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Three Tea Blends to Help You Unwind



Tea Blends

If you are a tea lover, you know that there’s something relaxing about tea drinks; even just the thought of them feels calming and serene, although the reality is that many herbal teas do have a calming effect. When you settle into your morning or evening with a soothing and delicious cup of tea, your mind suddenly feels clear and at ease, your body is ready to settle into the day or night, and everything feels right with the world.

If you aren’t a tea lover, it is time you experienced this delightful ritual for yourself, but first you must start with a tasty cup of tea. Whether you’re a person who already understands the wonderful effects of hot and iced tea or someone who is just starting to experiment with this beverage, or if you’re looking to buy a tea gift for someone you know, here are three tea blends you must try when you’re ready to relax and unwind.


Peppermint Tea

You know how during the winter you start to see peppermint beverages advertised at all the coffee shops? There’s a reason this flavor is well-loved by many. Not only does it taste amazing, but the smell incites a feeling of coziness and nostalgia for the holiday seasons you’ve enjoyed in the past as you step into another one. While you might be more acquainted with peppermint mochas that lean on artificial peppermint syrup, peppermint tea is the real deal. Peppermint tea is made from the leaves of the peppermint plant, although some tea brands make their tea from peppermint oil (which also comes from the plant).

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Regardless of which part of the peppermint plant your tea bags utilize, the smell is always potent and incredible, taking you back to cozy memories. It’s actually the smell that is believed to have a calming and de-stressing effect. Mint is also praised for its ability to calm muscle cramps and spasms. In short, peppermint tea is good for relaxing your mind and body. If you’re not sure what blend to give to a friend, this flavor makes for a thoughtful tea gift.

Lavender Tea

You likely instantly recognize the smell of lavender; maybe you even wear it in your lotion, body wash, or perfume. It’s iconic for its rich floral aroma but the lavender essential oil is also adored for its relaxing power. You can rub the oil on your temples to reduce headache symptoms or simply diffuse it into a room to set a mood of calm. Just as a lavender essential oil is created from the parts of the lavender flower, lavender tea is all-natural as well, offering the same benefits but also allowing you to sip the delicious flavor.

If you’re planning a care package for a friend or compiling relaxing products, you can’t skip lavender tea, because it makes for an excellent tea gift. Lavender helps to reduce stress as it works to calm your body. This tea is especially noteworthy for the way it helps you settle into a good night’s sleep when you sip it before bed. Lavender is one of the best all-natural ingredients to help you unwind, so why not enjoy the tasty flavor at the same time?

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Green Tea

You might be surprised to see green tea listed as a blend that can help you unwind due to its caffeine dosage; green tea and its counterpart matcha are actually incredible drinks to substitute coffee with when you’re looking for energy. Yet, it’s on this list because of its ability to help bring you focus and mental clarity. Although high in caffeine, the ingredient L-theanine, which is potent in green tea, works with the caffeine to help you focus in on your tasks. This is because L-theanine cancels out the ugly side effects that often come with caffeine (like jitters or stress) so that you only enjoy a clear focus.

Drink green tea in the morning and during the day when you want to unwind from stress but still complete your to-do list. This tea is also packed with antioxidants, which benefit your whole body, and is believed to have a positive effect on your memory. While you don’t want to drink green tea right before bed, drinking it during the day may help you sleep better at night. Gift this tea gift with a disclaimer about the optimal time of day to enjoy it.

If you’re looking for tea to help you relax and unwind, these tea blends are the perfect solution. Whether you try them all or settle on your favorite flavor from the list, you will enjoy the soothing effects of each type of tea. When it comes to giving tea gifts to your loved ones, either because they are tea lovers or could benefit from relaxing teas, these options are sure to be ones that they greatly appreciate. Don’t forget to pick up a few boxes of tea for yourself as well!

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