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How To Track Someone Location With Phone Number?



Track Someone Location

Everyone comes up with their reasons to track some bodies location with their phone number. Her if we talk about parents they might want to know about their children whether they are safe. For married couples tracking their spouse’s location give them peace of mind and sanity. Some Employees can use this technique to keep an eye on their employees whether they are doing their job properly or not. If we talk about today’s generation they give capability and flexibility to locate your close pals in different ways. Here the question arises that how to track a phone number? If you are keen on finding someone’s location then make sure you grab your equipment ready. Effective methods show that finding someone’s location through a phone number is quite easy and not as hard as it seems.


Is It Possible To Track Someone With Phone Number?

You won’t believe it but there are many free number lookup services available on Internet today and even on your app stores. But is it work? There are different perceptions about some people saying that it is helpful but some take it as a hoax. But if you think that searching a random website on Google and will help you give an accurate location of someone then think again. The best way to track someone’s location is to use a third-party application and a third party. Since there are a number of these websites so we have chosen some of the most effective phone number tracking tools. They can help you locate your phone number succinctly.

Note; Before proceeding further you might need to know a new budget smartphone to maximize your location settings.

Methods To Locate Someone’s Location By Phone Number

There are many effective methods on how to find people’s location with their phone number. You can also install phone number tracker software to your device or you can also use CNAP lookup. So let’s dive into them in detail.

  1. Download Spyera

As it is clear from its name Spyera is a Spy application that helps in tracking phone numbers. It will help you locate embodies location with his/her phone number. It can also help you to monitor people’s phone activities through which you can secure your kid’s device from any harmful activity on the websites. Like it also compatible with,

  • Window PC
  • iPhone
  • IPad
  • MAC OS
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Here we need to know that how to use Spyera? The first thing we need to do is to purchase its license from its official website. Secondly, install the app on your target phone. Now you can open your Spyera web panel and track your target’s location. Generally, Spyera uses GPS on the phone of the individual whom you want to trace and sends it to your panel to access data. If the target’s phone doesn’t have GPS then the application will make use of the target’s Wi-Fi connection to obtain information and send it to your web panel. It is available both on iOS and android.

Website Link:

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  1. Use Native Phone Locator

The easiest way to track someone’s phone number is to use native tracking software for your computer or on your mobile phone. It is not only accessible and convenient but some of its tools are free. Both iOS and Android phones have their device locator apps, so that in case if you lose your phone it can help you find it. However, you can also use this to track the phone number of your close ones.

Find My Device can also allow you to track a phone remotely. It is a component of Google Play that protects your design to secure your phone from any unauthorized access and also helps you locate your phone. There are some steps to download this application which you need to follow:

  • Search “Find My Device” on the Google play store.
  • Install it from the first search of the list.
  • After installing this app sign into it using your Google account use your account.
  • Give your location access to the application and here you need to make sure that your phone is connected to the internet.
  • In the end, now you can track your phone and you can also use many other features like erasing your data from your phone and locking it.

“Find My iPhone” For iOS, it works as same as the find my device. Despite working for Android it specifically works for iPhone. With this device, you can track phone numbers, their location and even erase and lock their data as long as it will be connected to the internet. Here the only difference you may find is that “Find My iPhone” is built on iOS so you don’t need to download it from the App store.

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Steps To Activate “Find My iPhone” Application

  • Reach to settings
  • Now tap on your apple I’d and name located at the top.
  • Tap iCloud
  • Now tap on finding my iPhone and then switch to enable it.

You can track your phone through or also by logging into your Cloud is from any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Here if you want to track someone in a closed area then switch to indoor maps to get accurate results. Users can also lock or erase the device with customized texts on the mobile screen lock.

  1. USE an IMEI Tracker

Convenient and Fuss-free, IMEI tracking is something that everyone can do. The abbreviation of IMEI is Internation mobile station equipment identity and with its unique 15 digits, you can do many things with it. And one who is looking for its lost or stolen phone. Here the question comes to our mind that how to identify phones IMEI? Go to phone settings. Tap on general than about. Now scroll down to look at your IMEI and then write it down. You can also locate a phone using IMEI. Your cell provider can locate the phone. Here all you need to do is to give them to do work. You may have to wait for hours or days and wait for the advisory of that company. Other than this you can also download an IMEI tracker from the Google play store or Apple app store or use a browser to use a web-based IMEI location tracker.

  1. Caller, I’d Name

Another useful method that how to track somebody’s location with a phone number is to use CNAM lookup tools on the web. CNAM helps you identify the caller’s location. Other than this, it also unveils users’ information including the owner’s name, the city, a state person lives in. It means it can provide you with all necessary for what you may be looking for. However, the down thing about it is that you have to pay a small amount before applying for its services. On this platform there are two possible drawbacks:

  • The first one is the CNAM blocker. If the individual you are trying to locate is using a CNAM blocker then the call will not be identified because this feature will hide the information including its name and phone number. It’s a kind of blocking system and you can also use to hide your location and keep your data secure.
  • The second one is robot operated call. Unknown calls do not show any details of the phone number.
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Searching Through White Pages

White pages are the last resources that will help you achieve your objective. Necessarily, if you are not looking for someone’s real-time location and you just want to know their present time address, then this option is applicable for you. By entering a number on white pages you can easily track down somebody’s location and home address associated with their phone number. Here we need to know that How it works? Is it use a phone number to track down someone’s profile and eventually will extract their information legally and securely? However, you don’t need to notice that if you are in the US then is this service is associated with the SS7 network. That means when you made a query, it will send it through to the SS7 network that will send all the necessary information it contains in its phone number.

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Why Track Somebody’s Location?

It is a caring act to locate your loved ones if you are considering their utmost security rather than anything else. Parents locate their children to check up on their safety so that they should keep an eye on them. These devices can also help a state to stop any misconduct within their country or to keep an eye on their citizens so that they should not take any step against their nation.


Each one of us has our reasons to track someone’s location. Some apply this method to care for the safety of their loved ones but some have to keep an eye on their relatives or family members and they are curious to know about their movements. Security institutions also use these devices to locate their citizens and keep an eye on their movements. Here above we mention some of the useful applications and software that can help you locate someone accurately and we can hope that this article can help you locate someone easily.

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