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Tips To Buy Toner Cartridge



toner cartridge

When laser printers came into existence in the 1970s, many people, enterprises as well as organizations switched to this kind of printing technology as it is able to print many pages at a much quicker speed in comparison to inkjet printers. This it does without compromising on the print quality. Most of the work depends on the printer, but a good-quality toner cartridge may have an impact on the print output quality that you get.

There are many vendors online and also offline that are selling toner cartridges like Brother Toner Cartridges at Toner City. It is easy to buy the wrong one if you do not know what you are doing. The following are some tips to help you select a good toner cartridge for a printer.


Color or black

You need to keep the color of the toner cartridge in mind. When choosing between a black and color toner cartridge, you have to analyze what kind of print output you often require. If you usually print in black plus white, then consider a black toner cartridge.

Some organizations and people such as students may need color printing. For this, it will be better to get the color one.


It is important to know which size to get. Toner cartridges are often sized per make or maybe model of the printer. It is possible to find the numeric model of a printer upon a sticker that is located on its body or it may be on the user manual.

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At the time that you are buying a toner cartridge, tell the salesperson what its number is so that they may help you get a compatible one. It is possible to also type this number in the various search engines so as to find one online.

OEM, Compatible, and Remanufactured

Generally, you can find three types of toner cartridges. There is the Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM, Compatible as well as Remanufactured. They all have their merits and demerits. You need to keep your budget, printing requirement along printer preference in mind when choosing anyone.

Those who have a low budget and do not want to compromise on the print quality, can try and get compatible toner cartridges that are from some top-rated and even trustworthy manufacturers.

Page yield

This refers to the number of pages that are able to be printed with the particular toner cartridge. This tends to be something vital to know as different toner cartridge models give different page yields.

For those who usually print relatively little, the feature may not matter so much as the cost gets spread over a larger period of time. If you print much, you should look for those toner cartridges that have page yields of around 2000 pages or more.

The above are only some points that should be kept in mind when finding which toner cartridge to get. You should buy the one that comes with a warranty. Look for a trusted seller who got to buy this from.

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