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Top Tips for DIY: How to Renovate on a Budget



Renovate on a Budget

Renovating can be a fun, rewarding experience, but it can be very stressful when you’re pressed against a budget. You don’t need limitless funds to plan and manage a successful renovation, however. Instead, you can spread the renovation out and take your time, and you can also save big by handling the non-utility renovations yourself.

There are many great, innovative ways to refresh the look of your home for less. With this guide, you’ll have a few of the best ways to save, all while working to make your home look and feel better.


Find DIY Suppliers

You can save a lot by finding suppliers that offer DIY-friendly materials. This applies to almost everything, from storage to kitchens. You can build your own trade kitchens. By using the planner and working with the expert designers, you can have your new kitchen delivered to you in a flat pack. It’s a simple matter of assembling and installing from there.

This makes it so much easier to enjoy a high-quality finish for less. There are options to suit almost any budget as well, so you are sure to be able to build something that works well for you and your design goals. Scaffold tower hire is ideal for all your non-powered access requirements.

Rent the Tools You Need

Owning tools is no longer necessary to get renovating jobs done. For one, storing these tools can quickly become a challenge, especially if you live in the city. Most people will also never get the value out of the tools they buy, as they are used too infrequently after your renovation project.

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Solve both of those issues by renting the tools that you need for however long you need them. Not only will this help you save, but it will also give you access to better quality tools and give you the incentive to get whatever project you are working on done faster.

Reclaim or Shop Second-Hand

Another great budget tip is to keep an eye out on the second-hand market. Online marketplaces make it easy to find and source a variety of things from doors to appliances, though with appliances, you should always take them to be inspected by professionals and certified that they are fit for use.

From lights to taps, there are many great items that you can reclaim. Don’t just stop at finishes, either. Tiles, hardwood, and more can also be sourced from around the country, allowing you to save and build a truly unique kitchen for the home.

Work in Phases

It’s always a good idea to work in phases. This way, you can spread your budget by focusing on one project at a time. However, don’t spread yourself too thin. For example, if your plan is to completely change your kitchen, the first step is to gut the kitchen, then you’ll want to bring in the professionals to relocate where the appliances can go, and then you can do the floors, add the cupboards, and so on.

To stick to a timeline that suits you, you will want to have a temporary kitchen set up. A plug-in stovetop, a toaster oven, a kettle, and so on will do wonders for your patience.

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