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How to Set a Price for a Home in California?



Set a Price for a Home

Selling a house in California might be tiring for you. A great opportunity for homeowners exists to sell their home fast without the hassles of listing with a Realtor, follow this link for more details: You must be thinking of which price will be beneficial for you to sell a house. You are right about worrying, but it won’t solve any problem; instead, it’s better to look for a solution. You already have to make a decision to sell a house through platforms like Houzeo, Zillow, etc., then after looking for a platform, it comes to choosing an agent that will help you sell a house.

The next step comes to the listing. For a place like California, the Flat Fee MLS Listing California takes a proper process. The importance of the listing cant be overseen. Half of the housing price depends on how you list the house and what price you set. It will decide how many buyers will be attracted to the house, or any mistake related to price may drop your potential buyers.

Several factors are involved in setting a price. Let’s discover some tips about it in detail.


1)  Location

The location matters most for setting the price. It helps you determine the worth of the house. In the US, prices are too high for the house. You can also take help from the California Regional MLS (CRMLS), Bay area real estate info services (BAREIS), San Francisco MLS.

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 It depends on the areas of markets around your society or the view of your house, the environment around the house, and the kind of people around it. It may sound irrelevant but trust me that is the first thing any buyer will see before the house.  Your home access to the schools, entertainment makes it more desirable to buy the house. More importantly, security measures and crime status are the priority of any buyer. If you know your house is in a good area, it will be a positive factor for you.

2) Comparable sales

The other most significant factor is the comparables which means you have to look for the price of a recently sold house in your area that will help you make up your mind about the price. You have also to keep in mind which time the house is sold. The period also matters most; you only have to see the sold house price for the last six months.

Location and comps are the interlinked factors to be pulled off.

3) Condition of the house

It doesn’t mean that two houses in one area will have the same condition. Although they have the same floor plan the condition in which the house is kept is the crucial thing. Maybe the other house is not in as good condition as yours, or maybe yours is not as good condition as theirs. 

So while listing you most often has listened about renovating your house, you can set a high price for the house. The more excellent the condition of the house, the better it will bring. The systems installed in the house and their working condition, whether the swimming pool is there in your house or not or luxurious environment or entailment all matters so consider them wisely.

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4) Square footage

Measures the house footage. Sometimes living in the same area doesn’t mean that you and your neighbor have duplicate square footage.


After considering all the factors, set the price by consulting your agent.

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