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Stacy Wilson Bus Crime Scene and Photos



Stacy Wilson Bus Crime Scene

Stacy Wilson Bus’ crime scene has left everyone in tears, cries, shock, and grief. A horrible accident occurred on Monday in the Leeward Bus Terminal. There were many Vincentians when this brutal and horrifying act happened.

All this activity has been seen in motion picture format and via recordings of Al Qaeda execution on social media. Stacy Williams was only 21 years old, a young and bright girl. Her life came to a challenging and extremely tough end. In this facts index, you will learn about her sorrowful life event.

The attacker of Stacy used a large knife while attacking her. This heartbreaking event occurred on Monday, 11 December 2006 in the bus terminal of Kingstown, Saint Vincent. An attacker, named Shorn Samuel trimmed off her hand and then hanged the body.

The whole scenario has let the surrounding people into shock. After the incident, people captured Stacy Wilson’s bus crime scene photos.


Stacy Wilson’s death

Stacy Wilson’s death

Stacy Wilson was about 20 years old and a clinic desk clerk returning from her duty. According to the witnesses, they saw Sean Samuel chasing her until the Kingston bus visit.

After some time, Samuel the attacker pulled Stacy down from the bus. In this way, Stacy Wilson tried to flee away from the site and hide under the bus from the attacker. As soon as she tried to run, Samuel grab her and she couldn’t escape this time.

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Viewers were frightened and in great shock when Samuel has begun to chop her right hand and then behead Wilson. He holds her head before throwing it on the ground. After doing all this, Samuel did not have enough time to escape from the crime scene.

He has arrested as soon as the police reach the spot. Eyewitnesses stated that the killer Samuel has bowed his head down and saluted them before restriction.

Different witness reports:

As the killer can’t escape from the crime scene, so the case was solved quickly, and also eyewitnesses played a vital role in completing the case. There were many reports, according to the observer, such as some claiming that the killer was making romantic scenes with Stacy Wilson, and she denied it continuously.

Because of this, Samuel became outraged, and he committed this horrible crime. Besides, there were some other reports of eyewitnesses that claim Samuel was also been seen around her workplace. It was seen that Stacy Wilson had rejected him and requested him to leave.

But this claim is not completely confirmed. Moreover, there are some other witnesses that say Samuel has kissed her decapitated head before throw away on the ground.

Beheadings case in St. Vincent

Besides, it is a small island of 110,000 inhabitants; it is still the first horrible crime with a beheading scene in a Caribbean city. In 2003, the body of Albert Browne was found near the mountain of a small village in the South St, Vincent region of Marriqua. It was found headless in terrible condition.

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Later the head, Albert was found underground and 300 feet away from the crime scene. It was considered the worst crime of that time.

Samuel’s sister – A killer of her Family

According to the recent record, the sister of Sean Samuel known as Rosetta Samuel, also killed her family members in Brooklyn, New York, on 15th April 2013. On this day, Rosetta Samuel shot dead her infant son and her boyfriend, and later on, she suicide and shot herself.

But her elder son – Dondre Samuel has fled by jumping out of the window.  As per her record, his sister was a Police officer in New York City. After killing and suicide, she left a suicide note for Dondre. The note stated that she killed her infant son to get relief from the burden of taking care of him.

Another suicide note piece was found in the toilet but the investigators could not decode the message of the damaged pieces.

Shorn Samuel Recorded for Harassing Stacy Wilson

Shorn Samuel and Stacy Wilson lived in the farm town of Vermont – the capital of Saint Vincent. Another name of Shorn Samuel is Abdul Rahim Parsons, and Sean Samuel a Muslim islamaam.

Shorn visited her cousin Wilson regularly, and this daily visit turned into a weird situation.

At that time, he was 14 and told her he wanted her as his wife and life partner. But Wilson has denied and is unnerved by this desire of Samuel. She restricts him not to revisit her home. He apologizes, and again the visits continue. But that apology was hollow.

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Wilson Lived Destroyed while holding back for Home:

On that day, before the murder, Stacy Wilson was traveling in the idling minibus at the bus terminal of Kingstown. After finishing her long day workload as a hospital clerk, she was going to her home.

Samuel visited her to meet and get her attention. He asked her to speak for some time in privacy. She replied, “I don’t want to talk to you,” she replied rudely. As people watched them and asked Samuel, does he know her? He answered them that Wilson was his cousin.

After she left the workplace and moved toward home, Samuel chased her and convincing to talk. On the minibus, both sat near each other, and he continuously requested her. Samuel has a dagger with a price tag in the back pocket of their pants. He stood at the bus door and argued with his cousin.

Then he took out the large knife and started chopping on Stacy Wilson. She fell on the driver and jumped out of the bus window. She tried her best to hide under the bus for refuge. But Samuel found her while she ran to escape, chopped her right hand, and then beheaded her.

Loss to Stacy Wilson’s Community

After a week, her family, friends, and some strangers gathered to celebrate her life at Seventh Day Adventist Church in Vermont. Emelia Nanton, Stacy Wilson’s mother, was a strong pillar at the funeral. Everyone was talking to her mother about the Stacy Wilson murder and an unrepairable hole in their life.

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