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Top 5 Technologies Implemented in Canadian Online Casinos



Technologies Implemented

Online casinos must keep up with the rise of the industry, so there are always new technologies brought into the game. Each casino continues to apply new features to skyrocket the number of customers and offer them a unique experience. So, what are the latest Canadian trends in online gambling?


The success of Canadian online casinos

The expansion of the online gambling industry took many by surprise. Still, as its popularity wave keeps growing, we can observe the significant influence the new technologies bring to the table. Even though Canadian law seems a bit more confusing than others, gambling is legal and maintains its flow, implementing new features often. What are the most recent additions to Canadian online casinos?

Mobile-friendly gaming platforms

Probably the most relevant technology Canadian gambling websites first introduced was a convenient user experience for mobile users. Nowadays, we use our mobile devices more often than our computers, so it is mandatory for online casinos to transition their services to the disposal of any user. Apart from creating secure websites available for mobile users, a considerable number of casinos have launched mobile apps for their customers.

Thus, the best online casinos have designed their platforms so that customers can access them easily, regardless of whether they use a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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Live streaming casinos

This feature is definitely one of the most appreciated by gambling fans around the world. Being able to play your favourite games of chance in a setting that imitates the environment of a real casino is ideal for most players. Many customers prefer interacting in real-time with croupiers instead of engaging in any other sort of computerised games. Some of the most frequented casino games in live versions are blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette, and others.

It is a complex technology to control the game flow between the two parties so that all parts are treated fairly at the end of the session. This feature is implemented and managed through the Game Control Unit (GCU).


There couldn’t be a list of new online features and skipping the blockchain technology. Blockchain changed the modern world and brought significant benefits to gambling platforms, such as gaining users’ trust.

As in the past year, many bettors have struggled with internet scams, and crypto payments started to become more viable for many. Currently, several online gambling platforms allow their customers to use popular cryptocurrencies as a form of valid payment.

Fast and convenient payments

Cashless payment methods are crucial to online services in the present day. It is optimal for clients to be able to make payments using secure services. For Canadians, cashless payments are standard, but specific methods differ depending on the bank.

The most popular payment methods for Canadian casinos are provided by Interac as they have lots of advantages: fast and secure deposits or withdrawals and total control of how much you can and want to invest.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Many may condemn this technology, but its main aim is to replace time-consuming human labour with a more practical and fast alternative. We are already witnessing many websites implementing bots for their customer support, a feature that needs to be available at all times.

However, artificial intelligence technology can be included in online gambling platforms for many other purposes, such as custom recommendations. For example, if a user accesses a specific game, next time, the AI will be able to help each player find games according to their past preferences.

Virtual Reality

With the launch of Metaverse just around the corner, it’s just a matter of time before gamblers can experience a virtual casino. However, this new technology is still in the works, but given how much curiosity this new feature will cause, new casino games will be brought to the VR market.

Online casinos already have in their selection live casino games, which use optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Thus, virtual reality headsets are more than just a three-dimensional interface, creating a realistic casino for any gambler.

When can we access these features on online casinos?

There are already plenty of websites that offer excellent services and some of the most brand-new features for their users. However, VR casinos involve technologies that are still in the works. So, in the next few years, gamblers will be able to play their favourite games of chance in a realistic environment in the comfort of their own home.

Canadian casinos are keeping up with the tech trends

As the gambling industry keeps growing and more online casinos continue to launch, providers need to maintain an ascending pattern for their customers. Maintaining your customers engaged means each casino must stay relevant to the latest news in tech and add features that will gain the trust of gamblers. There are still more features to be introduced, so the future of Canadian casinos looks promising.

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