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How To Sign into AOL Email Account?



Sign into AOL Email Account



AOL is a web-based free email that provides its services through AOL. That is a division of version communications. In case if you want to register for it you need to register yourself on its official website. It is available in 54 languages so that there should be no linguistic barrier and everyone could get access to AOL email.AOL login requires registration where you set your email and password to get access to your account. You can only use this mail online along with a sound internet connection. You can also get access to its official website through AOL emails provide you with a personalized experience of mail that allows you to connect with your friends and family.

How does AOL Email work?

AOL emails are also called AIM mail. It is also a recent development in the online length of the United States Of America by standards of international history. From its beginning, AOL has always offered email services but only to its paying customers but only through its proprietary package that is all in one. In 2005 AOL mail launched its first webmail service, which is also called AOL mail. It is available free for everyone it is reason that AOL is different from AOL’s traditional email program because it gives access to everyone without any cost and it is all free for everyone not just only for its subscribers.

Just like other mail programs, AOL email runs over the internet using standards web browsers such as internet explorers, safari, Firefox. Getting access to an AOL account is quite simple. AOL users should simply visit its official website enter their login information like email and password which they will set during the registration process and start sending and forwarding mails.

How To Use AOL Email?

To use AOL email you need to download AOL’s all-in-one internet software and you may also use a built-in email program. The latest program is called is AOL desktop and it’s all free. While proceeding with this article we are focusing on the webmail version of AOL mail. To move from a subscribed-based service to a web portal AOL launched AOL portal as part of its move. In 2005 yahoo, Google and MSN had already established themselves as free web portals where visitors could catch on the news and will provide access to web-based email and calendar programs. Here we provide you a source that is

For AOL to complete the web portal race, it needs to raise the ante. So it had released an AIM email with storage of 2 GB that a huge number for the time being. Now AOL offers large space with its all AOL registered email accounts. As we gave mentioned above how exactly AOL works. We start from the very beginning by setting up an account and how to get access to that account also about its functioning and all that. We also discuss the advanced features that it has introduced recently.

How To RegisterTo Your AOL Email

Visit the official website of AOL to make sure of AOL mail login. The next step is to click on the button that says Get Free AOL mail. After that follow these steps:

  • Once you have reached the official website of AOL then the thing you need to do is to set an email or password for your account.
  • Then automatically you will be given an AIM email address that will be based on your screen name.
  • You will be given some alphabets with words that you need to enter in the given space.
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You should also mention your mobile number as well because in case if you forget your password or due to any inconvenience situation, you can recover your account. There you will be sent with a 4-digit pin via SMS then you have to enter those digits in the given space to get your account recovered. In case you have forgotten your account password then you will get a chance to enter a new password for your account. After registering your self you need to save all your information open your email. You also save your email and password to get rid of the irritation of typing email and password again and again. When for the first time you perform AOL mail sign in the main part of the screen is taken up with the moving headlines from the top to bottom on AOL news.

How To Get Access To Your Account On AOL Email?

When the first time you entered your email and password on your mail a screen will open where you can fit the headlines of news with titles. You may witness actual emails once you scroll down all your mails from the left side of the screen you get once you log into it. You may also witness a list of icon folders and reach to the inbox to witness all the emails you get. To get access to your inbox click on the Inbox button to get access to your inbox. Once you perform login then Your all emails will be stored in your inbox so to check any email you can visit your inbox. After visiting your inbox you may witness a chronological list of emails.

If you want to read any email from your inbox, simply click on that email and you will get all of its details. All the basic actions you may want to take with that email will be mentioned at the top for example you may want to forward or reply to any email. Let’s discuss these options and how they may help you with your account.


When you log into your account you may come across witnessing emails in your inbox like texting sometimes you need to reply to these messages for that purpose there is a button Reply set for you to perform this task. You can send any satisfying reply by clicking reply.


Sometimes you get emails and you want others to get the same email for any reason. So for this AOL emails have an option of forwarding those emails. So you can perform this task by simply clicking on the Forward button. Once you open the email from your inbox then you get many options to do anything with that email and the forward option is one of them.


You will find the Delete button on the left side of the screen. Send your files that you want to delete on the trash folder after that empty the recycle bin to delete them permanently. Sometimes the ratio of junk files on your screen increases and you need to delete them. So to eliminate these junk AOL emails all you need to do is click on the delete button and get rid of these files.


Sometimes you get some important emails from others but due to lack of time, you can’t read them at the moment. For that reason, there is an Action button that you can use to mark any email as unread and you can read those messages in your spare time. The action button generally pulls down a menu with advanced and organized options like you can mark any message as new. You may also move that message to other folders and like printing it et cetera.

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This option in AOL mail has its significance. You may click on the Spam button to send your files to the spam folder. This may also help AOL spam identifies future spam.

