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Five Types of Oilfield Construction Jobs You Can Consider



Oilfield Construction Jobs

If you’ve always wanted to do oilfield work and you already work in construction, the good news is that you can combine those two things with an oilfield job that is specifically devoted to construction work. The oil and gas industry offers very lucrative jobs to people with all sorts of skills, and if you’re more interested in construction jobs than anything else, they should be easy to find. If you’re new to the field and wish to find out more, here are a few of the jobs you can consider:


  1. Carpenter

Carpenters are extremely important in any oilfield job because they are the main ones who do the actual building of the structures needed to get the job done. Carpenters construct the facilities themselves but also help with turnaround maintenance, which involves building structures that include braces and scaffolds. Oilfield carpenters build, install, and assemble many different structures needed when jobs are offshore.

  1. Construction Craft Worker

Construction craft workers assist the carpenters and other tradespeople in the oil and gas industry. They are essentially a second set of hands when the construction project is going on. You can consider a construction craft worker a beginner when it comes to construction jobs because the work is typically for entry-level workers. If you’re just getting into the oil and gas industry, this is a good job to consider. The best part about the job is that you get to learn a wide variety of tasks, which allows you to get great experience and gain some valuable skills that you can then put on your resume.

  1. Construction Project Manager

Project managers are the supervisors and managers of the entire construction project. They oversee and assign resources during any type of construction project, and they work closely with all crewmembers for the development of budgets and timelines. This is a very important job because in order for the job to run smoothly from beginning to end and not go over budget or over the time projected for the job, it has to have a manager that is in control and knows what is going on at all times.

  1. Industrial Electrician

As you can likely guess, industrial electricians work on all of the electrical devices and equipment, and they maintain, repair, and replace these things as needed. Part of their job includes testing and troubleshooting industrial controls and transmitters, but they can also plan and lay out the various electrical systems and even work with the equipment operators on the job so that any equipment issues can be detected and made right. If there are any problems related to the electrical items, the industrial electrician will take care of it.

  1. Crane Operator

Finally, oilfield construction jobs include crane operators, who are there to lift and move, position, or even place heavy and large materials throughout the construction process. You have to operate several levers and pedals as you’re operating the crane, as well as make sure that all employees and co-workers in the area are safe. In fact, keeping the area safe is a huge part of being a crane operator, both in and out of the oil and gas industry.

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If you’ve always wanted to work off-shore, you owe it to yourself to look for a job there, and it’s easier these days because of all the online job-seeking centres there are. There are also opportunities for on-the-job training and classroom training so you can be better prepared should you get selected for the job. Off-shore opportunities are plentiful, and now that you know what some of the job titles are, you can easily find out what you have to do to get a job such as this.

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