the page.
  • In the given field, type “Walmart Pharmacy.”
  • Many stores will discover you can find the closest one and check their working hours, contact information, and address.

Walmart pharmacy Mobile App:

Besides, you can get the help of the Walmart Pharmacy mobile app. It is updated and lets you know the current opening and closing hours. Follow the below steps to install the app:

  • First of all, go to Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • Search for the Walmart Pharmacy Mobile App
  • Download and install on your device and open it to get your medication on time.
  • Here you can discover the lists of transferred/managed prescriptions and refills.
  • You can also get the contact number from this app conveniently.
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Time Schedule of Walmart Pharmacy:

Although the openinga and closing time of Walmart Pharmacy is set according to the region and location, the most typical operational hours schedule is:

  • Monday to Friday = 9 am to 9 pm
  • Saturday = 9 am to 7 pm
  • Sunday = 10 am to 6 pm

In some regions, the Walmart Pharmacy remains open till 7 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

How to get Prescriptions from Walmart Pharmacy?

Walmart mobile app allows you to refill the prescriptions for your family and yourself online via the official website, application, or phone.

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Refill Walmart Prescription Online:

  • Select the option “Refill Prescription.” About ten prescriptions can be selected at once.
  • In case of a specific prescription, tap on the Rx number.
  • To check all the medication refills, tap on “Refill now.”
  • Follow the instructions and check out for pickup and delivery to your home.
  • Select a suitable payment method. Remember that Walmart Pharmacy does not accept Venmo or Apple Pay payment methods.
  • Review your order and do payment confirmation.
  • Tap on “Place order.”
  • A confirmation email will drop at your provided mail address.

Is Walmart Pharmacy Open 24-Hours?

In short, Walmart Pharmacy is not like other Walmart format stores. It only remains open for 24 hours. But also it depends on regions and locations. In Jewel-Osco, CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens, the Walmart Pharmacy remain open for 24 hours.

If you want to know Pharmacy Walmart nearby, you must enter the store locator’s current location. You will have all the closer retailers with photos, distance, and all required information.

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Walmart Pharmacy Holiday Hours?

Besides the week, you should know the holiday hours of Walmart Pharmacy. It remains closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas day. But on New Year’s Day, Christmas Eve, and Easter Day, the Pharmacy remains open for a few hours. So it ensures that you can get your medication without any interruption.

On the other hand, you can have another option, such as calling the nearby or local Walmart store to know the holiday hours or weekend opening and closing times. It can prevent your time and car fuel.

Walmart Pharmacy Lunch Time:

The pharmacists at Walmart stores deal with a large number of people. Consequently, the company gives them a 30-minute break time for lunch and refreshments. It mainly lies between 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm.

By all the above means, you can confirm the Walmart Pharmacy hours. Besides, you can use the mobile apps and Walmart locator to know the location and all other required information such as contact number and online medication delivery system.

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