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5 Things To Consider Before Visiting National Parks



visiting national parks

Now more than ever, travelers of all kinds are taking to the outdoors and enjoying nature. One of the best ways to do this is by visiting a national park. Whether you stay in a luxury travel trailer, you camp within the park, or you find a nearby hotel, there are many ways to see and do everything a national park has to offer. Within the United States, there are 63 recognized national parks, which are congressionally designated protected areas operated by the National Park Service.

With so many national park destinations across the country, there truly is something for everyone! So, how do you determine which national park should be next on your bucket list? Let’s get into it. Here are five things to consider before visiting national parks.


What Kind of Experience Do You Want?

There are a plethora of national parks across the US, and they all have something special and unique to offer. So before visiting, you should determine the kind of place you want to visit and what kind of experience you would like to have. Do you want to explore the dry desert landscapes and bask in the sun in Joshua Tree, California? Or would you rather immerse yourself in the evergreens of the forest in Redwood National Park? Perhaps you want to hike and trek through the mountains of Zion National Park.

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There are tons of options, and they are all incredible in their own way. So it is up to you to consider what you hope to get out of the trip before booking your stay.

Does the Park Require a Pass?

Nowadays, many national parks require a pass to get in. Therefore, you should double-check whether or not you need one for your desired destination. You will also want to check what kind of pass you need, as some will require individual passes and some only require one pass per car. So do your research ahead of time and book yourself passes to visit the park where needed before it sells out and is too late!

If you are road tripping and visiting multiple national parks within one vacation, then it is especially important to prepare ahead of time. Purchase all of your passes ahead of your trip so you don’t have to worry once you are on the road!

Where Will You Be Staying?

Are you driving and staying in a camper van, lodging in a hotel outside of the national park barriers, or roughing it with a sleeping bag and tent? Consider the different lodging options before your trip. Check the seasonal weather conditions to help determine what is the safest, most convenient option. Also, consider if your chosen accommodations require you to pack and bring your own food, or if it is close enough to town and dining options to purchase meals while you are there.

Is Transportation Accessible?

Of course, getting around a national park is just as important as choosing which one to visit. So, consider what the transportation in the area is like. If you are driving, does it have easy road access for those who are less able to walk long distances? If you are flying and choose not to get a rental car, how is the public transportation system and how will you get in and out of the park? Transportation is an essential part of travel, so assessing what you will need to get around is a crucial step when planning a trip to national parks.

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Is There Reception or WiFi?

In regards to safety and taking necessary procedures ahead of time, you may want to consider whether or not there will be reception or WiFi available in certain areas of the national park. This may be a determining factor in where you decide to go, especially for solo travelers or those who are new to outdoor adventure.

If you are looking to get off the grid and disconnect for a little bit, then you may want to go somewhere with little to no reception. For added safety, be sure to bring a map, route your trip ahead of time, and be sure to tell someone where you are going and when you will be gone. Either way, cellular availability is definitely something to consider before visiting any national park.

No matter where you choose to visit, national parks are an excellent way to get outside and see what the natural world has to offer. It can help you appreciate nature, see new wildlife and landscapes, and experience an adventurous vacation as opposed to a leisurely one. So, what are you waiting for? After considering the tips above, it is time to book your tickets!

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