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Are you not Able to Conceive? Here is What you can do.



not Able to Conceive

Due to the increase in infertility, medical research is now recommending that couples who have failed to conceive for six months should seek help rather than the one-year standard. Then, after four or five months of trying, the couple should introspect.

Simple lifestyle changes can be made to clear the obstacle and try planned sex for at least two months before seeing a specialist. Then, once you arrive at the fertility clinic and begin the testing and procedural process, this journey only continues. But first of all, here’s what you can do next door.


Eat properly and stay hydrated

Most outside foods contain chemicals, artificial colors, and preservatives that should be off the list if you want to affect your fertility. A healthy diet is important for everyone, but couples planning to start a family should eat homemade food and avoid junk food.

Avoiding Stress and Pollution

Stress and Pollution are unavoidable in today’s world. Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of them, but you can counter the harmful effects by taking antioxidant supplements that your doctor may prescribe.

Doing yoga or some other form of exercise for 30 minutes daily is essential because it cleanses the body and lowers stress levels.

Beware of Weight

A woman’s body mass index (BMI) directly affects ovulation. For example, a BMI of 29 or higher can interfere with infertility.

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Achieving your ideal weight for your height requires following a healthy diet and exercise regimen. However, be critical as heavy exercise is not recommended.

Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs

Smoking and regular consumption of alcohol have become popular in urban cities and have negatively impacted fertility.

Although smoking or drinking alcohol from time to time is not harmful, it should not become a daily habit. Solid drugs should be completely discarded.

Folic Acid – The Miracle Food

Also known as vitamin B9, this water-soluble nutrient supports healthy cell division and promotes fetal growth. In addition, consuming folate-rich foods and folic acid supplements promotes healthy pregnancies.

These foods include moonshine, leafy vegetables, eggs, beetroot, citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons, broccoli, nuts and seeds, and bananas.

Precise Timing

If your normal cycle is 28-30 days, avoid fads like the ovulation kits available on the market. It only adds to the stress that affects men’s and women’s fertility.

To increase your chances of conception, it is best to increase your period and schedule intercourse between the 11th and 16th days of your menstrual cycle. This kit is for people with irregular menstruation.

Make time for each other

Office work is hard, and I often see couples returning home late from work. Irregular working hours and high-stress levels affect fertility.

The fatigue of a long day does not provide adequate mental space for intercourse. As a result, we see couples in good health often fail to have children.

Age Factor – Timely Marriage and Planning of First Child

Both men and women are busy with work, and late marriages are common. Women want to spend time with their partners even after marriage and don’t plan for a child.

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Each year after 30, a woman’s fertility rate decreases significantly. So, those who get married after 30-31 should not postpone more than a year to plan their children.

Ultimate methods

Intrauterine Insemination During this, healthy sperm is inserted directly into the uterus when the ovaries release one or more eggs for fertilization. Depending on the cause of infertility, the timing of the IUI may coincide with a normal cycle or with infertility medications.

In vitro fertilization is a process in which an egg and sperm combine in vitro. This process involves monitoring and stimulating a woman’s ovulation process, removing an egg from the ovary, and fertilizing it into sperm in a laboratory culture medium.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection. One healthy sperm is inserted directly into a mature egg. ICSI is often used when the quality or quantity of semen is low or when fertilization attempts have failed during a previous IVF cycle.

These are very precise procedures, so we need to understand the importance of making the right decision before going through any procedure. Monash IVF will help you understand your options and take the next steps.


Pregnancy and childbirth can be special times in a couple’s life. The nine months of pregnancy, delivery, and childbirth are full of lifestyle and physical and psychological changes.

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