So if you want to write an email to anyone hit the reply option. Or you can also click on the composed button on the top left to create a new message for anyone. Emails from AOL come in the form of rich text so you may change their font type easily. Along with font type, you may also change font color, background, and text formation. These tools are available right above the textbox when you perform AOL login. Utilize these tools to add fancy ness and to increase your email attractiveness.

You may also attach an image or some other file using the button Attach File. You can also check the spelling of your text by using the tool Spell Check. Click on the words that are misspelled then by clicking their spellings will be auto-corrected.

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How to Send Your Email On AOL Mails

Once you have checked all text formation and eliminated spelling mistakes from the text then the next stage will be off sending this email to the individual and company you want to send. When you are satisfied with your text then press the button Send right in front of typing space to send your AOL email. At the same time if you want to keep a record of that text then you may save the text by clicking on the button Save by doing this you will have a record of the email or message you sent you. There is also a draft button to save your messages in your draft folders on the left.

You may also come across two folders down below that are calendar and contacts. Like other email programs contact is the same as an address book in AOL Email. When you click on contacts you will open a new window where you can also add new contacts and search for old ones. After that, all you need to do is just fill in your information and organize them into different lists. To open the Calendar application click on the calendar option and to add an event hit the add a new event button. You have to name the event to add your file number date and time. Set up a reminder alert and indicate whether it should repeat. Event description can also be added and a location to trace the Mapquest. Let’s have a glance at some newer and more advanced features of AOL mail.

AOL Email Advance Features

AOL mail offers many advanced features that include Panels. Which can be found on the mail screens right side. Panels are kind of quick links to other online services that AOL provides. Here is the information about the most important panels.

  • AIM panels open an AOL instant window right on the right side of the screen. You can easily configure AOL mail that will automatically log you into AIM mail. AIM a panel includes all AOL features. It includes the list of your buddy and shows its ability to send IMS. You may start chat sessions and chat with your buddies any time.
  • There is also another option that is To do a panel. You can click on this button to open to-do a list where you can add new tasks and set due dates. You may also find a to-doon all received emails in case of the subject of the email, you want to follow up. Here all you need to do is just click on To do kind and an entry will be added to your to-do list.
  • You may also choose on The Event panel that is tied to the calendar application. The events ahead will directly appear in your event panel. Like to do the function you will find a calendar link in every received email. Here you need to click on the link to confirm a calendar entry. It will appear on both calendar applications in the events panel.
  • The next panel is called a blog It is located next to the calendar and To-do link. Here the buttons create an entry in your email when you perform AOL sign-in. A free blog mail service is included with all email AOL email accounts. Once you press on the blog link then that fill in the blog subject body structure of the blog posting include all the relevant tags and press the Save button to save your all doing. In case if you forget to save it then all your previous work will vanish. You have to perform all the tasks newly then.
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Perform Easy and Efficient Transfer Of Mails On AOL.

Use AOL services to import all your necessary contacts and old emails from another application. When you enter your old email and password then your contacts and emails will transfer to your new account automatically within just 24 hours. It can also alert your contacts about your address and change and forward the email to your AOL account for 30 days. Sending mails and messages through AOL will be a good idea because its way of transferring emails and messages is efficient and fast. It is also providing different tools and panels to make your text or mail attractive.

These tools can help you eliminate grammatical mistakes from your text and help you maintain a fancy text that looks attractive to the reader. There are many tools to maintain a good structure of your sentences as well. You can also forward a message or email on AOL mail if you don’t have time to type it. Sometimes you need to convey some message to several people then for that purpose forward option may help you and makes it easy a bit.

AOL Settings

Other new and main features of AOL are located on the setting menu. On the main screen, the AOL setting option is located at the top corner. You may also find a check box where you can glance at the emails you receive from others. Without opening each mail you can check all the received messages in your inbox. You may also split your screen in half to see inbox messages as well as a specific message at the same time. There are also some filter options by using this option you can add rules for organizing text format automatically archiving and organizing received emails from others. These filters can add fancy sentences to your text and makes it look attractive and you can also vanish grammatical mistakes from your text.

On AOL email you can also make new filters when you are reading a new email. You have to click on the email and after that make a click on the button Action and scroll down to create a new filter for your text.

Setting with Mobile mail. Here you need to enter your mobile number to receive a message through a link to download a free copy of AOL mobile mail. You can send and receive messages directly from others through your cell phone using your AOL or AIM mail. And by clicking on the Forwarding button you can send the same message to others also.

Bottom Lines

AOL email is a web-based smart email that provides its services through AOL. It comes with many options, panels, tools, and modes of text. You can do anything with an email you have received from others. Due to its fast transfer feature, you get your emails efficiently. Creating an account on AOL is quite simple. You may create your account on it to ensure the efficient transfer of emails. So create your account and enjoy the fast services of AOL.

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