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A Necessary Step for Building Community is Through Anonymous Posting



Anonymous Posting

The Internet today has become an essential part of human life. With the spread of the concept of freedom of expression among people, there is a necessity to encourage people to publish their ideas publicly. However, some people are cautious about publishing their true identity for several reasons, so several sites have merged to allow writers to publish their writings anonymously, and perhaps one of the most important of these sites is The Doe.

Daily Internet users send tens of thousands of messages to each other anonymously, through e-mail or some applications that keep the user’s identity hidden.

This is clear evidence that Internet users do not want others to know who they are.

Many countries around the world do not mind their residents posting their opinions anonymously online. It is sacred. For example, the United States protects the right of its citizens to write without the need to announce the identity of the writer. In this regard, a law was passed in Congress that stressed the importance of protecting the right to express an opinion and the necessity of preventing the issuance of any decision restricting this right in the future.

The concept of ​​anonymous posting has always aroused widespread debate worldwide. Nevertheless, if we were to ask whether we need to promote anonymous publishing nowadays, the answer is definitely yes!

When we publish our writings anonymously, we feel more freedom and we will be protected from any potential danger.

When we post anonymously, we comment on an issue or a product with the certainty that no one will know our real names. If any writers will be forced to write their name at the bottom of the article, they will certainly not write a single word!

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It is, therefore, necessary to protect the right to post anonymously. When a person feels that he/she is safe from any danger, he/she will say everything that comes to mind.

Anonymous posting prompts the writer to discuss issues that raise controversy among people. This opens the door to dialogue between people. Thus, various topics such as sex, racism, drugs, and other thorny issues can be addressed. Anonymous posting, therefore, has a significant and direct impact on society.

When a person is afraid to spread an idea because of the fear of rejection, then we will not be able to read new ideas that enrich our society. Here the importance of anonymous publishing becomes clear.

Sometimes a person may worry about talking to people about his/her ideas. Some people avoid talking to others face to face. The most appropriate solution for them is anonymous posting

Anonymous posting is an essential means of exchanging ideas and experiences between people and might open minds to different solutions to many problems that plague societies.

People must express what is on their minds. They must say what they want without hesitation. This should happen in a safe environment so that society can benefit from what they have to say. Society will not improve if anonymous posting is not truly safeguarded by people.

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