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Things We can do Thanks to Modern Live-streaming Technology



Modern Live-streaming Technology

New and exciting technologies are constantly emerging, giving sectors around the world access to innovative resources that were once a pipe dream. One of his disruptive technologies that have exploded in recent years is live streaming. Originally debuting in the 90s, it was only with the advent of other social networks such as YouTube and Facebook that live streaming became popular. Today, this technology is used as a useful marketing and entertainment tool in various industries. Here are four of them who jumped on the live-streaming trend.


Live Gaming

The gaming industry is probably the best-known area when it comes to live streaming in today’s world. This is where gamers, both professional and amateur, pick up their devices and play a variety of titles to record themselves while online audiences watch from afar. The gaming platform is famous for this kind of broadcast, with some streamers gaining millions of subscribers. The esports industry also relies heavily on live streaming as technology allows fans to access large-scale, high-profile tournaments from the comfort of their own homes. In addition to players using these live video services, online casino game brands are also applying this technology to offer their users a chance to play live casino or “live dealer” games for example, several different versions of online blackjack are available in today’s virtual casino environment, including live blackjack, which encourages real-time play with trained dealers, and the standard version, which does not feature a live dealer. Filmed in a real casino studio, these live variations are made possible with live video technology.

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Retailers around the world are using live-streaming technology in a variety of ways. First, “live stream shopping,” where customers remotely watch brands share products and merchandise, answer questions, and review experiences are becoming a priority for both sellers and consumers. This innovative e-commerce solution brings a level of excitement and spontaneity to the buying process that traditional retailers cannot offer. Needless to say, consumers often have the opportunity to interact with virtual event organizers via their chat box or microphone while an article is being viewed, making them more likely to react to a particular product increase.


Universities and schools can use live streaming technology to better connect with their students. Technology not only allows teachers to be more productive, it also gives students more freedom to shape their learning process in a way that suits them. Whether teachers are teaching from an online classroom or from a physical school, students can access materials and ask questions wherever they are geographically. As modern learners appreciate technology-driven learning tools, this increases their motivation to learn and master different concepts.


Live streaming sports is huge. Finally, being able to watch important matches and matchups anytime, anywhere is an irreplaceable aspect of fandom for many fans. Sports streaming means everyone can watch their favorite games without a cable subscription. Apart from the entertainment aspect,  technology also enables sports brands to market to new audiences as it is not limited to television audiences.

These are just a few of the industries that utilize live-streaming technology, with more brands and companies joining every day. You might also be interested in joining the live-streaming movement, but not sure what device to buy to get started.

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